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Friday, 27 July, 2001, 23:08 GMT 00:08 UK
Meet the Big Brother housemates
The Big Brother Housemates, minus new entrant Josh
BBC News Online profiles the runners and riders in the Big Brother house.

Age: 22
Job: Table dancer
Personality: "Tart with a heart"
Biog: Amma is a self-confessed "blabbermouth" who is hungry for money. She is obsessed with cooking and eating and will clash with anybody with a habit of lying in the house. Her bad habits include farting and burping and she says she will miss her cat most of all.

Name: Brian
Age: 22
Job: Cabin crew supervisor
Personality: "Bubbly, intelligent, bold, tidy, honest"
Biog: Brian lists listening to love songs in the small hours as one of his habits but he will have to make do without a stereo for the next nine weeks. He loathes all kinds of healthy eating but is expected to be the one to cheer up the rest of the household during bad moments.

Name: Bubble
Age: 24
Job: Warehouse operative
Personality: "Real geezer, crude"
Biog: A father and a Chelsea supporter, Bubble is a hat fanatic who has a penchant for writing poetry. He says he enjoys speaking his mind so he could spark a few interesting discussions in the house. His list of bad habits is long and includes smoking, drinking, swearing and, he adds, breaking wind.

Name: Dean
Age: 37
Job: Runs internet company
Personality: "Charming, domineering, creative"
Biog: Dean is a bit of a comedian who has done some stand up comedy in the past. He is the oldest of the Big Brother 10 and is a real jack of all trades. He is a member of Greenpeace and Amnesty International and lists his phobias as drinking wine and whisky.

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 26
Job: Website designer
Personality: "Independent, good listener, eccentric"
Biog: Elizabeth is a well-travelled, avocado-loving web designer who promises to be a breath of fresh air in the house despite being bad in the mornings. She hates smoking and admits to being untidy and blunt.

Name: Helen
Age: 22
Job: Hairdresser
Personality: "Chaotic and energetic"
Biog: Helen is a wannabe IT girl she enjoys nothing more than a long bath. A bad driver she lists her bad habits as emptying the bin and scraping dinner plates.

Name: Narinder
Age: 28
Job: Medical rep
Personality:"Outgoing and cheeky"
Biog: Narinder has entered Big Brother because she "wants to entertain Britain for 10 weeks". She promises to give her "guts, sweat, the lot". One of two married contestants in the house, she claims to be a former Bollywood actress. A boxercise fanatic, she promises to bring true feelings into the house.


Name: Paul
Age: 24
Job: Designer
Personality: "Laid back and adventurous"
Biog: A modern man, who happily uses moisturiser and is a self-titled ray of sunshine. He craves success and worries about not having access to a gym over the next nine weeks. He admits to be being a ladies' man.


Name: Penny
Age: 33
Job: English teacher
Personality: "Eccentric and hyper"
Biog: The first housemate to be evicted, Penny is a teacher who says her ambition is to make every teenager's dreams come true. She admits to being naive and optimistic. A tidy and organised person, she enjoys cuddling her teddy bear.

Name: Stuart
Age: 36
Job: Director of communications company
Personality: "Highly confident and articulate"
Biog: Second out, he likes to think of himself as Mr Perfect and is married with three children. He has an aversion to Anne Robinson and said among his proudest moments are watching the births of his children. He says he will miss his wife's cooking.

Age: 32
Job: Property Manager
Personality: "Josh and Pecs"
Biog: Josh was the final housemate to be voted in, beating competition from two other hopefuls. He works finding accommodation for gay and lesbians, and describes himself as a fitness and health fanatic. He promises to bring "nudity, naughtiness and nocturnal activities to the house".






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