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Tuesday, 24 July, 2001, 14:35 GMT 15:35 UK
Victoria Beckham's website: Your views
The site has a regal theme
The website is based on the Beckhams' new house
Posh Spice Victoria Beckham has just launched her new website.

The site is a tour round a fantasy version of Beckingham Palace and includes games, video footage, pictures, competitions and a forum.

"It would all be just colourful fun if it wasn't for the disturbing element of exploitation, " wrote BBC News Online's Emma Saunders.

But what do you think?

Is the website fun and informative? Should Victoria try and keep her son out of the limelight? Or is she just showing him off with no harm done?


This site is so tacky and you have to pay for screensavers. 1.50 for things that other sites give away for free. She should get off her high horse and come back down to earth.
Lee Eckersley, UK

This website is a typically tongue-in-cheek offering that simply pushes Posh's personality to the fore.

No exploitation, she is simply sharing the most important elements of her life on the site.

Maybe Emma Saunders should lighten up and stop trying to find fault in something so harmless.
Michael M, UK

I really fail to see who it's targeted at. Most people are fairly fed-up with 'Posh' and Beckham always being in the news anyway. A website doesn't really tell anybody anything new, even their 'fans'. A novel idea, but it's fairly pointless as far as I can see.
Jamie Nelson-Singer, UK

If Mrs Beckham started to believe her own hype she'd start describing herself as a singer...give the kid a chance to live a normal life or otherwise he'll go through his early years living like the Princes William and Harry. As a parent I can understand the desire to show off your child's every move, but to make him public property can only do him harm.
Jon Smith, UK

I love Posh, but seriously, do we need to know about the hair under her navel?

Leigh, USA
Fame is a drug and these two are addicts.
Jenette, Australia

I'm not really a Victoria fan but I did visit the site and thought it was good and I certainly don't think she is exploiting her son, mainly because there isnt anything about him on it except a few facts!

I thought it was a bit unfair to international fans who couldn't join the VIP area because you have to phone a UK number. Its costs 1.60 to join and yet you only get to see three pictures which were in The Sun and Mirror newspapers on Monday and two wallpapers. I thought it was a total rip-off and an exploitation of fans by taking their money and rewarding them with nothing.
Kelli, UK

I had expected something a little more 'classy' from Posh Spice....very disappointing...
Heidi, USA

Who cares?
Eddie, USA (ex pat)

Yuck! I love Posh, but seriously, do we need to know about the hair under her navel? Some more pics of her would be nice, as well as a better designed flash site.
Leigh, USA

If I'd have known it was so easy for a talentless no-mark to open a website, I'd have done it myself. The difference between me and 'Pish', is that I know I fit the description. Who do these pretentious idiots think they are?
Phil Bannon, Taiwan

Very tacky indeed.
RL, Australia

To plaster Brooklyn's face all over the web in his mother's attempt to make a buck is sickening

David, Australia
Totally harmless and fun. I enjoyed the space invaders game.
Brett, England

Slick interfaces cleverly covered by cheesy graphics. Only a real fan would find this site actually interesting. I'll not be revisiting, that's for sure.
Anthony Butler, UK

It has been nicely done but the content is complete rubbish! Both don't like star fruit? Husband likes Victoria Beckham as "fave" singer. It's so crass!
Chris Carpenter, Germany

I could only look at the site for five minutes. Self indulgent rubbish!
Ginger, UK

What can I say? To start with, there is no time to read the first screen but then reading is for nerds and there are such nice pictures to look at! I would like to have said that I had been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the site but unfortunately I can't. What a load of superficial rubbish - here's one I certainly won't be adding to my list of favourites.
Susan Fraser, Luxembourg

I was embarrassed by the content of this site. To use the image of her son is ludicrous and distasteful.

To plaster Brooklyn's face all over the web in his mother's attempt to make a buck is sickening - he does not have the ability to make decisions at his age.

Look at Madonna, Victoria, as an example of being a famous celebrity and rasing a family.
David, Australia

Let's hope Brooklyn doesn't develop the same strain of vanity that his parents obviously suffer from!

Joey D, UK
I think the Beckhams are so pathetic!They're always trying to go over the top. I mean - thrones in the foyer - come on, how common is that?! They've got no style whatsoever! No wonder Posh has been the worst dressed celebrity for a while - can't she take a hint?
Ciska, UK

Waste of space, another way for Posh to show off her fortune.
Jenni, Germany

What a load of rubbish! Here's one that needs to lose a fortune and get flushed down the pan as soon as possible! Are there no depths to which this attention grabbing, talentless out of control ego will not plunge?
Bob, UK

How old is she?
John, UK

I'm speechless, absolutely gobsmacked. I don't think I've seen anything quite as tacky since a visit to the Dome and Labour's notion of 'Cool Britannia'. Let's hope Brooklyn doesn't develop the same strain of vanity that his parents obviously suffer from!
Joey D, UK

I think it is a damn cheek for stars to be trying to rip off kids that worship them, personally I would never dream of entering. Someone pass the sick bag!
Chris Sayer, England

Victoria, just stick to what you're good at... whatever that is

Richard Ferguson, UK
This is the most tacky, self-centered piece of cyberspace ever created. This is an obvious plan to exploit young fans. If it's not bad enough that young kids have to pay for ringtones and logos, they expect you to pay to look into their fantasy world! Who do they think they are? Royalty?
Junior Bernard, UK

She's a classy lady and it's a classy site.... What am I saying?! This has to be the most vain site I have ever seen!
Paul, UK

It makes me laugh that after her reported "break in" she pulls a stunt like this. It really is bad isn't it? Bad taste, bad everything. I think it's just one of a million little ego boosting tactics she employs.
Dylan Blythin, Manchester

So, so tacky! But the best laugh I've had in quite a while. A triumph of money over taste. Ooo-eer.
Diva, Australia

The site is diabolical. The internet is a good information medium, but this site is just plain dull and pointless. Victoria, just stick to what you're good at... whatever that is.
Richard Ferguson, England

Biggest laugh I've had in ages. The family portrait on the wall is a classic! Dreadful.
Nick, UK

Not posh at all, very tacky.
William Hudson, UK

Why can't a person with that amount of money to throw around do something useful with it?

Ari, UK
Bizarre! I have no idea at all what she is trying to tell her fans! Very strange indeed. Just a way for her to make money.
Anne Ward, UK

A waste of time!
Yvonne West, UK

I agree with Eddie from the USA - who cares?! I have no intention of looking at their website as neither of them interest me. I am 25 and don't see why Posh Spice is even considered to be talented, so I have no interest in looking at the site!
Nikki, Scotland

This is utter garbage with once again Victoria Beckham coming up trumps when it comes to proving what a tacky Essex girl she really has never been able to buy coolness and that is one thing her and her severely affected husband have none of...shame eh!!
Paloma McMannie, England

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Please make it go away.
Yiannis Christodoulides, Cyprus

Surely with the amount of money this woman earns she can afford some professional advice from people who have a clue about what ordinary folk and 'Beckham fans' will find interesting? This is seriously lacking in imagination, class and style....are you sure Brooklyn didn't design the site Victoria?
Layla Rea, England

This is possibly the worst site I have ever been to. There is no content, it is the worst design in terms of colours and navigation. Why did she bother to put up such rubbish. She probably doesn't even know how to access it!
Zed, UK

Why can't a person with that amount of money to throw around do something useful with it and help others as opposed to wasting it on shameless self-promotion and pointless designer labels?
Ari, UK

I'd be really embarrassed if I was David Beckham. Surely the FA could do something to stop her?!

Charlie and Ollie, France
I think most of the people writing in with comments regarding Victoria's website are missing the point: you looked at it, you thought about it, and no doubt you listened to the new single. However much you might not like Posh Spice, she got you, didn't she? The girl's got a record to market for heaven's sake! The general public - doh!
Alex, UK

Looked into the site to see how bad it was, and believe me it was BAD! From the graphics it looks like she's trying to be Lara Croft!
Jane Keys, USA

Dire, truly dire. I couldn't even read the text that displays at the start while the Flash intro loads. It's the same throughout the site, unreadable and cheesy. Not what I expected at all.
Steve Scott, Malaysia

It's difficult to see the whole purpose of the site. Nobody really cares about her or her family life so why did she come up with this rubbish? I'd be really embarrassed if I was David Beckham. Surely the FA could do something to stop her?!
Charlie and Ollie, France

This is just another example of how completely self-obsessed and removed from the real world this woman has become. Please Posh, if you believe your fans want to read this kind of dribble, please don't drag your innocent son into it. Tackorama!
Victoria, New Zealand

We've all been and had a look, we're the stupid ones, not her, she's making the money

Janet, England
As a web designer for the last six years and now art directing major branded websites, I can hardly express just how poor this site is. It looks as though it was designed and navigated by a programmer. The illustration is some of the poorest I have seen, Brooklyn must have done it.
Jason Robinson, UK

I've been reading through people's comments and just want to say, give the woman a break! So you don't like it, but looked! Posh - good luck girlfriend! I think you're brilliant!
Sam, UK

It's so dire, it was as if I had stumbled onto a Teletubbies show. I can't write much more, I'm off to gag for a few hours...
Peter Goffee, UK

Just one thought - poor kid. If he ever turns out to become a halfway normal functioning person later in life, he should receive a medal for personal courage and valour.
Kris, Belgium

Utter exploitation. The kids (for who else could it be aimed at?) have to pay 1.50 for the phone call to collect a 'free' password which runs out after 15 days. As mindless, crass, overblown and self-obsessed as its subject.
Gary Parkinson, UK

I'm a firm believer that some people, no matter how much money they've got, can make a mansion look like a council house (OK, so the reverse is also true - but which ones are Posh and Becks?) Just goes to show, doesn't it?
Al Feersum, UK

Good on her. Because it is so cheap and tacky, we've all been and had a look, we're the stupid ones, not her, she's making the money. It did give me a good laugh though, very entertaining (I use the term loosely), and it encouraged me to get my friends to log on to it as it was so funny, thus generating her more income. She's the genius.
Janet, England

Perfect example of what money can't buy; taste, intelligence and talent

Ana-Maria, UK
Well, a cynical view perhaps but surely it is a chronic exploitation of kids who don't have credit cards but do have prepay mobile phones or access to parental phones. Charging 1.50 a pop for a password that then runs out after 15 days and then requires another 1.50 phonecall to get another password! The site is just pure naff. I'm sure the Beckhams will make a lovely heap of dosh whilst providing little of any worth to anyone.
Tony Hewett, England

Wow, I thought this stuff was against the law! 1.50 for something that only works 15 times and even then it is something of very low value - shouldn't the trading standards people be involved in this rip off?
Jane Rogers, USA

This is supposed to show us that she is Posh? Once again Victoria Beckham has showed the world her bad tacky taste and made herself to be a laughing stock. She should stop exposing herself - now that's posh.
Jonathon D'Souza, UK

Talentless, brainless and pathetic! Perfect example of what money can't buy; taste, intelligence and talent. The Beckhams must be the two most insecure people in the world. Poor Brooklyn, he hasn't got a chance.
Ana-Maria, UK

Complete tripe! A desperate bid to increase her popularity before the launch of her album. Spare a thought for the rest of us who think there is already enough rubbish on the internet.
Colleen, New Zealand

Personally I think you are all sheep and jealous of their wealth and fame

Lesley, England
Tabloids talk rubbish. The site is cool and fun. She has had a good response but the tabloids have to spoil it as usual. I love it just as much as I love Victoria.
Kevin Wyllie, Scotland

That is the dumbest, most immature website I have ever seen. Spot the spot?! Is she trying to gain fans who are nine-years-old? I would expect something a lot better from her. She's so stuck up about herself and her family it annoys me.

Why can't she be more like Melanie C? She's the most down-to-earth famous person I have ever heard of. And her site is so much more normal. Good on Melanie C!
Charlotte, USA

I love this Spice Girl. She is the best one and David Beckham is a nice man.
Daren, France

I think the site looks wicked! Where is the exploitation of Brooklyn? There are merely a few facts about him, not even a picture! I agree, the idea of having to pay money to get into the poor VIP section is unfair, especially because it is unavailable to international fans, but besides that, the thrones are just tongue-in-cheek! The Beckhams don't see themselves as royalty, they're joking! For goodness sake people, give the lovely Victoria a break! At least she has some sense of humour...
Asya Kovarsky, Israel

I am really shocked at the amount of venom directed at Victoria in some of the comments. So she is not exactly Mother Teresa but really, does one have to stoop to hurling personal insults? Come on, what has the woman done? It never ceases to amaze me what the green-eyed monster is capable of.
Alvin, Singapore

Personally I think you are all sheep and jealous of their wealth and fame. This site is excellent and I think they are a fantastic couple, I wish them more success.
Lesley, England

That poor child should be given the right to choose

Tracy Norman, England
Posh is forcing her private family life into the spotlight and inviting "virtual stalkers" to come in and be part of it. She may think this is a clever way of controlling her exposure, "better to have them stalking my site than my home" but when she bleats about having no privacy, she should be reminded that she chose this way of life and has been financially rewarded for it. From album sales, appearances, book rights and of course the commission from every 1.50 for the screensavers, (now that's thanking fans for their loyalty).
Jason, UK

Ripping off kids? Vanity? Self-indulgent? It's simple, Victoria - SAY something, don't try to hide behind marvellous web graphics and flashy possesions. Until you do, I agree with the vast majority.
JayJay, UK

Looked at the site out of curiousity and was not surprised at what I saw. It is just rubbish, I expected her to use her son to make money, that is how she is. My other half went to school with her and she will do anything to be in the limelight and nothing changes!

That poor child should be given the right to choose if he would like all the publicity and not be forced into it. He is too young at the moment to know what's going on, so keep him away from it all until he is old enough to make his own decisions.
Tracy Norman, England

The market for Posh's music must be 6-14 year old kids. This site takes personal infomation; name, address and email, without ANY parental concent, which is illegal in Europe for children under 14.
Jason Robinson, UK

She only gave a few facts about her son, which I believe most people can see anyway, like the colour of his hair and what he enjoys doing. Aside from that, I thought it was a pretty stupid website. 'David's secrets', my foot! It was all about her.
Ayoola, USA

I think Posh is great and other people envy her

Lauren, UK
I think it is very sad when someone with Posh's lifestyle can put her little boy in the spotlight like that. What she and her family do in the privacy of their home is up to them, not for the world to see. I think she will regret doing this, and should edit it. I feel that there will be a lot of unsavoury characters out there trying to get hold of Brooklyn through reading about him. Well, at the end of the day it is their lives, the Beckhams will have to take the consequences. How do we know it is not a website to promote Posh's new single? Very clever!
Michelle Parnell, UK

I think Posh is great and other people envy her.
Lauren , UK

I am no fan, but I think it's a good idea to build a communication channel to connect a popstar directly to her audience. It's good both for the kids and Victoria herself, who has demonstrated that she is (albeit posh by name) still human enough to pick up the phone to confront radio presenters, as she has done in the past, and I am sure she will enjoy chatting online every once in a while.

It is an excellent idea I think, and the site pretty much reflects the Beckhams' personalities, their candid and cheeky sides as well as some inside info that is obviously not targeted at the non-believers or non-curious (hence the outrage in these pages, because most people who wrote here are clearly not fans).

In the end, it's a site for people who are interested in the Beckhams, not people who don't like them. As a professional web designer I think the idea is good, the graphics are not my concept of a masterpiece but they are OK for a young audience I suppose. Good luck.
Simona UK (Italian)

Most people in the USA think Posh went into oblivion with the Spice Girls, and haven't a clue who David Beckham is, so I find their popularity interesting. I think the site beats the press and public to the punch. Posh is controlling our peek into her private world. We all have the right to do that. The site is self-indulgent, but why shouldn't it be? She is showing us the parts of a celebrity's life that we pore over gossip mags to discover, and with a sense of humour to boot.
Tracy, USA

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