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Thursday, 26 July, 2001, 11:28 GMT 12:28 UK
'Modest' ratings for 1m Survivor
Charlotte Hobrough walks off with the million pounds
ITV's reality series Survivor concluded on Wednesday with one of its best ratings figures - but still a long way short of expectations when the series began.

The episode showing Charlotte Hobrough winning the 1m prize was watched by an average 7.7 million people, peaking at 9 million near the programme's end, according to unofficial overnight ratings.

Survivor producers had talked of viewing figures of 10 to 12 million before the series started in May, in line with primetime ITV shows such as Coronation Street.

The show was cut to just one episode per week in June after the disappointing ratings which were reflected in lukewarm attention from the press.

Jackie Carey
Jackie stumbled at the final hurdle
Channel 4's rival reality show Big Brother has consistently hit tabloid front pages, gaining many more column inches than the ITV show.

But on Thursday the newspapers gave plenty of coverage to Hobrough, a police officer from south Wales, who won the show's 1m prize.

The 25-year-old from Cardiff emerged as the eventual winner from the original 16 contestants after spending 40 days on the island of Pulua Tiga, in the South China Sea.

She beat airline buyer Jackie Carey to the prize in a live TV show marking the climax of the series, which failed to ignite the public's imagination.


A jury made up of those previously voted off the island had already cast its vote for the eventual winner - as the show was recorded months ago - but the results were not known until Wednesday night.

The police officer won all seven votes of the jury to secure the prize.

As she was declared the "ultimate Survivor" Charlotte hugged her fellow contestant, Jackie, before bursting into tears.

She was joined by her husband Mark and members of her family.

She said: "I just cannot believe it, I am speechless for the first time in my life."

Her husband said: "I'm overwhelmed, she is a true Survivor."

Asked what she would do with the money, Charlotte said she would buy a new house, but added: "I will hopefully spend it wisely and will make it last a lifetime."


At a news conference after the show Charlotte said: "Becoming a millionaire has not yet sunk in.

"It is as I had hoped and dreamed, it is just incredible. I just feel like I am floating. It feels unreal."

At the end of the programme presenter John Leslie said ITV would be looking for contestants for Survivor 2, despite the poor ratings for the original series.

Sixteen castaways were originally stranded on the island in the South China Sea and week by week contestants have been voted off the island.

Scheming and backstabbing became a feature of the show as contestants swapped alliances at the drop of a hat.

Survivor contestants
Sixteen contestants were stranded on the island
Airline buyer Jackie, 31, won through to the final despite knowing she was disliked by many of the contestants.

In her speech to the jury when she pleaded her case to win the prize she said her strategy had been "to fly under radar and make a strong alliance".

She said she had played the game well "to secure her place in the final".

Charlotte looked certain to be evicted several weeks ago but she was saved when the rest of the tribe turned on model Pete.

The married policewoman, who had an affair with fellow contestant Adrian while on the island, won the final challenge to gain immunity from eviction and secure her spot in the final.

In her speech to the jury she said she had had a "life-changing experience".

"I always put in 100% and knew I would never forgive myself unless I did that.

"I've tried to use my personality a lot since getting to the island - I've tried to be happy and keep spirits high."

She added: "My most incredible achievement was that nobody shot me and I'm here now and that I've managed to come from nothing and get to the final two."



The US series


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