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Tuesday, 24 July, 2001, 19:14 GMT 20:14 UK
Brian's bed up for sale
Big Brother house
Much of the contents of the house will be auctioned off
Brian's bed is just one of the items from the Big Brother house that are to be auctioned off for charity.

The famous diary room chair, the Philippe Starck-designed shower and artwork created by the contestants are also included in the sale on auction website eBay.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of Brian, Helen, Elizabeth and Dean revealing to each other who they have nominated over the past seven weeks.

Such a move would normally be banned in the house, but with the live final on Friday, they were allowed to spill the beans.

They will take no further part in voting each other out as the public is now voting for its favourite housemate.

Brian has been favourite to win throughout

Bidding for the fixtures and fittings from the east London house will begin on Wednesday on the eBay site.

An auction of furniture from the first series last year saw "Nasty" Nick Bateman outbid for the diary room chair by comedian Alan Davies.

The Jonathon Creek star paid 30,000 for the seat that revealed the secrets of the first Big Brother 10.

Other coveted items this year include cushions from the den, a pogo stick, fancy hats made by the housemates to commemorate Derby day and the life-size group portrait painted by Brian, Dean, Helen, Elizabeth and Paul.

Paul and Helen from Big Brother
Helen stuck up for Paul in nominations discussion

The chicken coup and fish bowl also form part of the first lot accessible from the Big Brother and eBay website from Wednesday 25th July.

Further items will be put up for sale throughout August, with profits being donated to one or more charities.

Meanwhile, the Elizabeth, Dean and Brian have admitted to Helen they consistently nominated her close friend Paul for eviction.

Brian believed that Paul felt alienated and could only talk to Big Brother, as housemates rejected him early on, by nominating him.


Helen disagreed with Brian's assessment. "Paul could talk to me about things," Helen said. "I could tell Paul my deepest, darkest secrets."

Elizabeth also found Paul hard to get on with. "He was a bit odd... I didn't think he showed who he was. He kept a lid on everything," she said.

"Once I nominated Paul and he didn't go out I had to keep doing it," Dean said. Brian admitted to voting for Paul too.

They soon opened up to each other about who nominated who. Brian was shocked when Helen and Elizabeth revealed that they nominated him in the first few weeks.


"I nominated you Brian in week five. I said he was selfish and vindictive," Helen said.

"But it was my birthday. You've really annoyed me," Brian yelled in reply.

Dean said how he had got on well with Bubble, but Helen said she found him frightening, and nominated the loud Londoner as a result.

"Amma was very contrary," Dean said. "Not that I didn't like her. I only voted for her because I said Helen made me laugh and [Amma] didn't."

'Back off'

Although Helen admitted she did not get on with Penny, Elizabeth said the born-again Christian had taken a shine to her.

"She tried to kiss me and I was like 'Back off. No lesbian scenes on the TV'," Elizabeth said.

Brian added: "At times I didn't get on with her but I didn't want to upset Penny. She used to overshadow me and Narinder."

Despite their potentially damaging confessions, the four of them had a hug afterwards.

Brian is hot favourite to win the series as the remaining four housemates with Helen coming in second.






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