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Friday, 3 August, 2001, 14:29 GMT 15:29 UK
Final Fantasy: Your views
Dr Aki Ross (voiced by Ming-Na Wen)
Are the graphics the most realistic animation yet?
Final Fantasy is another video game adapted for the big screen but it claims to be a little different.

The cast consists entirely of computer generated "realistic" looking humans and CGI graphics.

"For all the hard work that has gone into this, it is hard to admire the admittedly awesome graphics when the underlying story is so unconvincing," says the BBC's Caroline Westbrook.

But what do you think?

Do the graphics live up to the hype? How does this compare to Tomb Raider? Is the storyline really that bad?

Not much of a fantasy and, I fear, hardly the final one.
Robert del Valle, USA

This is great! Nice to know that the 'actors' will not be paid millions for it! If you see this movie, go and get the best game ever - Final Fantasy IX!
Martyn Whelton, UK

Do yourself a favour. Go to your local video store and rent the 1940 classic film, The Thief of Bagdad. Now THAT'S fantasy!
Gifford Maxim, USA

The graphics were great, you could really tell that a lot of work had gone into this. I just wish some effort had been put into the plot, it's one of the worst film plots I've seen in years. They should have spent some of their budget on a decent writer.
Jason, Britain

Final Fantasy is an average script pushed above average by the use of very impressive CGI animation and the voice talents of top Hollywood actors,
Peter Gunn, UK

Went to see Final Fantasy at the weekend, the plot is pretty thin but very much in the Manga (Japanese cartoon) style. The graphics are superb with a few double takes to reassure you that this is computer generated. If you like Akira, Ghost in the Shell or any other Manga films then this is a must, if you just want some brain-out eye candy of the highest order, then this is not to be missed.
Steve, UK

Beautiful film, work of art. Script somewhat flat, plot, well...

Was this originally written and plotted in Japanese? I think it might have been - it has the problem that afflicts much animation - so much of Japanese culture and mentality simply does not translate into English.

Worth seeing just for the visuals, but it will only appeal heavily to Japanese animation fans.
Elias, UK

Many people (including the BBC) are underrating the plot. It comes from the finest traditions of the Final Fantasy series.

I think that most people are forgetting that this is a Japanese film. As a result it requires the viewer to use a different mind set to that when they see a special effects bonanza, with no story from Hollywood that sadly passes for modern cinema.

People are concentrating far too much on the computer generation, I would still have made time to watch the film if it were pure animation. It was the story that really carried the movie for me. It is a shame that so many people have had their imaginations ruined by a massive amount of good looking, but low-quality nonsense that is pumped out by the American filmmakers.
Mark Oakley, UK

The trouble with Final Fantasy is that it 'looks good', resulting in its impressive imagery taking centre stage which ultimately drowns the presence of any interest in the script. I feel that its audience is very limited, a movie that will be enjoyed by Sci-Fi fans alike, but not necessarily the average movie-goer.
Scott Ledbury, England

I have to agree with Jason - despite the stunning graphics, I was cringing at some of the dialogue and laughed out loud at the ending (which was supposed to be moving). My mate suggested that someone whipped together script generator software that randomly selects clichés from a database of action movies.
Andy Saul, UK

Loved it. I don't know why it is receiving such bad reviews. It is a combination of Aliens and The Matrix. After 10 minutes of watching it you forget the characters are computer generated. One of the best films I've seen this year.
Bob, UK

I Would have to agree with Mark for his many good points about the film, The storyline was pure Final Fantasy. To me it feels like no one from the BBC took time to play a Final Fantasy RPG, to play is to understand. Final Fantasy the movie is one of the best films of the year, if you love RPGs, go and see this film now.
Stuart Gray, UK


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