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Monday, 28 May, 2001, 16:50 GMT 17:50 UK
Big Brother 2: Your views
The contestants enter the house - from front, Paul, Brian, Penny and Elizabeth
What do you think of the new contestants?
Channel 4 will be hoping that Big Brother 2, which started on Saturday, will emulate the success of the original series.

Ten new contestants arrived in the house on Friday to start their nine-week stint in the newly revamped Big Brother house in east London.

"There was a quiet start to Big Brother 2 in a luxuriously restyled house, but the new glamour does not make up for the inane chatter," wrote BBC News Online's Jackie Finlay.

But what do you think? Will this series be as riveting as the first? Or were you bored the first time? Can we expect anything new this time? Has the novelty worn off?


It won't be the hit, it was last year. Start again. New idea.
Alexander Maclean, Scotland

I don't think this series will attract nearly as much publicity as the first simply because this time it's nothing new and we know what to expect.
Arthur Rodgers, Ireland

First impressions of the new show is that it's quite boring to watch but I'm sure the show will pick up once they get to know each other a bit better.
David Gray, UK

It's not the same - some people in the last series were actually good-looking...
Seb, UK

The website is worse than bad with abysmal webfeeds and bad design, but when it comes to live footage on E4, wow!!!!! Amazing - it gives you such an insight to what these people are really like without all the judicious editing BB does for the nightly shows.
Kevin Symonds, UK

Boring. Hate to say it but the whole thing was very much old hat and after a few minutes I was very bored. The only mildly amusing thing was when they had the rag doll in the booth...but all in all I think the format has had its day.
Justin Berkovi, UK

I'm just amazed that they managed to keep secret the addition of a new housemate.

Ben Ross, UK
It will be interesting to chart the success (or otherwise) of this second series. I question whether Reality TV's appeal will be as strong second time around... we've seen it once, do we really want to see it again? I would wager that if nothing arresting occurs within the first week or two, this one will become a pale re-run of last summer's series. Some experiences soon turn tiresome.
Simon Hundleby, UK

The choice of the new contestants has opened up areas of possible conflict and also possible friendship. Religious upbringing and moral stances may be brought into play. It will be interesting from a psychological point of view to see what happens.
Chris Hall, England

I'm just amazed that they managed to keep secret the addition of a new housemate. With the entire media trying to find the ten housemates, they managed to keep even the existence of another three potentials a secret! I think it shows that Big Brother might succeed where other reality TV shows have failed - by coming up with loads of original ideas, rather than trying to ride the wave of programmes already being successful.
Ben Ross, UK

The novelty has definitely worn off!
Paul Savident, England

Firstly, Bubble has to be the most annoying person ever to hit BB.
Secondly, the tension between the Born Again girl and gay guy will be interesting.
Mak, UK

It's just boring!
Jim Donegan, UK

Following my distress of Cilla's Saturday evening disappearance I can confirm that Big Brother managed to relieve some of that anguish by providing an interesting night's entertainment. Congratulations.
Georgie Gillham, England

The first series was raw and unprepared, this series will be so predictable judging by the bunch of misfits the producers have chosen

T Stewart, Scotland
It seems to me that Channel 4 have got pigeon holes for each of the ten different character traits. When we saw last night's programme, we could virtually match up the people in the programme against their equivalent in the last series!
It goes to prove that the people picked are not exactly representative of the UK population, but then again, I guess that doesn't make good TV.
Mark, UK

We thought it was rubbish! The first series was raw and unprepared. This series will be so predictable judging by the bunch of misfits the producers have chosen.

I can just imagine the cast of the next series: An ex-priest, a murderer, a transvestite, a thalidomide person, an animal rights activist, a convicted rapist, a dentist, a manic depressive, someone dying of a terminal illness, a slaughterman.

The length of the advertising breaks was also very annoying. We won't be watching it again.
T Stewart, Scotland

It took me a while to get into the original Big Brother but after that I was hooked. I think the main danger this time round is that the contestants know how popular the show was last time and may play up to the cameras...but I'm sure that will wear off. I can't see this being as memorable as the original but I'm sure I'll be hooked!
Russ Tarbox, UK

Much too obvious this time round. No character build-ups, viewers know why each one has been selected

Robert Deluca, UK
I very much doubt Big Brother 2 in the UK will be as spicy as Big Brother in Norway, Nederlands or anywhere else for that matter, but let's hope so!
Robert Deluca, UK

Much too obvious this time round. No character build-ups, viewers know why each one has been selected. First task - keep a fire-going round the clock so website and E4 viewers don't have to watch the inmates sleeping. Very original! 25p a call, get real. This series, they've under estimated their viewers.
Helen Weston, England

Bubble must go. I like the Irish man - I'm engaged in the plot already.
Gerry Sheehy, Ireland

Love it already.. got an ADSL connection in large part because I missed a lot of the last Big Brother online. Used to think Penny was going to irritate everyone or try to convert them to Christianity but now she's looking like the house's mummy...
I think the mixture is a very clever one and I can't wait to see who the 11th housemate will be. Personally I think Natasha would be the most interesting in a "cat among the pigeons" type way..
Orion, UK

I think the production team deliberately chose the most nauseating people they could find. At least I hope they did.
Daniel Earwicker, UK

How are we going to manage to put up with 2 weeks of Bubble?

Dan, UK
I quite enjoyed the first BB. When I first heard of BB2 then I was not sure whether I would make the effort to watch it - needless to say that I ended up watching the first installment on Saturday night! What a surprise...the house looks amazing and it seems that C4 have come up with some new ideas. It seems very "fresh"...I bet the contestants from the first show are very jealous!
I think I'll keep watching for a day or two - but whether I continue to watch will depend on the antics of the contestants and the "surprises" thrown in by C4.
Ant Marsh, England, UK

Aaaargh! How are we going to manage to put up with 2 weeks of Bubble?! Please change the rules so we can vote him off today! Otherwise they don't seem that bad. Like the house, but how long will it stay that clean?
Dan, UK

I turned it on for five minutes, saw how false people were acting and turned it off. The people in there are acting how they think they should for the cameras rather than being themselves.
Andrew Kirk, England

Hey! Big Brother in Denmark was a big hit. I hope that there also is going to be a Big Brother 2, and that they might not run away again...
Maj Erdmann Svendstorp, Denmark

The bored watching the boring. Again. Boring. Get a life everyone.
Charles Bennet, England

Terrible dross.
Mike McAleer, Ireland

I was a bit disappointed, not totally convinced it will be better as I'm sure they would have seen it last year and know what to do! Some of them seemed much more faked...but I have to admit I will probably watch it anyway!
Emma Lancaster, Birmingham

What a bunch of shallow, boring, immoral, wannabes. Dull, dull, dull. Watch Survivor instead!
Marianne, England

Big Brother 2 already feels like a lighter concoction, an ensemble drama in the tradition of The Big Chill and Queens Logic

Stuart Ian Burns, UK
The classic formulae for a lower budget film is to have ten or less people in a house and getting them to sit around talking about their problems. With Big Brother, I had traces of The Usual Suspect, with its misguided loyalties and shifting realities, blended with the desperation to be liked found in Bodies, Rest and Motion.
Big Brother 2 already feels like a lighter concoction, an ensemble drama in the tradition of The Big Chill and Queens Logic but with the hipper coarser side of Richard Linklater's Slacker and Kevin Smith's Clerks.
It will be interesting to follow whether these people, so prepared to be open with each other now, will become more secretive as the final prize slowly comes within their grasp.
Stuart Ian Burns, UK

When Big Brother was first launched, it was a total unknown, no-one knew exactly what it would entail. The ten new contestants know exactly how they will be filmed and that there is no escaping the cameras....I think this may hinder some of their behaviour.

Also, they are probably more aware now of what gets votes and what doesn't. Here in Australia for instance, it has been those with very strong personalities (not necessarily dislikable) that have gone first. I am about to come back to the UK for three months, so shall be very interested to watch the house unfold!
Emma Ashbee, Australia

Oh come on! The whole idea is that of a gameshow, it's meant to be a bit of fun - just lighten up!
Andrew Holland, UK

At least when you get bored of the characters on Survivor, you can look at the scenery. On Big Brother, you can only look at sofas.
Marcus Sheen, UK

The contestants are far too "media savvy".....the show has lost the "innocence" that it had before. And why-oh-why are they making such a meal out of censoring the feed on E4? And why are their web video feeds so fuzzy?
David Stephens, UK

Utterly contrived and just plain boring. I'll be watching Survivor

Collin Marshall, Scotland
The first kiss has happened on the third day - I think we're going to see a far spicier series with Penny and Paul sleeping together within two weeks.

I loved the first 'Big Bro', and I know it's difficult to get used to new contestants (sometimes you expect Anna or Darren to jump out from behind the sofa!) but we have to give it a chance. I love the new house, and adding a new contestant is an exciting new element.

Whatever anyone says, it's much better than Survivor - that must be fixed and is the most boring piece of television I have seen in a long time.
Tom Hourigan, UK

In the first series, you at least felt you could relate to most of them. The producers are now trying way too hard for personality clashes; Born-again Christians, gays, Muslims, lap dancers, people in a 27-year age gap relationship. Utterly contrived and just plain boring. I'll be watching Survivor.
Collin Marshall, Scotland

I think it will be a great success as the first one was really good - I really enjoyed it. You go Big Brother.
Lucy Joly, Ireland

I have to say that I'm absolutely loving it. I was totally obsessed with the first one and honestly didn't think that I would enjoy the new one as much, but I'm already hooked! And the fact that it is live on E4 makes it even better. I can tune in whenever I want - love it! And there is such a mix of characters which is great.
Catherine Scott, UK

Hopefully, this will be the last. Always put a format to bed when it's popular, not when its ratings have died. The question at the moment is when the selections are made for the Irish Big Brother due later this year, will it prove as popular or better than BB2 if it was shown in the UK? Of course, as it as it would be a completely different style, look and house.
Peter Hamill, Belfast, UK

BB1 hardly made a dent in the ratings until Nick was evicted

John, UK
Having been watching the intensely boring Australian Big Brother for the last month or so, with their cushy mansion-esque villa with swimming pool on the Gold Coast, it was a nice refreshing change to see the good old British version complete with ugly mugs and attitude.

Don't be too critical of the show yet, remember these people do not know each other. The fun starts when they get to know each other and the evictions begin. It's going to be great!
Steve Lawrence, New Zealand (but from London)

Love it, Brian is such a babe. What is with the sound on E4 though? There isn't much point staying up all night if you can't hear 50% of what they are saying!
Toby, England

Frankly, I don't think the casting people did a very good job. Half of the people on the new Big Brother have no personality and the other half are just plain annoying. And I would like to add, what is the story with English reality TV shows who have Irish people in them - they only ever pick gay people. I've absolutely nothing against gay people but when there's a gay Irish person on everything, it's starts to get a bit annoying. And as for that bloke Bubble, what a plonker.
Maoliosa McLaughlin, Ireland

From reading the reviews of others, I get the impression that most of the people are putting forward pre-conceived views of the show. BB1 hardly made a dent in the ratings until Nick was evicted, and that was in the 4th week! Give the show a chance, and if you don't like it, don't watch it!
John, UK

I'm sure all the pervert voyeurs have set their alarm clocks

Nigel, England
It's all a bit too formulated for TV rather than a serious study. Take the new contestants, they are all very extrovert (TV friendly), and they appeal to a very wide demographic - let's all vouch for our local representative, or religious/ race preference.

Also, the 24hr fire tending, good for the round-the-clock web viewers, and even better is the hot water only between 9:30 and 10:30, I'm sure all the pervert voyeurs have set their alarm clocks.
Nigel, England

What a load of rubbish, won't be the same as the last one. Eveyone in the house will have watched the last one so they know what to expect. They are all just acting up for TV. Get it off.
Tracy, UK

Absolute drivel - a view shared by everyone I have spoken to. I feel sorry for the firms who have booked advertising during the show - I have serious doubts whether they will have an audience.
Dave, UK

What I think many people are forgetting is that the first series started pretty slowly. I know I didn't learn the names of all the contestants until some time in the second week. However, I think that this time around the cast of characters is stronger. The personalities are more distinct, the chances for relationships (and for conflicts) more likely. I'm hooked already after only two shows.

Comments on the webcam are spot on, however. The quality definitely sucks - when Elizabeth took off her bra all I could see was a fuzzy pink(ish) blur.
Pete, England

It will not be as popular as last time because the novelty has worn off and the contestants are far too iritating and annoying, my vote is to get rid of them all and inject some imagination into CH4 to come up with something original!
Anonymous, UK

I think it's just great and this new series will make my summer. I love people-watching and with Big Brother you can people-watch 24 hours a day! I hope the gay guy gets voted in - watch the sparks fly!!
Matt Angel, UK

I can't believe that out of 50,000 people who applied, these were the best 10 folk!

Nikki Ward
Awful! Getting poked in the eye with a fishfork is far more enjoyable than this poppy-cocked, boulderdashed hogwash of a TV programme.
Rob Quicke, England

I can't believe that out of 50,000 people who applied, these were the best 10 folk! The choice from the producers of BB are so wrong and I think they should seriously review their selection process if they want BB to stay a success. If they were looking for some kind of romance within the house, again, they have not made the right choice as I don't see any of the chemistry that was there last year at this stage. To sum up, bad choice!
Nikki Ward, Scotland

I loved BB the first time round and couldn't wait for this series. I think it's really unfair of Channel 4 to show the best of BB on E4. What about all those faithful viewers who watched last year pre-E4? At the very least, you should be able to see repeats of what's on E4 on Channel 4.
Evonne Gourlay, UK

What were the people who chose the contestants thinking of when they picked this group of irritating individuals? Who would I vote off? All of them - at once!
Kevin Robb, England

One word - pants.
Paul, UK

The producers have done a good job of trying to revamp the show, only time will tell whether the chosen personalities create good TV. On the whole, an interesting mixture although the idea of choosing Bubble Purley to annoy the nation may backfire, certainly the temptation to turn off when he opens his mouth is high. Hopefully there are more hidden twists in the pipeline as this could prove to me just what BB2 needs.
Simon, UK

We can say what we like now about how boring it is and it will never be a hit. But bear in mind many hated the first series until it got 'personal', when we knew the contestants and liked them or hated them.

Wait until the public get personally involved then we will see the same massive viewing figures once again. But until then, let's just grin and bare it!
Sara, UK

So what if it's nothing new? Eastenders is nothing new but people still tune in in their droves to watch it

Elaine, Scotland
I think it will be a massive hit again. People need their voyeur fix and BB is just that. I guarantee that in every office and every staffroom across the country again this summer, people will be asking, "What happened last night.. who got voted out?"

So what if it's nothing new? Eastenders is nothing new with all the cast whining and whinging but people still tune in in their droves to watch it.

I say thumbs up to BB2.
Elaine, Scotland

Having the second Big Brother with celebrities has spoilt the current programme for me. I need a person to be evicted every two days to hold my attention.
Norman Horobin, UK

The novelty has gone, the contestants know what to do to get the public on their side...strip! Brian is Graham Norton is Brian, so he will win, because Graham Norton is the 'in-thing' at the moment.
Dez, UK

Boring - last year was good, but I can't see the point in flogging a dead horse. Get some new ideas C4!
Hennie, UK

I'm already hooked on Big Brother again. I think we should give the people in the house a chance. They make a very interesting combination.

OK, Bubble was very excitable, but you can't blame him really can you? After all, there's 70k to be won. He seems to be calming down now. It's getting interesting with Penny too, both inside and outside of the house. Very intriguing.

Justin, UK

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