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Friday, 29 June, 2001, 14:14 GMT 15:14 UK
Shrek: Your views
Shrek (Mike Myers) with Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz)
Is Shrek the best animated film yet?
Shrek was the first animated film to compete in the Cannes film festival since 1953 and has already taken $200m (£142m) at the US box office.

The film opens in the UK on 29 June, where it is also expected to be a big success.

"It is a story that feeds the imagination and the sense of humour and it is so wilfully stupid that it begins to seem really quite clever," wrote BBC News Online's Ian Youngs.

He added: "Most importantly, it is one of those rare films that can appeal to everyone who has half a funny bone."

But what do you think?

Is this the best animation feature yet? Can adults enjoy this as much as children?

I watched this film a few weeks ago in the USA. It is an entertaining film, the storyline and characters are fun and moviegoers of all ages will enjoy it. I found the animation wasn't as good as previous movies such as Toy story or Bugs life. The poor attempt of a Scottish accent from Mike Myers made me cringe. It is worth seeing but don't expect a miracle in Technicolor as some of the hype suggests.
Sean, UK

We took our 7-year-old son to see Shrek. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of fun for both adults and children. It is too bad that a Scottish accent was used for the ogre - it wasn't even well done! But a worthwhile film for all the family.
CZ, USA/ex-Scotland

I watched this film on the night of release. I thought it was funny and good humoured. With characters that have this much depth to them, I feel a Shrek 2 is in the running!

The film is great for families, friends and god knows who else. I thought it was marvellous. Go and see it!
Scott Andrews, UK

It's the first movie I've ever seen that got an encore, everyone clapped and cheered at the end

Maureen, Canada
Perhaps I'm becoming cynical in my not-so-old age, but I do feel that while Shrek is entertaining, it lacks something. I felt myself wanting to know more about the world the story is set in.

Having all of these fairytales in one place is not an entirely original idea (see Stephen Sondheim's Into The Woods), but the medium of this film offered the perfect opportunity to see these characters interact. Instead they simply become a mcguffin to get the ogre on a quest in this generic fantasy land. Why?
Stuart Ian Burns, UK

Do not miss this! As a Brit living in Canada, yes, Mike Myers may not have the accent down pat, but he is brilliant. Just as Eddie Murphy is as donkey. The animation cannot be compared to others as it is out there on its own, check out the eyes!

The music chosen fits like a glove and as for the storyline, well, throw out the barbie dolls and bring out the trolls! This movie is a definite must-see for everyone. It's the first movie I've ever seen that got an encore, everyone clapped and cheered at the end.
Maureen Cheshire, Canada

I think that Shrek is a good film. Thank you to the people who made it!
Christine Frost, Hull

I really can't see how Sean did not appreciate the animation involved.

I think every aspect of the movie was visually brilliant. They really paid attention to detail, from pages turning in a book, to the grassy hills and the subtle facial expressions. The movie itself is great....a definite hit this year and while it is an animation, it has broken a lot of the norms (as in Disney-based stuff) with humour that adults would definitely find themselves roaring out loud to.

While Mike Myers's Scottish (??!!??) accent was quite weak, Eddie Murphy more than makes up for it.

I'd definitely give it five stars.
Dustin, Australia

I don't think the animation was anything special and at times appeared slightly blurred

Steve, UK
I thought this was a brilliant film. The characters are well animated, Eddie Murphy really brought the laughs in. A good night out.
Melissa, UK

Shrek has to be the best computer-animated film I've seen so far. It's clever, witty and very funny. Wholesome entertainment for both children and adults alike!
Sandy, UK

I enjoyed Shrek, even with a number of screaming kids in the audience. Everyone seemed to have a good time as it functions well on several levels. It was the Disney bashing that appealed most to me, in particular what happens when the princess sings.

I don't think the animation was anything special and at times appeared slightly blurred. The voices were quite fun though, even Mike Myers appalling Scottish one.
Steve, UK

Mike Myers' Scottish accent is actually pretty good, he just lapses into Canadian frequently. Overall, hardly a significant detriment to this well-scripted and beautifully crafted tale, which shows a delicious irreverence to many of the clichés of the genre. Recommended.
Steven Haddon, UK

This is so funny, haven't laughed so much in another film. It's great for children and adults alike.
Sam, UK

Shrek is a great film and it is nice to see animation finally getting the credit it deserves; but animation aimed at an adult audience is nothing new. It is worth bearing in mind that Japanese animation (Anime) has been catering to all age groups for decades.
Robin, UK

An exceptional film only spoiled by the poor choice of voiceover for Shrek, a must-see if only for the sheer brilliance of the graphical imagery.
Lee, England

Once again Dreamworks prove that anything Disney can do, they can do better

Jon Gyngell
This is a great kids film. It has humour in a young teenage way, it has a story, the graphics are very good (watch the grass as Shrek and Fiona walk through it!) without being sensational or over the top.

Some good voices (I don't care if Shrek isn't quite Scottish!) and all in all it works well. I have heard lots of 20-somethings complain about the lack of story. Well, they should turn off their adult pretentions and just enjoy the film without the analysis! Its great!
Dave, Kent UK

Fantastic, brilliant, hilarious, what more can I say! I have never laughed so much at a film that I took the kids to see. Highly recommended!
Raj, UK

Maybe I've been living in the States a bit too long, but I thought Mike's accent wasn't too bad, just a few slips here and there.

Overall I liked the film a lot, it was hilariously funny (especially the donkey), the animation was amazingly detailed (facial expressions were wonderful). The plot line was okay, but I did feel it lacked something. A great movie for everyone, I say.
Kate, USA

Breathtaking animation and a cracking script make this a must-see for kids and adults alike. In a similar vein to Toy Story, the canny screenplay works on two levels - kids will love the characters and the excitement and adults will certainly appreciate some of the more risque lines and the running jokes at Disney's expense.

And check out the scene with the bird singing - it brought the house down! Visually it's stunning. The attention to detail is painstaking right down to the individual pores in the skin on the lead characters' faces. All the textures looked real and the lighting was spot-on, far surpassing the shiny plastic-coated weightless look of Toy Story.

Once again Dreamworks prove that anything Disney can do, they can do better. Don't expect it to change the world, but do expect a totally enthralling 90 minutes.
Jon Gyngell, UK

The characters and story aren't as three-dimensional as the computer animation

Moira, USA
If you only see one film this year, then this is the one too see. I laughed until I nearly cried and I'm 32!
Yasmin, England

I thought it was the funniest film I have seen in years, especially the donkey and the gingerbread man. Great.
Gill, UK

This film was absolutely fantastic. The balloon bit almost made me split my sides. Watch out Disney, you've finally got some competition!
Sian Edwards, Wales

It was great for many belly-laughs from the "inside" jokes on the first viewing. But the characters and story aren't as three-dimensional as the computer animation. After the jokes have been seen and heard once, there isn't enough substance beneath the surface for repeated viewings.

Skewering fairy tales isn't as new as the hype for the movie would like us to believe. Several children's books have done the same thing, and better.

I enjoyed Shrek. I laughed my head off as I got the jokes. Would I own a copy? No. I've seen all there was to see.
Moira, USA

Shrek was just fantastic - it was funny, emotional and definitely watchable for adults. Mike Myers's Scottish accent was poor, although having see him do a much better one in Austin Powers, I wonder if this wasn't toned down for an American audience.

The animation was superb and the characters were appealing. I particularly liked the wrestling scene, the balloons and the bird. The humour is in the same vein as the Princess Bride, although a bit more aimed at children.
Lizz, UK

This was, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the most entertaining and satisfying film I have seen in a long time

James, Canada
I went to see this last night at a digital theatre. It was really funny and quite different from the general 'fairy tale' animated movies. I was expecting the special effects to be a little better. But nevertheless the movie is unmissable.
Khilan, England

Shrek is an amazing film. Pure entertainment. It doesn't matter wherther or not Mike Myers's Scottish accent is right or not......he's an ogre, so who cares? Nobody knows what they sound like anyway! Fantastic in every way.
Antony, England

I loved this film, it is really funny and I advise anyone that is a child or a child at heart to see this film. The characters are brilliantly done. Watch and enjoy.
Debra Wagstaffe, England

Those who haven't seen it are missing out. Get down to the cinema on opening day and see it, it is fantastic. Good fun for all the family
Katharine Eves, USA (Scottish)

As a regular film goer, this was, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the most entertaining and satisfying film I have seen in a long time. I heartily recommend it to any and all who have a sense of humour.
James, Canada

I only went for the computer animation but was treated to one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a long time.
D. Walker, USA

Shrek was good. But not as good as Toy Story or A Bug's Life

Lisa, UK
I thought Shrek was okay, but nothing more than that really. There wasn't anything too clever about it. It doesn't compare to the Toy Story films and isn't even as good as A Bug's Life or Antz.

And the ending? Please! It might be warped (I won't give it away to those who haven't seen it), but it was still as schlocky as anything Disney do.

And Mike Myers's accent? What an absolute, annoying disgrace.
Alex Winehouse, England

Shrek was good. But not as good as Toy Story or A Bug's Life.
Lisa, USA

I laughed so hard I was crying through most of the film. The animation was a lot better than Atlantis!
Tim, Texas

I've not laughed so much at the cinema since the original Austin Powers. The whole audience clapped at the end of the film, I haven't seen that in the last 10 years or so.
Jethro, UK

Awesome movie...Eddie Murphy is really cool.
Umayr, Pakistan

After they finished animating Shrek, Mike Myers came up with the idea to give Shrek a Scottish accent. They spent £4m reanimating him!

It was definitely an excellent movie. Go see it if you haven't already!
Hannah, UK

It did leave me with one question though, why on earth was Robin Hood given a French accent?

Christopher, UK
A totally entertaining film that will appeal to all ages. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Mike Myers's accent and the animation is state of the art. Study the lighting, shadows, textures and natural movement of the characters. But don't spend too much time analysing it, take it as a whole package and enjoy it for its entertainment.
John Cooper, UK

As most of the other comments have said, the film was great. I am a 3D animator, and yes, it wasn't the most technically stunning work around, but it was a good story. I go to the cinema to be taken on a journey and this film was a great escape! Thanks Dreamworks yet again.
Saul, UK

I thought it was brilliant! Fun and beautiful to look at. I would describe it as A Terry Pratchett Discworld Novel in a film.

It did leave me with one question though, why on earth was Robin Hood given a French accent? (Mike Myers's Scottish accent was much closer to Scottish than this!) Go See it!
Christopher, UK

From the moment it started until the very end I couldn't stop laughing! The fairytale mick-takes such as the Neverending Story take off when they fly the dragon and the Three Blind Mice changing to Blind Horses at the end. Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy stole the show, overall a must-see and I can't wait to buy it!
Kat, UK

Shrek is just fantastic.
Moses, USA

Why do we have to think that Shrek is Scottish? Can't we just say that Mike Myers was funny and touching as the ogre who got the girl - but not the way we thought he would - without trying to pin a nationality on him? All in all, I thought the film was great - I saw a late night show which was ful lof adults - not an under 20-year old in sight...and we all laughed!
Lin, UK

While Mike Myers acts the emotion really well in his voiceover, why is he trying to imitate Robbie Coltrane?

Lisl, UK

Great film overall! So nice to see an American film which shows that not everything good in the world is perfect or even pretty. And the ending....well, see for yourself.

Only gripe? While Mike Myers acts the emotion really well in his voiceover, why is he trying to imitate Robbie Coltrane? Why not just get Robbie to do it and avoid the inevitable and justified criticism of an American trying to wrap his tongue around the Scottish accent (which rarely works out)? Eddie Murphy, on the other hand, deserves the voiceover Oscar. If there isn't one, there should be for this performance! Go see.
Lisl, Scotland

Robin Hood - French?!
Laura Davies, England

Fantastic movie. Great for all ages. Lots of adult jokes and kiddy fun. Movie made by Eddie Murphy. Mike Myers was a bit flat...roll out Shrek 2
Rachel, UK

This film is pretty funny. It's sad that many of the posters are criticising Mike Myers's Scottish accent. His dad is from Scotland and to a non-UK ear, it sounds pretty close. If all you have to complain about is the accent, then you don't have much to complain about at all, do you? Myers's insufficient accent (to you Brits) has our Canadian friend laughing all the way to the bank!
Michael Dundon, USA

Going into a cartoon movie I was a touch embarrassed but this movie has something for everyone. It is different from normal animated movies and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The music, characters, story, everything comes together so well.
Abhinay Mehta, England


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