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Wednesday, 18 July, 2001, 12:00 GMT 13:00 UK
U2: Your views
U2 performed at London's Astoria during a warm-up for their world tour
U2 have already toured the US and Canada
U2's Elevation 2001 world tour is the band's first since the highly successful Pop Mart tour of 1997, which played to almost four million people in 70 cities worldwide.

The Elevation tour kicked off in Florida in March and consists of 80 dates throughout North America and Europe.

The huge rock band played the first of two gigs in Paris on 17 July.

"The Irish legends prove that after more than two decades they can still put on a show without having to put on a spectacle," wrote the BBC's Howard Nurse.

But what do you think?

Are they still as fresh and energetic as when they first hit the tour circuit? Were you pleased with the mix of tracks played? Do their live performances live up to their "super band" status?


Saw U2 in DC. It was an astounding experience even though I was behind the stage (only 3 rows back though). A great mix of stuff from the new album and their older hits as well as some of their very early stuff. The energy that the whole band projects is an exhilarating, kick-ass rock experience. I think they MORE than live up to superband status - many superbands don't work half as hard as U2 does to put on a great show because they don't think they have to.
Nancy Briggs, US

I saw the band on three different occasions on their recent tour, twice in Montreal and once at their North American closer in New Jersey. The band is playing some incredible music right now, even though the setlist is largely static from one night to the next, the band is very entertaining.
Dave May, Canada

Of course, no doubt about it you idiots, they are great!
David, Netherlands

Performance is solid. Setlist is weak, containing only their more commercial hits. This tour is for a younger fan, not the older more established fan. And one more thing, U2's fan relations have been atrocious, as evidenced by the alleged heart fan selection incident in Boston. The band has done nothing of value for the rock industry.
Sphinx Alternative NiteClub, Montreal Canada

Very emotional, intimate, raw, fun, passionate. A must-see

James, USA
Yes to all three questions. Saw them in Hartford and NYC, both shows were amazing. Best band on the planet, still!
Scott, USA

I've seen U2 several times, and this tour has been spectacular. Like most U2 shows, you won't leave disappointed, but one can't help but wonder when U2 will realise that their catalogue consists of more than a collection of hits and that other than new songs. there are no songs that must be played.

But make no mistake, this is hands down the best rock show you'll see this year.
Kevin, USA

I have seen U2 seven times on the Elevation tour. There is no other band in the world that has the passion and presence that U2 display. They take you to levels of emotion that you can't explain.
Becky Sennett, USA

Saw two Elevation shows. They are a completely different experience than past tours. I would rank this above Popmart and the Joshua Tree tour and neck-and-neck with Zoo TV. Very emotional, intimate, raw, fun, passionate. A must-see.
James, USA

I saw the show in Munich. Mindblowing!
Niels, Germany

I saw U2 on the Elevation tour and although it was an uplifting experience, it was by no means mind-blowing. I loved how intimate the concert setting was, but I felt that it lacked the creativity and artistic exploration that had defined past tours.

I know that with this tour the band wanted to present itself as simply being a good rock group with some good tunes, but, in my opinion, what has always distinguished U2 has been the fact that they weren't just a rock group; they were a culture all their own.

From The Unforgettable Fire to Pop, the feeling of other-worldly transportation has always been an essential part of their music, and past tours, such as the ZooTV and Popmart tours, were reflections of that mentality.
Ravin, USA

My one complaint? The set-lists. Why the same songs over and over?

Glen, USA
I saw them in Charlotte, NC. I thought the band was great, but their setlist sucked. Besides, Adam Clayton was boring. I'm a much better bass player than he is. If they replaced him, they would be much better.
John Hughes, USA

Whether you're a hard-core fan or casual listener, do not miss this tour. If for nothing else, the show's closing moments of One and Walk On are as sublime as an rock show can be. A gift unique to U2.
Shim, USA

I saw six Elevation shows (including four in Boston) and they were awesome. I have seen them twelve times now and these were some of the best, no question.

My one complaint? The set-lists. Why the same songs over and over? Why do they even play "New York" - it just sucks the life out of the crowd... I'd like to see some real variety night in and night out. They have the songs - why not play 'em? One other question: they have all the money they'll ever be able to spend, what's with the $135 ticket price?
Glen, USA

I have been a U2 fan for over 10 years, and I must say that I have loved all the tours, from Lovetown to ZooTV to Popmart to Elevation. On this tour though, the band seems to be having the most fun they've ever had, and continue to move live music light years ahead of where it has been taken by any other band.

U2 are still as fresh and as down-to-earth as they've ever been, and they treat their fans with all the respect in the world, contrary to what some people choose to believe. They are a true band of the fans. Viva U2!
Bruce, Canada

They are still the hardest working band with the best live show in the world

Chris Borman, USA
I saw U2 play in Chicago. An absolutely outstanding performance by the best band on the planet. Bono, you have got the job! The fact is U2 never lost it.
John, USA

I saw U2 in Tacoma Washington state. They and my vaction in Vancouver were the best things that have happened in my 39th year.

The media should stop getting on this "oh dear, they are 40 and too old to rock" thing. I turn 40 next month and U2 is leading the way for the generation that grew up during the 1960s hoping to make the world a better place by taking on US arms sales, drop the debt, and violence in Nothern Ireland.
Kay Nixon, USA

I saw U2 in Minneapolis in '97 with Popmart and again this year with the Elevation Tour. They are still the hardest working band with the best live show in the world. They are still able to break new ground and challenge themselves both musically and in their live performances; while other bands take the safer route of sticking with a sound that sold well in the past. I only wish they would have played more tracks off their new album.
Chris Borman, USA

U2 were spectacular, and always will be; when you have something very special, it doesn't go away except by neglect, and they won't let that happen to them. If pressed, I would have to say that my one criticism is too many radio hits in the setlist, and nothing from Zooropa. But of course, that's like saying you're annoyed that you won a million dollars because it came in tens and twenties!
Susan, USA

They have lost nothing of their old energy and appeal, all the old songs still sound as powerful and relevent today as they did 20 years ago

Guy Franklin, UK
I have just came back from Paris and cannot find the words to sum up the performance of U2. Having seen both the Zoo TV and Popmart tours I was looking forward to seeing an indoor performance again - it was better than I could ever have wished for.

U2 are now reaching standards that no-one else can hope to match. Many will try, all will fail. My only regret is that they are not coming to Scotland to perform on the Elevation Tour. If this gets posted and should someone from U2 reads this - please come to Scotland!

Those lucky enough to get tickets for the UK gigs are in for some ride, as Bono says in the tour programme, "We are about to get airborne, do not fasten your safety belts".
Anthony McKnight, Scotland

I saw the East Rutherford show and it was the greatest thing I ever experienced! U2 are the greatest band on the planet right now and it doesn't matter what songs they play because they are respected for just being the best band in the world. No other band has the chemistry that this band has when they play live and no-one would ever come close!
Revan Ganesh, Trinidad

Saw opening night in Miami, going to Manchester and both Slane gigs....quite simply the greatest set of concerts yet by the greatest band of our generation.
Dave, Ireland

I saw the band last night at the second of their 2 shows in Paris. Wow! They have lost nothing of their old energy and appeal, all the old songs still sound as powerful and relevent today as they did 20 years ago. Go see them!
Guy Franklin, UK

Saw the first show of the European leg of the tour in Copenhagen. They swept me off my feet, and for all of you who are waiting to see the show, you've really got something to look forward to!
Steffan, Norway

Still the best, and the brilliant atmosphere at their concerts is greatly helped by the devotion and enthusiasm of the fans - many who have been with U2 since the early 1980s. Saw them at the Astoria concert and can hardly wait for Manchester (and then London and Slane).

Only one (slight) gripe - with their extensive back catalogue the set list should be both more flexible from show to show and longer than 20-22 songs. But that apart, they are simply the best.
Mike, England

As for the setlist, it was very much a crowd pleaser. They weren't as daring as they were during the Zoo TV tours

Lisa, Denmark
I saw U2 in concert on the first of two shows in Denmark, second row. Though I want to, I can't really say they lived up to my expectations. I feel I can expect more from the biggest band in the world as they proclaim themselves to be.

Bono's voice was great, Edge played like he had never played before, the crowd was really into it but something was missing. They lacked a lot of enthusiasm and it really seemed like a day job to them which they had to get over with as soon as possible.

As for the setlist, it was very much a crowd pleaser. They weren't as daring as they were during the Zoo TV tours. Still, I'm glad I was so close to the band. It seemed intimate and I was there.
Lisa, Denmark

I saw U2 in Chicago and their performance proved they need not reapply for best band in the world because they never lost the job...and never will. Period.
Kristin, USA

Anyone who can deny U2 are the best band in the world after seeing this tour must be blind. I saw them in Denver. It was a life-changing event. As weird as this sounds, I think that it was the most religious experience that I've ever had. They're my favourite band now and I pray that they return to America after Europe.
Joey Lajoie, USA

Saw U2 in Paris... it was a great show. It was my first Elevation show and I loved it. They don't need a big screen or stage to look good. They just need their instruments to play. It couldn't be better. I just hope they tour Mexico.
Luis Michel, Mexico

I saw the third and fourth shows in Boston and I must say they were brilliant. Two nights I will remember for the rest of my life. One of the few bands that seem to be getting better as time goes on. Only wish is they play some of the older stuff. What I wouldnt do to hear "Gloria" again....
Dave Johnson, USA

I was in Paris 18/07. It was amazing! I saw them several times before, but I have never seen them play with so much heart and soul. The fact that they enjoyed it themselves made it an unforgettable night. I'll be back in Antwerp.
Ben, Belgium

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