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Friday, 6 July, 2001, 15:44 GMT 16:44 UK
Tomb Raider: Your views
Angelina Jolie as heroine Lara Croft
The film seeks to emulate the game's success
Lara Croft is one of the most instantly recognisable names in the world of gaming.

The Tomb Raider series, in which she stars, has generated more than 650m in worldwide sales.

Now she has been translated to the big screen in the form of Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie.

In the US, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, took $48.2m (34.3m) in its first weekend, thought to be a record for a film with a female lead.

"Jolie as Lara is undeniably cool and as a showcase for the actress's skill and presence, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is an absolute triumph.

"But devoted fans of the Tomb Raider games may be left wishing Hollywood had left well alone," wrote BBC News Online's Rebecca Thomas.

But what do you think?

Can Jolie's action-packed performance carry the film to box office success in the UK? Is it another case of style and stunts over substance?

OK, as a fan of the Tomb Raider games, I had 50/50 feelings about a movie based on it, then to hear that they cast an American (however sexy) in the lead only led me to fear the worst.

Then, after reading many bad reviews over here (the US), I thought it would flop, and deservedly so.

But I decided I should see for myself, and last weekend I did just that and was pleasantly surprised!

Angelina Jolie did a passable English accent, Chris Barrie provided some excellent comic relief (though too little of it!) and the sets and effects were pretty good. Indiana Jones would have been drooling over some of them!

Open your mind, ignore the critics and go and see it!
Phil, Ex-Pat in the US

Jolie's wardrobe:A+

Jolie's performance: B+.
Robert del Valle, USA

Tomb Raider was fun, but with a poor plot and Lara acting a bit too 'butch' for me in her stride. It's not a bad movie, but definitely not a Top 10 and not worthy of paying full price for the movie. Don't walk into the theatre expecting too much and you'll not be too disappointed walking out.
Lilliane M. Coldwell, US

I think Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft really well but I don't think the movie was that great, I mean she is definitely one of the best actresses. The movie's plot was a little boring but she made it worth it.
Vik, Australia

I walked out half way through, just like every other computer game film, it was pathetic

Coxy, UK
After reading several damning reviews in the mass media, I was prepared for another horrendous game to celluloid conversion. In the end my party and I came out happy after a fun, inventive and very British movie, impressed by Jolie's accent. The script, while not up to Indiana Jones standard, functioned well.
The Bassman, Scotland

I walked out half way through, just like every other computer game film, it was pathetic. The pub seemed like a better option.
Coxy, UK

Another film which ranks alongside such delights as Godzilla, The Avengers and Lost In Space.
Alf, UK

After hearing numerous critics' negative comments on the film I wasn't expecting too much, however, with some quite stunning action scenes together with the stunning Ms Jolie, I found the film thoroughly entertaining and would recommend it!
Phil Pond, England

Having read the decidedly mixed reviews for Tomb Raider, I was expecting something that was, at most, mindlessly entertaining. Too much to ask for, I'm afraid. The film has no redeeming qualities.

The tracing paper thin plot didn't engage, the action wasn't exciting and was too quickly edited to have any visual impact, the dialogue veered from bad to atrocious and the acting was abysmal, Angelina Jolie's Oscar winning skills giving way to endless, lingering pouts.

What could have been an enjoyable successor to the Indiana Jones series was 90 minutes of pure tedium.
Mark Muirhead, Scotland

Ignore the critics. Lara rocks! Easily the most enjoyable movie of the summer. More fun than Evolution and full of great effects unlike The Mummy Returns. Put your brain on hold for ninety minutes and enjoy the ride!
John Mclauchlin, UK

Critics - get a life! Angelina Jolie was Lara down to a tee. She really brought a game character to life and boy her acting and accent were brilliant at that! Tomb Raider was one of the best films I have ever seen, roll on Lara's return in Tomb Raider II!
Simon Newitt, England

The film would have benefited from a less complicated storyline and a 15 certificate to allow a bit more development of the love interest. However, the action scenes were very well done - retaining the visual style of the game - and Angelina Jolie is the perfect Lara Croft.
Carolyn Goff, UK

Angelina Jolie was born to play Lara and was the saving grace of an otherwise disjointed and fairly average affair

Sean Cotter, England
The film's 90 minutes fly by, no doubt due to its blandness. A film with huge potential let down by the the absence of a story, poor arch villians and the wasted use of two good characters - the butler and Lara's sidekick gadget whizz kid.

Jolie was perfect for the part. If only she could have had something more to say. Let's just hope they get it right next time.
Carl Muller, UK

I saw the film some 3 weeks ago in Germany and thought she was very good. The story was not up to much.
Stephanie Rubin, Germany

Not a case of style and stunts over substance - there is no substance. A completely vacuous, barely entertaining waste of film. Angelina looks good, but the special effects (surely the main reason for films like this being made) barely pass muster. Lord of the Rings can't be released soon enough.
Dave, UK

I'm a big fan of the games and was really looking forward to the movie. It really was pretty bad though. Weak plot, terrible script, pointless scenes and characters, lame ending... the list goes on. The only saving grace was Angelina Jolie, who was great in her role. Let's have a sequel, but for goodness sake get some decent writers on the job and keep the project well away from Simon West.
Pete, England

Went to the Premiere. Good atmosphere although I thought it was full of stuffy old toffs who were only there because it was hip. Anyway, I liked it, good action, a convincing (if seemingly invulnerable) Lara, sets worthy of Indiana Jones and a nice spattering of humour.

Terry Lee, UK

Surprisingly watchable. I thought this was going to be painful when I remembered such greats as the Super Mario Brothers film but was pleasantly surprised
Steve Jonston, UK

This was the first time I've fallen asleep during a movie

Mark Thawley, UK
Angelina Jolie was born to play Lara and was the saving grace of an otherwise disjointed and fairly average affair. She pulls off the action excellently and carries the movie virtually singlehandedly.

The movie relies very heavily on the set-pieces (the opening battle against the robot, the stone monkeys in the Cambodian temple, the bungee jumping battle in the mansion, the time travelling finale) and the rest is just padding.

I would highly recommend the movie just for Jolie's performance. Get an 'A' list director for the sequel and you could well see Tomb Raider becoming a cash cow franchise in the same vein as the Bond and Indiana Jones movies.
Sean Cotter, England

This was the first time I've fallen asleep during a movie. What a waste of time and money.
Mark Thawley, UK

Contrary to popular opinion, I enjoyed it... for what it was.

When you go and see a film based on a computer game which is a combination of action and puzzle solving, you don't expect to see Shakespeare.

I admit that most of the cast were unimpressive, especially the 'baddies'. But I thought Chris Barrie was entertaining, and obviously Angelina brought life to the lead role.

Critics aren't always right - if you like action films then go and see it - just don't hold your breath at the Oscars.
Jay, Wales

I believe that this movie was the most spectacular work of art I have ever seen. I was shocked to hear such harsh and incredibly untrue reviews from all these people. I personally would see that film millions of times and never get bored.
Ben , CT

Saw it last night and I'm still stupified at how utterly dull the plot was. I've only played the game once and the film is very much modelled on the's only halfway towards being a film in its on right....

It definitely isn't even in the same universe as Raiders Of The Lost Ark, especially when you consider the resources that Mr Spielberg had all those years ago.

Lara looked lovely but please please please PLEASE don't go and see this expecting her to be the modern day female Indiana Jones, as there's simply no comparison.

If you're a real AJ fan, then I suggest you wait for the video, then turn the sound down and fast forward/pause/rewind the lovely Lara to your heart's desire.....
Sam Spanners, UK


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