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Friday, 25 May, 2001, 14:11 GMT 15:11 UK
My top TV: Anna Nolan
Craig, Darren, Anna
Anna with Big Brother winner Craig and Darren
Anna Nolan reveals her favourite TV shows for BBC News Online.

Living life in front of the camera is nothing new to Anna Nolan, who survived unscathed into the final three of last year's Big Brother marathon.

She will soon be back on screen before long in two separate shows for the BBC - one a reality entertainment show, the other a quirky documentary series.

Nolan spoke to BBC News Online about Big Brother, her new career, her fingernails and top TV choices.

What was your favourite thing on TV when you were a child?

It would have to be Bagpuss when I was really young - when you used to get home from school really early.

It was always Bagpuss followed by Bod - "Here Comes Bod!"

If you could create a TV format for a TV show you could star in, produce and direct, what would it be?

If I could think of a really good format I wouldn't say - I'd keep it to myself and make a million pounds out of it!

What were the best and worst things about being on Big Brother?

The best thing was leaving the house, without a doubt.

It was a pain really, it wasn't that enjoyable, no matter how good it looked on the telly!

The worst thing?

The boredom - not being able to sleep at night because of taking too many naps during the day, out of boredom - not knowing what was going on outside.

Really the worst thing was not being able to speak to my girlfriend Tanya and not knowing how she was being affected by it all.

What survival tips would you give the contestants in Big Brother 2?

I would say don't give away too much of yourself too early, but then that makes for really boring television!

The first series, all the interesting, outgoing characters were kicked out early on, like Caroline and Nichola - you either loved or hated them.

But the three of us that were left, we weren't exactly the most outgoing over-the-top people.

So if you want to get to the end, maybe hold a bit back.

Read everyone else's books before your own - then if they get voted out you'll still have your own books left to read.

Bet everything on the tasks, because if you do complete the task you'll have loads of money for treats.

Try and be creative, because as time goes by your mind and body slow down and you don't want to make an effort to do anything.

But try to keep positive and remember - it's just a gameshow!

Is there anything on TV you can't bear to miss and have to set the video for?

I never set the video for anything, I don't know how.

But I'm getting very into Bad Girls on ITV.

It's so funny and scary as well.

And Tina Takes A Break on C4 - such good viewing!

If you could be a character in a soap, which would you choose?

I'd be a bitch in The Bold And The Beautiful, with powerful hair and a powerful stare.

How many TVs have you got in your house?

One tiny TV in the living-room.

Tell us about Closure, the new show you're co-presenting with Davina McCall.

We've started recording it and it's been brilliant.

I've met some really nice people.

It's a show about putting things right, helping people to find a resolution in difficult situations.

One show features a guy who had been a young offender, who wanted to apologise to his social worker for things that had happened and let her know that he's now OK.

We'll also have live music on the show, some great artists lined up.

What other projects, on TV or elsewhere, are you involved in?

I'm making a documentary series for BBC Choice, provisionally called Anna In Wonderland.

I'll be spending time with different groups of people who do strange or intriguing things.

Really I'll be working until the end of the year and it's quite intense.

I'm also moving house, and learning to drive.

And growing my fingernails.... so yes, that'll keep me occupied.

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