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Wednesday, 29 August, 2001, 09:23 GMT 10:23 UK
The Strokes: Your views
The Strokes
Do The Strokes live up to the hype?
The Strokes are the most talked-about rock band since Oasis.

The single Modern Age was released in the UK in January and the press proclaimed the band the next big thing.

A string of sell-out UK gigs and the follow-up double A-side single New York City Cops/Hard to Explain added more fuel to the hype.

Now they are releasing their debut album, Is This It.

"Like the Pistols and Oasis before them, they are in the right place at the right time and have a ready-made audience starved of invention, eager to drink in every last fuzzed-up chorus," says BBC News Online's Chris Charles.

But what do you think? Is this the best thing to happen to music in years? A refreshing antidote to manufactured pop? Or is it a lot of fuss about nothing?


Yeah, The Strokes are, in my opinion, one of the best things happening in music of late. The debut album, whilst a tad short, is pacey, full of excellent lyrics and tunes, backed up by the deepest bass undertones. I hope they stand the test of time.
Al Whysall, UK

More affected arrogance from the most musically challenged generation in ages. Befitting their name, the delivered product is pure brain-death. The White Stripes have proven more worthy of attention - and praise.
Robert del Valle, USA

In the words of Peggy Lee - is that all there is?
Polly Mathers, USA

Came over to the US for a year's work experience and got The Strokes album in July.

It's brilliant. Although only 35 minutes long (off the top of my head).

The album of the year

Dan Tebbutt
Still, just as good as Oasis's Definitely Maybe.
Niraj Patel, US

Umm, who are they exactly?
Joshua Dickenson, UK

The New York City Menswear...they'll have come and gone within a year.

Not bad but they don't deserve all this hype. The album cannot hold a candle to Definitely Maybe (Oasis's debut, and had it been released 5 years ago, would anyone have noticed?
Rob, UK

The album of the year. After seeing The Strokes at T in the Park I was eager to buy the CD - so eager that I could not wait for the UK release. I ordered it from Australia (where it was released in July) and received it in four days for only £10.80! Right from the first listen, Is This It is one of the most impressive and fresh-sounding albums to emerge in the past 12 months. It's a welcome break from pre-fab boy/girl band pop pap and could be one of those albums (like Never Mind the Bollocks, Nevermind and Definitely Maybe) that inspires kids to pick up guitars and play. That can only be a good thing.
Dan Tebbutt, Scotland

I got it on Monday, and it is all I've been able to listen to. I've tried listening to other CDs but I can only get about two songs in, because they're not as good as The Strokes. Which is a bit of a compliment, really.
Stu, UK

Another dreary guitar band sadly who lack the melody and cleverness of The Smiths

Orac, UK
Track 4 is ok, the rest was drab and boring. Heard it all before... go and buy Modest Mouse, Pavement...

I saw them at Reading Festival. I wasn't impressed - just another band people like to say they discovered first. Pretentious rubbish.
Elizabeth, England

Is This It seems to be a rather impressive reinvention of the wheel. It's true there are some great songs on the album - I don't regret buying it - but worthy of the hype? Probably not.
Niall, UK

OK, so the music might not be something we haven't heard before, but thank God a band which looks and acts truly Rock'n'Roll has arrived to save us from the mundanity of uncharismatic indie bands. Long live The Strokes!
Janinja, England

Lou Reed sings with The Jam. Good though.
Phil, UK

It's good. But then lots of albums this year have been brilliant. I recommend it, but I recommend the Super Furry Animals and Mercury Rev albums more.
Damian Tichborne, England

Another dreary guitar band sadly who lack the melody and cleverness of The Smiths. Who needs another Oasis throwback? This isn't the future of music...thank god.
Orac, UK

Oasis throwback?! Come on, have you even listened to the album? Who said they were even trying to put themselves in the same genre as The Smiths anyway? Hype aside, this a cracking debut which should not be brushed aside through stupid comparisons.
Chris Jones, England

This is a very good album that in time will be looked back on as a classic

James, UK
I'm from NYC and had never even heard of them until I was in London for my summer holiday. Personally, I like the album, I don't think they're the second coming of the Beatles though. And, judging from the fact that they are so much more popular in the UK than even in their hometown, I'd have to say they have a brilliant publicist
Ann, USA

No album will ever live up this amount of hype. Just look at the Stone Roses album, The Second Coming; everyone was disappointed with it because it had been so hyped.

This is a very good album that in time will be looked back on as a classic, not that many people were that impressed with Oasis's Definitely Maybe when it was first released.

If you don't like this then good, there will never be an album that everyone likes. But if you do like this type of music (and you are not pretentious and/or elitists) then you'll probably like this outstanding debut.

PS Look out for The Pattern, their debut album is even greater than The Strokes.
James, UK

After all the press hype, my expectations were shattered hearing them live at Reading. They certainly looked the part of 'the next big thing'... pity they sounded more like background music heard in a lift.
Robin, UK

The best band out right now. I think I am falling in love
Matt, Australia

Well, they're rock'n'roll all right. However, all this hype is wasted on me. They're really really bad. Saying that, compared to all the other stuff in the charts, they're ok. Can't wait for the next Oasis album. some real British rock'n'roll!
Oacs, New Zealand

Thank God bands like The Strokes are seeping into the public consciousness. They genuinely excite me ¿ their sound and their attitude are something that I¿ve been missing. I only hope this is the start of a musical resurgence rather than the one off product of an obviously very slick PR-driven machine. I hope that they¿re not given an easy ride by the public ¿ it would be devastating if they became the next Oasis.
Luke, UK

Rock is dead. It dried up like the kiss of a long lost lover, a very long time ago. Welcome to PackagedSounds 'r' us and listen to The Strokes. It will occupy your ears but it won't fill your heart.
David W, Trinidad

After seeing The Strokes at the Leeds festival, it strikes me that the music press have again picked a dull, uninspired band as the saviours of music. On the same line-up at the festival, Iggy Pop and The Cult seemed more fresh and relevant.
Al H, UK

All the tracks sound the same. Dull and boring!
Gav H, UK

What a shame they're American!
Rodsey, England

Hey Rodsey, with all due respect, there would be no Beatles and no pop scene in England if it were'nt for Americans! Think about it, research it. Thanks.
Alan, USA

Seems like the only thing better than being the first to discover a band is being the first to try to bring them down. Bought the album on Friday, and had listened to it 10 times by Sunday. This is the second coming folks. All I can hope for now is that they hang in for the next 15 years. I have not heard an album so upbeat, with this many hooks since REM's Murmur. Go out and get it, and listen to it two or three times, you will be assimilated.
Mark, USA

Genuine sound and original making of music. One of the best works I have listened to lately.
Myrto, France

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