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Friday, 6 July, 2001, 19:58 GMT 20:58 UK
Amma gets Big Brother boot
Big Brother contestant Amma
Amma becomes the fifth person to leave the house
Lap dancer Amma has become the fifth contestant to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

This week was the first time she had been nominated by her housemates. But 64% of the audience who voted by phone during the week wanted her out.

Fellow contestant Paul, on the other hand, had already faced the prospect of eviction three times.

Big Brother contestant Paul
Paul has survived four nominations

He now lives to fight yet another day and aim for the 70,000 prize-money, along with Helen, Dean, Josh, Brian and Elizabeth.

As she left the house, Amma was greeted by four ecstatic members of her family. Hundreds of cheering fans were also waiting.

Amma jumped up and down, smiling with joy, as she was led into the studio to be interviewed by the show's host Davina McCall.


McCall first asked Amma how she felt when she heard she was to leave.

"I thought that at least I would see my family but I had been expecting it from day dot," she said.

"Everyone else in the house was so fantastic but I found I withdrew into myself."

Big Brother housemate Josh
Josh said Amma was "aggressive"

McCall then showed her clips of the housemates telling Big Brother why they were nominating her on Monday.

Paul said that she had "no respect" for him. Dean said the problem was their "different backgrounds". Josh added that Amma was "agressive".

Looking slightly upset, Amma explained: "I can be temperamental but I am not aggressive.

"I wasn't myself and didn't portray the person I really am. There were so many strong people in there and I just withdrew or gave the wrong impression."

McCall asked Amma if she had missed Bubble since he was evicted last week.

"Oh yes," she answered, adding: "He could give the wrong impression but he had a big heart."

About Elizabeth, Amma said: "Elizabeth is one of the nicest people I have ever met. There is nothing negative in her."

Asked who she thought would be the ultimate winner, Amma said she thought it would be Brian or Dean. But, she added that she really wanted Helen to triumph.


Amma had been the overwhelming favourite with bookmakers to be voted out. Paul, however, had received the most nominations from his housemates.

Gay air steward Brian is favourite to win when the show finishes at the end of July.

Big Brother contestant  Brian
Brian is tipped to win

Eviction day saw the housemates dancing in the rain as a heavy storm broke the hot weather of the past few days.

Brian also decided to relieve his boredom by smashing a plate against the outside wall.

And overall, it was an eventful sixth week in the Big Brother household. On Tuesday, two intruders broke in to the house and confronted the contestants.

Brian had to shave all his hair off, after having vowed to do so if not nominated for eviction.

The housemates also failed in their main weekly task which determines how much money they can spend on food for the next week.

They failed to teach Paddy the dog, who was brought in for four hours each day, to do several tricks. The housemates now have only 24.50 to spend.

Odds on the next eviction are already available from Paddy Power, the Big Brother official bookmakers.

Paul is favourite with odds of 5-4. Helen and Josh are joint second with odds of 9-4. Brian is at 7-1, Elizabeth is rated 14-1 and Dean is on 16-1.

The next round of nominations will take place on Monday and be screened on Tuesday.






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