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Sunday, 26 August, 2001, 16:58 GMT 17:58 UK
Aaliyah: Your tributes
Aaliyah with her award for Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards 2000
Aaliyah at the MTV Video Music Awards 2000
Read your tributes to R&B singer and actress Aaliyah, who was among eight people killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas.

I'm so shocked and sad. I saw her when she visited Osaka, Japan in 96. She was so nice. The pictures I took on the day and signed CD are some of my biggest treasure. I'll never forget the day and the voice of hers. RIP...
Norikazu Nakaya, Japan

A true icon for young people like me

Christopher Hipson, UK
A true icon for young people like me.
Christopher Hipson, UK

Aaliyah was not only beautiful, but she was a great actor and an even better singer. She had such a future ahead of her and she will be sadly missed, but not forgotten.
Caroline D, UK

Aaliyah - muslim name meaning Noble and Exalted. Rest in peace Aaliyah
Serena Benyamin, UK

A tragedy by any standards . This lady was just beginning to show us what gift and potential she had. May her soul rest in eternal loss. It is a great loss indeed.
Johnny Blaze, Mexico

Aaliyah was well on her way to becoming a pioneer in the entertainment industry at such a young age. I was truly stunned and greatly saddened by her passing.

I will always remember her as a young lady who stood out with dress, video, song and sheer talent, in this relentless game of showbusiness.
Tiffany Wallace, USA

Whilst out last night at a club in Covent Garden, my boyfriend and I commented on how a girl there looked like Aaliyah, with a similar hairstyle and shape.

Imagine my shock when my friend texted me earlier to asked if I heard the news. What a shock! I still can't believe that, at a time when she had so much going for her, a new album and more film roles, that her life has ended.

I remember her bursting onto the music scene with 'Back and Forth' and couldn't believe that she was only 14 at the time.

Life is too short and we all must treasure what we have, no matter how little it is.

Aaliyah - God Bless you. May you rest in peace!
Anita, England

I'm shocked and numb. It's so sudden but her music and brief film career is left behind for people to see what a voice and ability she had. She has already marked herself down in RnB history. I'll always remember you.
Tom, UK

Aaliyah was one of the best singers out there. She was already massive at such a young age and a role model for children everywhere. She will be missed by millions. God rest her soul.
Linda Atiase, North Carolina, USA

I think that Aaliyah was one of the most beautiful female performers of all time. She will be greatly missed by her fans and a special fan, my 6 year old niece.
Lady Tears, USA

To get up in the morning to hear such news is so upsetting - I cant believe that such a pretty girl so soft spoken and so very young is no longer there. It's a total shame. One must learn from this that we must try and make the best of life each day and never take life for granted. My condolence to Aaliyah's family. May God give them the strength to bear their loss. May her soul rest in peace.
Lorraine Dastur, USA

She has been an inspiration to many upcoming musicians in Kenya

Ephraim N, Kenya
Aaliyah is in a better place. My heart goes out to the family and close friends. May God give you the strength to get through this.
Shawntrel Knight, USA

I still can't believe someone as young and talented as Saliyah died in such a terrible way. It seems unfair and I really dont wanna believe it at all. Come back Aaliyah....=(
Melissa, USA

She has been an inspiration to many upcoming musicians in Kenya.
Ephraim N, Kenya

I just want to say that Aaliyah was one of the few female artists who demonstrated class and sexiness along with wholesomeness. She will be greatly missed.
Tasha James, USA

I am completely numbed by the tragic loss of such a beautiful woman with endless talent. I pray for her family during their time of mourning. My children loved Aaliyah's wholesomeness. During a time when young women bare too much, or are too suggestively dressed, Aaliyah was able to prove that talent could indeed get you further.
Shinette, USA

Aaliyah's songs and video choreography were always among my favourite. Much, much love to her family. A fan and fellow native Detroiter.
Lil K. Youngblood, USA

Aaliyah's death is a devastating loss. As a singer, her voice was excellent - both strong and soft at the same time. As an actress, she had plenty of potential left to realize. A premature death is always a sad event, but for us to lose such a talented performer is a true tragedy.
Thomas Carlsson, Finland

I woke up to Aaliyah singing Try Again and thought "Oh my god, what a talent", she will be greatly missed throughout the world.
Chris Hoye, United Kingdom

She had a fantastic voice and given a bit more time would have become a massive star

James Macleod, uk
Tragic news. She had a fantastic voice and given a bit more time would have become a massive star. Over the last few years R&B has really started to break into the mainstream and this is very mush attributed to artists such as Aaliyah. She will be missed.
James Macleod, UK

I am deeply shocked and sad about her death. It goes to show that Life is indeed short and we must make the best of everyday and everything we have. May her soul rest in perfect peace and may God be with her family and friends at this painful time.
Shola Ashaye, England

I am deeply shocked and saddened to hear about Aaliyah's death. Her voice was like a breath of fresh air.
Adrian McGillvary, England

This truly is a dark day for the entertainment industry

J Holley, Australia
This is a great tragedy. Aaliyah was such a great singer and actress. This truly is a dark day for the entertainment industry. We will all miss her.
J Holley, Australia

Will miss you Sister May God rest your soul.
Sheri, Kenya

I'm so shocked I can't believe it. I watched her since I was five, when she first came out and I loved everything about her and followed her until now. She was getting really into the business with the film and music career and she was so perfect. I'll miss you forever Aaliyah. I just can't believe it.
Mustafa Osman , UK

I just think it is so sad and so shocking that someone so young and so talented could be lost this way. She was about to hit the big time with the sequel to The Matrix film with Keanu Reeves and she has just released her new album which shows a more mature sounding R&B singer. It is so unfair that she didn't have time to show the world just how talented she was. I don't think she will be forgotten.
Emma Crisp, UK

She was a talented singer, actress and performer and will definitely be missed by many music lovers.
Jonathan Woolley, England

She was an angel in the making....a kind heart, a beautiful voice and would light up a room as soon as she stepped foot in it. She was a fantastic actress and amazing singer, she had an immense career ahead of her only to be cut short by such a tragedy. There will never be another so real and true like her. You will be greatly missed Aaliyah, and NEVER forgotten. Your legacy will live on in people's hearts and minds forever. RIP Baby Girl, we love you.
Erin Sage, USA

At your best you are loved and will be very missed. I was only 16 and Aaliyah's music brought me from my shell. Thank you Aaliyah.
Melanie Williams, UK

I and millions of other fans would like R. Kelly to make a tribute song

Christopher Brunson, USA
I just can't believe it, she's gone... A great loss to the music world. I wanted to see her when she was due to arrive here in Australia for a promo tour, now that will never be. Aaliyah will be deeply missed. Rest in peace Aaliyah!
Irvine Robertson, Australia

I was very upset and angry and couldn't believe when I read about her crash, I wasn't really an enormous fan of her's but I was upset that such a good life was lost in a terrible twist of fate, after all, she had a lot more to live for. I give my regards and blessings to her families and friends and all her fans who feel lost without her.
Fiona, New Zealand

I've listened to Aaliyah's music ever since I was in high school and she has always touched me with her song Let Me Know. She will not be with us physically, but we will be with her in spirit. May his Almighty Lord rest her soul in peace.
Maggie Gibbons Mlowe, Tanzania-East Africa

I feel deeply sad about what happened to Aaliyah, and I want her to rest in peace. Also, I want to say that I feel sad about what must be going through R. Kelly's mind about her death. If he reads this message, I and millions of other fans would like R. Kelly to make a tribute song.
Christopher Brunson, USA

When I met her at one of her concerts in NY I remember saying to my friend that she was one of the sweetest and nicest celebs I've ever met because she took the time to talk to me and all the fans that waited just to catch a glimpse of her. Her incredible voice is as good (if not better) live then on CD and not too many artists can say that. She was an incredible talent and I will sadly miss the very beautiful and very talented singer\aspiring actress. My sincere condolences go out to her family for the loss of their angel Aalyiah.
Guy, Canada

It is almost like the entertainment industry is under some sort of curse

Michelle Bryan, USA
Aaliyah was a very special person. Everyone keeps saying it is like they knew her because I believe that when she died she went in all of our hearts. Aaliyah's death has taken a piece of my heart. I've realised you should be who you are and live your life the way you want it and think about what you want to be known as, a mean person or a pretty, sweet, nice, generous person? Live your life to the fullest. RIP Aaliyah
Samantha, USA

Even though I'm into hip hop, I've seen her in videos and stuff like that and she was a beautiful young lady, she will be greatly missed. Life is short so do positive things like she did. I'm still in shock, lots of people still can't believe she is gone but maybe she'll be better in heaven with God, so we love you Aaliyahm everybody loves you, we'll miss you. I would like to say I'm sorry to Aaliyah's mom and her family, Thank you.
Young blood, USA

Aaliyah was one of the best recording artists that I loved. Her beautiful smile and sweet personality made me adore her. It is very devastating to accept her sudden death especially being so young. Even though I am a fan and not a close friend of hers, it seems like I have lost another sister. I would like to let her family and friends know that I am praying for them and to Aaliyah, I will miss you.
Reggie Gardner, US

A very talented singer and actress who was on the cusp of becoming a huge star. Unfortunately we shall never see Aaliyah in her greatest moment, a tragic waste of a life.
Jo, UK

My heart goes out to the family first of all because I really know how it feels as I also lost my 18-year-old sister in a car crash, pain is pain. But all I can say is we as people should never take life for granted, no matter who you are, it can all be taken away.
Tiffany, USA

To Aaliyah's parents, you did a wonderful job of raising such a wonderful lady. She is well honoured and forever will be. I loved her and her music. She gave me hope and inspiration in my life of fighting cancer. She will forever and always be in my heart. Remember, she is there in your hearts and in spirit. Thank you from her biggest fan.
Janina Luebmann, USA

The epitomy of a young professional role model to many young people, including my own daughter

Lyn, USA
It is absolutely tragic that someone so young and talented could die so suddenly. It is almost like the entertainment industry is under some sort of curse.
Michelle Bryan, US

Aaliyah was a very talented singer and actress. She was about to make it big. Her previous albums had hit the top of the charts, but I believe she would soon have made an album that would reach number 1. She had the talent to do it and in my heart she already did. May the lord stengthen her family at this great time of grief.
David, USA

So young, so gifted to leave us so soon but God loved her best and with him she's singing her tunes. The epitomy of a young professional role model to many young people, including my own daughter. She will be greatly missed. (Let's keep her music and positive image alive).
Lyn, USA

I am deeply saddend by Aaliyah's death. What I admired about her is at the age of 22 years she had already accomplished so much.
Anesa Gervais, Trinidad & Tobago

I would like to say that this is a sad loss for the music world. I did not know her personally, but her music and the way she talked on camera made it feel as though I did. I hope everybody just bumps her music everyday all day, because a true star always lives on through their music. God bless
T Jones, USA

Don't forget that eight other people died in this accident. To highlight one above the others - because she was famous - just shows how shallow the human race is. Nine people died. That is the tragedy.
Anon, USA

I now believe that you are never promised tomorrow

Inez Chante Johnson
Aaliyah was one of the most electrifying people of the music world. Someone you could never see dying. I named my daughter after her because she had so much going for her. She was it. I know that I loved her as a sister even though I had never gotten the chance to talk to her face to face. I love you girl and when I get out there in the music world I will dedicate all my CDs to you and will keep you in my heart.
Jamika, USA

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Aaliyah, we can only imagine what they're going through. It is so hard to even comprehend that she is no longer with us. She will be missed deeply. Too young to beautiful, too soon.
Terrence Lam, USA

I now believe that you are never promised tomorrow. My mother always tells me that and hearing about Aaliyah makes me now realise that it is very true. We are the same age and it really scares me. I love her music, I think she is very pretty and I am really going to miss her and her music. I wish there was something that I could do for her family. Rest in peace Aaliyah.
Inez Chante Johnson, USA

Whether she was tired or just not in the mood she always had time for her fans

Starr L. Maldondo, USA
I am 20-years-old, and I couldn't imagine losing a friend of mine. She was only 22, very beautiful and extremely talented. This is truly a tragic loss. It is a reality check to those of us who are around that age that our lives could end at any given moment...make sure you would leave the way that would make you proud. RIP Aaliyah - you will be surely missed.
Angel, USA

Aaliyah was a beauitful person who will be missed. She had an big impact on peoples' lives. My heart goes out to all of thoes families that lost somebody in that plane crash.
Natasha James, Canada

I didn't ever think about death before this accident. I am Aaliyah's age and feel like I haven't accomplished all my goals yet so I know it just wasn't supposed to be her time to go. I feel for her family very deeply and she is definitely in my prayers.
Sheri, USA

Just like Princess Diana she has touched so many hearts even as an actress and a musician. Her memory will never be forgotten.
Filipo Levi, New Zealand

Aaliyah was a true mentor for young women to look to and a beautiful lady for men to adore. Aaliyah Haughton was a star amongst performers today. She always brought something fresh to the table that no-one else could imitate. Much love goes out to her friends and family and those of the other passengers on the plane.

God bless you all and help you through this tragic time.

Just keep in mind that this young woman has inspired people the world over and she will never be forgotten. May they all rest in peace.
Hazel, UK

Unlike over-exposed celebs like "J-Lo" and Britney, Aaliyah let her work speak for itself

Lannone Elliott, USA
I went to sleep every night listening to One in A Million. She really was one in a million. She was very sweet and kind. So many things happen to people who don't deserve it. I respect her music and many other talents. I wish to be as successful and as happy as she was. There was nothing snobby about her, whether she was tired or just not in the mood she always had time for her fans and to sign autographs or even take a picture. Sadly missed by me. RIP Liyah.
Starr L. Maldondo, United States

Aaliyah will be greatly missed by all. The one thing I remember the most is at one of her radio interviews she said she wanted to be labelled as an entertainer, not just a vocalist or actress. And that she was. She also said that when she is long gone she wanted to go down in history with some of the other famous people. That she will. We love her every much here in the Bay.
Bay Area California, USA

Aaliyah was miles away from her peers in terms of class, style and talent. Aaliyah, like Sade, was that rare celebrity that didn't seem to chase after fame. She had a laid-back approach to it all. Unlike over-exposed celebs like "J-Lo" and Britney, Aaliyah let her work speak for itself. In these days of bland, interchangeable artists, Aaliyah stood apart; she had a musical personality. She was also a trendsetter and great singer and dancer. She didn't have a "big" voice, but used what she had with soul and conviction. I loved her in Romeo Must Die, and thought she had what it took to go far in the movies. I was just talking to a friend about looking forward to seeing her in The Matrix, and other movies, and her new CD is her absolute best! I am sad, sad, sad, to hear that she is gone. She will be sorely missed. I hope she's in perfect peace.
Lannone Elliott, USA

Having lost an aunt this year and hearing this sad news about Aaliyah, it just shows that you need to live your life to the fullest, because you just don't know when it is your turn. My heart goes out to her family and friends and colleagues at this time. She was definitely the black person's 'Princess Diana'.
Lynthia Bourne, England

I had just purchased Aaliyah's new album and it really touched me. So I just want to say to her family, although they're mourning, they should realise that Aaliyah fulfilled her purpose in life, she touched so many people with her voice and that is something that other people will never achieve in their lifetime. I will always remember her as an angel because she sang like one.
Zimkhita Buwa, South Africa

A legend whose footprints will never be wiped away. Just to share the name was truly a blessing. Aaliyah will forever hold a piece of my heart. I never understood until today why my aunt still cries when you mention or play Marvin Gaye. May you forever rest in peace. Never goodbye, only love.

Aaliyah Salaam, USA

Even for young people like me from another country with a different language, it is a very great loss... many of us like her music, her talent... we'll miss you Aaliyah.
Juan M Zapata Q, Colombia

I can't believe it. The news of her death is so sad, I'd only seen Romeo Must Die a couple of weeks ago and I thought she was fantastic in it and couldn't wait for her to star in more films because she was brilliant.
Lesley Tuplin, United Kingdom

Only learning of her death today made me realise that she played a part in my life. She was my first introduction to R'n'B when I was in primary school, an icon at the time and I respect and thank her for that. God bless her and her family.
Juanita, England

I met Aaliyah a few years ago and she was a very sweet young lady. She wasn't fake or anything like that. Just real. She will be missed so much. I am heart broken. I can't believe she is gone.

It's a very sad loss for a multi-talented person who was so beautiful and gave a lot of pleasure to me and I'm sure others, she will be sadly missed. Too young to die. She was a perfect role model to most young black poeple today in Britain. My heart goes out to her family and all those who knew her.
Mr N Martin, England

This is such a tragedy, Aaliya was going places, why, I only just got a copy of her latest album and it's the bomb! Just brought home to me how life is a gift, here today, gone tomorrow. At least she used her talents while she had the time.
Rachel, Zambia

Her acting debut in Romeo Must Die conveyed a sassy, assertive, budding young actress. Combined with her vocal talents and accomplishments in the music industry, she could have been an iconical starlet. She shall truly be missed in both spheres of entertainment.
Ganesh Jayabalasingham, England

Aaliyah was so inspiring in many ways. She proved that you don't have to dress trampy to be beautiful. She had a great voice and you could just tell she was beautiful inside as well as outside Even though I didn't personally know her, I will miss her so much. RIP Aaliyah.
Lindsay, USA

I am not a great fan of R&B, however, when I came to know of Aaliyah, I always admired her for her tremendous display of class in an industry which is increasingly driven by the trash you talk and the flesh you show.

This young woman was a talented, hard working person who was finally receiving recognition for her gifts. In fact, I will still be anxiously awaiting the release of The Queen of the Damned movie she just finished.

It is a great shame and loss. My sincerest condolences to her family. May she rest peacefully.

A close friend of mine was a background dancer in one of her earlier videos. I got to meet her behind the scenes - she is one of the nicest people, caring and down to earth. Her loss is going to be deeply felt and missed. My heart goes out to her family and close friends. Her work was phenomenal for someone so young.
Sheri, USA

We all love Aaliyah and we all hate to see her leave us. Aaliyah was a very successful singer and a great role model. My niece was her number one fan, she cried and cried herself to sleep. But she will rest in peace.
Trevina Grant , Columbus

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