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Monday, 21 May, 2001, 22:40 GMT 23:40 UK
Survivor: Your views
Contestants are voted off the island by their fellow competitors
ITV hope Survivor will be a huge hit
British viewers finally got to see Survivor on Monday night, one of British TV's most talked-about new programmes.

Survivor chronicles the struggle of two groups of contestants to survive on a desert island off Borneo and win a £1m prize.

The US version of Survivor, which aired on America's CBS network, attracted 60 million viewers for its final episode.

"There's enough potential for skullduggery here to make Big Brother's Nasty Nick episode look like a spat in a schoolyard," thought BBC News Online's Darryl Chamberlain.

But what do you think? Will you be hooked until the end or was it an anti-climax? Will it be as successful as the US show? Or have you simply had enough of reality TV?


Reality TV has got to be one of the most boring TV concepts yet devised! Who on earth wants to watch a group of ordinary people in unnatural situations squabbling amongst themselves? It makes very sad viewing!
Phil Nendick, UK

I do enjoy these wonderful reiterations of Third World stereotypes.

How about a follow-up programme taking a tribe of ethnic types to see if they can "survive" in the Big City. It would be hilarious.

Puerile, puerile, puerile.
Simon Hundleby, UK

Yawn! I had trouble catching up with sleep after my night shift. Looks like ITV have something that will help send me off to sleep.

Talk about boring! The fact that it's not live and 'happening' makes for boring TV.
Ian Westwood, UK

Could prove interesting - especially if they manage to feed the lacklustre presenter to the local wildlife.

The format is more contrived than Big Brother, and was nauseatingly terminated by the snuffing out of the candle as the light of the contestant's life is alleged to go out symbolically with it.

But for all this, the human interest and potential alliances from an early stage make it at least as interesting as Big Brother was.
Tim Crayford, UK

The twist at the end was a masterpiece of editing

Paul Wheeler
Yawn! Another 'cheap' TV show in every sense of the word other than its budget. The viewing public is subjected to yet another unimaginative voyeuristic programme. Dull, dull, dull. I look forward with dismay to yet another boring month channel hopping.
Vincent Shaw-Morton, UK

Most definitely hooked on this one. The interaction, intrigue and apparent alliances between the contestants was fascinating. The twist at the end was a masterpiece of editing. It can only get better and better!
Paul Wheeler, UK

It's a great show and it takes a great manipulator to win it!

Such programmes could help people deal with similar situations in the not too distant future, after we manage to destroy the environment on a global scale.
Mickey Nicolinakos, Greece

I've completely gone off sausages for life!
Olly, UK

It appeared heavily populated with people who have taken early retirement from Public Services or the Forces. No wonder our taxes are so high if these people are on full pensions.

Ian, England

The location was great but the presentation stomach-churning

Owen Byrne, UK
Excellent, nemesis for Nasty Nick 2, he began to get on my wick seconds after opening his mouth for the first time. So much for "making friends and influencing people", I won't be rushing out to buy that book today after all.
Oisin McMoop, UK

Yawn! Not anouther 'reality TV' show. I would rather watch three hours of Open University.
Philip Stubbs, England

Disappointing to say the least. The location was great but the presentation stomach-churning, especially with lines such as "Nick, fire represents your existence on this island. You no longer have an existence here, so extinguish your torch."
Owen Byrne, UK

I found the programme relatively interesting, but couldn't help think that this was another 'watch the human lab rats'.

I have come to the conclusion that participants enter these contests not necessarily wanting to win the money but possiblly to get short-term media attention such as newspapers, chatshows (more money) and generally for an ego trip. Nothing wrong in wanting 15 minutes of fame.

I will probably watch it again if I happen upon it but I certainly won't book it in my dairy.
Richard, UK

I enjoyed it. I was so pleased when Nick was voted off. Served him right for being a sneaky git.
Paul O'Hagan, London

Just because Americans love 30 secound trash TV, it doesn't mean the rest of the world have to be forced to wallow in it as well

David Smyth, England
This programme is very similar to Channel 5's Shipwrecked which was shown not so long ago.

I can't see this being a bigger hit than Big Brother 2 which is due to air any time now.

I would have preferred to see less of the presenter and more of the Surviviors.

I prefer Sky One's Boot Camp, another trashy reality TV show that is on at the moment.
Daniel Blanchfield, UK

I was lucky enough to miss all of the Big Brother series last year as I was out of the country. So I feel I'm new to the reality TV obsession.

However, I have experienced programmes such as Airport and Lakeside. Survivor is just an extreme version of the same tried and overused novelty TV. People watch the pain and anguish of others as it makes them feel better about their sad and empty lives (a mass generalisation I know).

It's about time British TV went back to making good comedies and series that has made our TV the best in the world.

Just because Americans love 30 secound trash TV, it doesn't mean the rest of the world have to be forced to wallow in it as well.
David Smyth, England

I'm sorry, but these are getting boring, we've seen it all before, except this one has tropical weather. It was lame up until the last 5 minutes, where it was worth it just to see the smug grin wiped from Nick's face! But overall it's just trying too hard to be something it isn't - a serious programme!
Tim, UK

What a load of old rubbish! This is just Big Brother with bikinis

Ian Jordan, England
Survivor is yet another cheap television show that uses the premise of 'reality' to attract viewers.

Like soap operas winning 'Best Drama' and 'Best Actor' awards, there is a true lack of quality TV. That is why audience figures continue to fall.
Henry Goddard, England

I turned on the television with scepticism and was pleasantly surprised that it was nothing like the yawner that was Big Brother. Beautiful scenery, characters I could get into; I'll be watching it until the bitter end. I only wish I was doing it too.
Nicola Haines, Wales

As I have no life of my own I thoroughly enjoy watching perfect strangers make idiots of themselves solving problems a five-year-old could deal with. Thanks, but no thanks.
Ben, UK

What a load of old rubbish! This is just Big Brother with bikinis. There is no survivng to do - just roughing it. Everything was far too carefully staged and the only person worthy of any respect (Nick) was booted out for being too authoritative. Well, I'm sorry, but a strong leader is not necessarily liked, but certainly ensures that which this programme should be all about - survival. Just look at the shambles the other team was in, as a result of a lack in strong leadership. This could have been so much better.....
Ian Jordan, England

Forget Big Brother, this is where it's at

Simon, UK
I don't normally watch this kind of rubbish TV but somehow ended up watching the first episode which I thought was OK. If the programme makers are clever enough and nasty enough to throw some big spanners in the works, it should make for good viewing (if the press don't wreck it for a fistful of dollars!)

I will be watching the next one or two episodes, and if it stays interesting I may continue to watch. I'd rather watch people trying to survive on a remote island than in the Big Brother house with food, toilets, shower, beds, and no rats, snakes and cockroaches! No comparison really!
Andy Bushell, Wirral, England

Each 'reality' TV series is given a new twist to tempt us veiwers, 'Shipwrecked', 'Big Brother', this one, the poor spin-offs inspired by 'BB'. I think this genre of show has been and will continue to be done to death. But we all like being voyeurs, don't we?
Claire, UK

This could turn out to be something very special! Forget Big Brother, this is where it's at.
Simon, UK

What a fantastic programme and what an amazing ending. I really wanted Nick to get voted out but never expected it in a million years. Can't wait for the next episode! Reality TV rocks.
Michael Condon, UK

By the time the show was aired, I was so sick of all the hype and media coverage it has had, I actually gave it a wide birth. Who cares about these people? It was a beautiful evening, get outside and do something with your own lives, rather than obsess about other people's (who are total strangers to most of us).

From now on, Monday night is turn off the TV and do something night. Thanks ITV, for inspiring this in me.
Mark, UK

There are lot of real survivors in this world. The money should go to them rather than to artificially created survivors

Kula, UK
What a load of over-hyped, over-blown melodramatic rubbish! Why is a serious journalist involved with this tripe?
David Morris, England

I hated the manipulative way the programme was directed. We were never allowed to make up our own minds about what we thought of the various individuals - and Nick in particular - so felt slightly cheated when the programme-makers so obviously tried to make us think in one direction before dropping the final mini-bombshell.

An lesson in life on the island? Maybe, but it also underscored the fact that this is just another lousy excuse for a TV programme. There are enough soaps on the box as it is and just because this one has snakes and third rate metaphors abounding doesn't make it especially distinctive - at least not in a good way.
Emma Jakob, UK

There are lot of real survivors in this world. The money should go to them rather than to artificially created survivors.
Kula, UK

Considering this was the first programme, it looks like it may prove viewable, however, if the presenter input and continued dialogue to try and add drama is going to continue throughout the whole series, I believe this will quickly irk the viewers and possibly encourage the migration of viewers to rival channels.
Stuart, UK

Really didn't know what to expect last night but I enjoyed watching it. It was interesting to see who the stronger characters were and even better to see that scheming Nick started almost straight away in gathering a select group of 5. Good idea but I think he went about it the wrong way, should of tried to be a little bit more diplomatic rather then just bossy. Think this has the potential to be a real hit programme!
Catherine, England

This show will be huge, make no mistake

Eezar, England
Let's face it, any relief from the soul-destroying drudgery of 5-night-a-week soaps, or drossy police/murder dramas has to be welcomed with open arms.

Ok, it had its cheesy moments, but the underlying premise is solid, with the promise of better to come once the groups get smaller/better aquainted, and the smell of that million starts to influence the contestants' attitudes. Certainly enough there to keep me watching for a while yet.
Martin Dart, UK

I could survive watching it beyond the first five minutes. Survivor lacks the voyeuristic qualities of Big Brother and takes itself too seriously.
Chris, England

More!....ITV have got it so right with Survivor. Reality TV isn't dead, it's only just begun. Everything that has been before was child's play. Watching Survivor last night I realised that the potential to truly spy on normal people interacting and plotting without having them try to win the love of the TV audience was too enticing. This show will be huge, make no mistake. I've watched one episode and I'm hooked.....hope they get rid of Jayne.
Eezar, England

The dramatic music killed it off for me. I like my reality TV real (or pretend real) and raw, not carefully edited and with a soundtrack. It was also a bit too much like Temptation Island (which I was hooked on and then let down by the awful conclusion). I will probably watch Big Brother and not follow Survivor.
Jo, UK

Pretty average, 40% of the contestants were pathetic and didn't deserve to be on the island. The first 'game' was woeful. Not really much imagination at all. Top marks to Mick though for smuggling in the sausages! I won't be going out of my way to watch it again.
Adam, UK

Having already had such farces as Big Brother, Castaway and two series of Shipwrecked, do we really need another?

Steve Taylor, England
What a load of rubbish! Nick was the most valuable person on the island. Now we shall see the others starve to death...
Mark Jordan, England

Having already had such farces as Big Brother, Castaway and two series of Shipwrecked, do we really need another?
Steve Taylor, England

Didn't watch it and won't, I think the term "most talked-about" is a slight overstatement, I haven't heard a single person talk about it as I think most are sick to the back teeth with these type of programmes. They are dull, dull, dull and so fake.
David Cumming, Scotland

Yeah, I enjoyed it. When I observed that Nick was taking a lead role, I thought people don't like being told what to do, especially when they want to win £1m. I knew he'd be off. Roll on to the next episode...
Michelle, UK

ITV have ruined what potentially could have been a great show. The overproduction and corny game show elements totally destroyed any raw edge which could have made it superb.
Ross Ram, UK

What a bunch of whingers - I would have voted myself off after three days with that lot.
Nick, UK

Why do we have to compete and weed out undesirables? Surely the ultimate survivor show would be to just plonk them down on an island and let them get on with it. The only way off should be if you are ill or if you can't take it any more.
Richard, UK

I'll be tucking into a big plate of rats before I watch this again!

Jason, UK
Gripping stuff but too stage managed. The 'tribal council' was really funny, ITV need to realise that it doesn't have to be cheesy to be a winner. I'll try and watch the series, but I'll have to contain my laughter.
Pete, UK

The first episode was interesting, watching the individuals interact and their relationships forming. But all that fire gods and torches in the council hut is a bit too Americanised for my taste.
John Pattinson, UK

Initial reaction? Terrible! Where did they find those people? It's more like a cross section of yuppies than "normal" people. And all that preposterous "ceremony." I'm not impressed. I'll be tucking into a big plate of rats before I watch this again!
Jason, UK

A solid first hour, although having seen the American show I hope it gets a bit faster!

Gorgeous setting though and lovely production values mean I will tune in again.

Mark Austin seems an odd choice of host, although his serious piece to camera whilst the Survivors were madly scavenging everything from the ship was pure comedy!
Nick Gates, England

I watched all of the American episodes and so long as the winner is kept a secret, it's sure to be a ratings winner!
James Carson, UK

I think that Survivor will be every bit a success here as it was in the States; it has just the right ingredients to make it a ratings winner - plenty of backstabbing and lots of varying characters!
Ian Snow, UK

Did these people think they were off on some nice summer holiday or what? How unprepared can you be?

Pete Barr-Watson
Another attempt by the ratings-grabbing media to expose the worst in humanity to provide mindless entertainment. US inspired 'real-life¿ television (apparently so called because normal people get stuck in unrealistic locations in front of cameras in real life) has become the media¿s sure-fire system for attracting viewers.

Has anyone else noticed how many models seem to feature in this latest import? We want ¿real life¿ as long as it¿s inoffensive on the eye.
Max Howells, England

I just thought it was a huge let down.The whole thing just looked like an elaborate combination of It's a Knockout and Safari (with Chris Biggins), only not as good!
R Jordan, England

Like so many "hyped to death, then hyped some more" products (Star Wars episode 1, Godzilla etc.), this failed to deliver.

It's always interesting to see how people adapt to adverse environments, but sadly this time I don't think it made it as prime-time entertainment.
Bernard Blundell, UK

Did these people think they were off on some nice summer holiday or what? How unprepared can you be? No wonder they got rid of Nick - he was the only one with a sense of reality about the whole thing - too much of a threat. Everyone's a leader..... (not).
Pete Barr-Watson, UK

Good idea and concept but the final product was too glossy. It looked too stage managed and packaged, with all those aerial shots, music and fires. It came across like a drama rather than a fly-on-the-wall programme, the human element was hidden by the slick packaging. It was also a bit tacky - statues, tribal councils and fires.
Mike Hatfield, UK

Do not intend to miss a single episode

Terry Gow, Scotland
When I applied to be on Survivor, I was led to believe it was about actually surviving - most of the contestants looked as if they wouldn't last 5 minutes without a makeup bag, let alone survive the island.
John, England

Limited, unimaginative, waste of time. Do commissioning editors have such limited imaginations that they cannot even come up with a concept for a programme as bad as this, but import it from the USA?

The decline in quality of ITV especially, over the last five years, is marked by a downgrading in the perceived appetite of the viewer for original and intelligent programming.

All extremely sad when you consider how many peoples' time has been wasted on this ill-conceived project. On noticing the credits it was no surprise that Nigel Lithgow from Popstars was involved!
Nick Gibbins, England

I did not even dare to turn onto Survivor as the whole 'reality' concept has come to the point of total boredom. Let's hope that the TV producers get over this little phase and get back to making decent dramas, comedies and documentaries.
Iain, UK

Absolutely excellent - can only get better. Leaves Big Brother way behind (and I was hooked on that). Do not intend to miss a single episode.
Terry Gow, Scotland

The programme was excellent. After weeks of publicity it had a lot to live up to. The contestants, the format, the shots...this programme is taking television to a whole new dimension. It's going to be huge!
Carl, England

They can never create the Big Brother excitement of live TV and the Internet.

John Stuart, Northern Ireland
Despite all the hype I thought the programme appeared cheap and rather ill planned. The ritual elements were particularly poor being carried out by a man in a shirt and jeans! Role on the return of Big Brother!
Andrew, England

As an avid Big Brother fan, I tuned in eagerly on Monday night to see Survivor. And I wasn't disappointed - there are quite a few characters to remember but the tribe theme worked well and I was surprised by the final eviction. I think clever editing will ultimately help the suspense but they can never create the Big Brother excitement of live TV and the Internet.
John Stuart, Northern Ireland

What a load of pants! All glitz and no substance. The packaging was terrible and there was just no guts to it at all. I watched the whole thing hoping it would get better, but it didn't. Won't be watching again!
Paul, UK

Good stuff but I don't think it will beat Big Brother because we, the viewing public, don't get to interact in the same way, there were many others I would have voted off before Nick.
Robert, UK

It's good to see that Nick got his dues. He started off being too bossy and should have left the making of alliances till at least the second show!
Jo, England

They're all a bunch of models or ex-service people and there has yet to be any opportunity to warm to the contestants, although already, I can't stand JJ.

It started slowly, though I was impressed by the speed in which people turned on Nick. I think it has potential, just as long as the contestants don't start talking about taking a 'spiratual journey' etc.

Let's hope that it's not staged, and it all becomes more realistic

Martin, England
The machinations of the contestants were interesting enough but the cod-philosophy and naff symbolism ("This flame represents your life on the island" etc) were laughable. It was good enough to make me tune in on Thursday for a second dose though.
Jonathan, UK

At the beginning it looked promising, but towards the end it all seemed staged. Either that or the producers couldn't believe their luck when Nick got voted off! Let's hope that it's not staged, and it all becomes more realistic.
Martin, England

Funny, it looked like all of the psychology experiments that you're not allowed to do at University all rolled into one and stuffed on telly... Interesting for five minutes, but I think I'll throw my telly away now.
Hailey Cupta, UK

Absolute rubbish! Most definitely a switch off! I was totally unmoved by the first episode. It will never be as good as Big Brother, as there is too much emphasis on the tribal rubbish. The way they reacted to killing a small fish was unbelievable, if they don't start getting used to killing fish how do they expect to survive?
Julie Haslam, UK

More cheap TV. A shame the TV planners are not shipped off to an island for good!
Dick, Uk

Sad to say a bit of a let down. Survivor reminded me more of The Crystal Maze than Big Brother. A good concept but the filming and production is too documentary in comparison to Big Brother which showed a more realistic angle to life in the house.

I would add however, that the nominations, as boring as they were, produced a superb cliff hanger. Expletives of disbelief could be heard from every living room tuned in to this part of the show.

To capture the public's attention, the show needs to be shorter and on every day so that we, the public, feel we are actually part of it, living it as was the case with Big Brother, not simply spectators. Still, ITV, there is always Bad Girls on tonight which makes up for this poor start to the week.
Chris Graham, UK

Let's hope they run really short of food and need to make some sacrifices rather than just voting each other off

Matt Cook, UK
Quite interesting watching people as they begin to create factions, and then bitch about each other behind their backs. Laborious and tedious when the annoying presenter kept on repeating the bit about 'Fire represents life on this island'. Do the programme makers think we have the attention span of a 2 year old?
Jacqueline, UK

What a bunch of complete and utter idiots hiked up on an island - Castaway 2000 here we go again with all the usual suspects! (Except maybe Roy!) I cannot believe there is so much hype about this - let's hope they run really short of food and need to make some sacrifices rather than just voting each other off.
Matt Cook, UK

Big Brother 2 is going to have to be very good to beat this. The scenery is amazing, the group dynamics fascinating. Everyone assumed the weakest member of the group would go (Jackie) yet it is not about strength or weakness, it is about winning, so the greatest threat was perceived to be Nick. The groups are a bit large at the moment though for characters to develop. I think it is going to get very interesting indeed.
Dan Edelman, UK

This isn't a reality TV programme, it is just another adventure game show. They should just leave them alone on the island along with fixed hidden cameras everywhere and come back in 2 - 4 weeks. Now that would be interesting. (Tell them you're not coming back for better effect).
Nathan, England

This is a great show - much better than that 'Survive the Iron Age' where the contestants couldn't even cook chicken! What a disaster. What are you playing at BBC? You used to be the best! ITV has hit on a winning formula here.

But why put them on a conservation Island? Why provide them with shelter equipment? It's hardly tricky in those conditions is it? Good idea but more authenticity please. How about eating the losers? That would be more realistic!
Simon Rorke, UK

This sort of programme should be filling the 3am slot on a Sunday morning

Peter Reed, UK
This is not reality TV. It's just a load of over-produced rubbish. Cheesy lines, cheesy music to set the mood and all very staged. Not real life at all. Give me Big Brother any day!
Natalie Miles, UK

My first surprise on watching the programme was that I actually liked the majority of the contestants. But as to the format of the programme, it was dull, unoriginal and yet another example of TV dumbing down.

This sort of programme should be filling the 3am slot on a Sunday morning, in order to entertain those people who can't sleep.
Peter Reed, UK

What a pathetic bunch of contestants - it'll be amazing if any of them survive the 40 days at all. But if last night's efforts were anything to go by, there should be plenty of amusement to be had from their total incompetence. Nick's exit was hardly 'dramatic' (as it is being billed by ITV) - we'd hardly had time even to learn his name before he disappeared. The presenter was very dull, and the format very contrived - give me Big Brother anyday.
Sue, UK

Great idea for a show but how over-produced it is with helicopter shots etc. Should have let them film the thing themselves. Much more interesting.
Gus McGhee, Scotland

Rubbish. And it cost £10 million to make!? Big Brother was more 'real' as at least there was little interference from anyone outside in their case. There is absloutely no way that that lot could survive totally unaided on an island like that. They'd have all sorts of illnesses, not to mention tremendous sunburn problems right off the bat, so they must be getting a good deal of aid. And as for that oh so serious tribal voting thing at the end... blimey.

Trouble is - I'll probably watch it again!
Andy, UK

When it comes down to it, it's TV entertainment for goodness sake - if you don't like it, go and do something else!

Katie Towers, UK
Definitely worth watching on a Monday night, as there is nothing else on!

Not quite a Big Brother in that you don't get the feeling that you are somehow 'involved' with the contestants - but there is nothing like seeing 4 people on athe beach of a fantastic South China island bitching about someone's way of talking!
James Waters, UK

I had to think what the Malaysians would make of the British playing Robinson Crusoe on one of their beautifully untouched islands. They are probably right in thinking that we are so sad and our lives so boring that we have to encounter TV programmes like this...What's next? "Survival of the war in the Gaza Strip" or "Fighting floods in Siberia", "Being PM for a day"? I can't wait - yes I can!
Bettina, England

Almost all these other comments above are so world-weary! Granted, a lot of the time watching it was spent wondering whether he cooked the sausages first, and if not, how.... but if all these critics above think it so boring then go and do something else. I think it is brilliant - it's always really interesting to see how humans behave in group situations, and chuck in a few snakes and it's made all the more fun.

But when it comes down to it, it's TV entertainment for goodness sake - if you don't like it, go and do something else! People are happy to be so critical of everything - I think the most amusing thing is that critics think someone somewhere is interested in what they are saying!
Katie Towers, UK

How very dull. Trying to combine the beautiful yet relatively harsh conditions of Castaway with the team competition element from It's a Knockout totally failed for me.

Furthermore, all that nonsense about fire and extinguishing your torch may of worked in America. However, what the producers have failed to realise (despite years of experience) is that British audiences are far more cynical and have a lower tolerance for cheese. The producers should be congratulated for managing to ruin a potentially good format that no doubt cost ITV millions to purchase!
Ned, England

Well, so much TV these days reflects the dumbing down of our culture - but Survivor must take the plastic spoon

Laurence Skelding, UK
You can certainly tell that this programme originated in the US. The background music was straight out of Temptation Island, another US reality TV special.

The most annoying part of it all was the drastic editing. Nick, the first evictee, was made to look like Robinson Cruso and seemed to be the best person in the world to be washed up on shore with. After getting the audience to love him he is voted off. Surely we didnt see the whole picture then? Isn't this supposed to be a reality TV programme?

I orginally thought that this would be better than Big Brother but now having seen Survivor, on their beautiful desert island, it makes the prospect of watching 10 people locked up in a house somewhere near London much more appealing. At least we might get a chance to see the real events as they unfold.
Esther Rooke, England

Well, so much TV these days reflects the dumbing down of our culture - but Survivor must take the plastic spoon. I have never seen such vacuous rubbish. It is an insult to everyone's intelligence and to all associated with the moronic project.
Laurence Skelding, UK

Dull, dull, dull. And what was all that dreadful faux-ethnic music and styling? And the charisma-free host? Hardly the new Davina. Roll on Big Brother 2. At least that offers interaction for the viewers...
Mark Evans, UK

Surely the public should vote the people off the show, and not the rest of the group like in Big Brother?

Robert, UK
Rubbish. Big Brother was much better. Too much music/presenter interference and not enough focus on the characters themselves.
Mike Turnbull, UK

I thought it was interesting - having been in the US when the first series was aired over there and seen the ultimate prize go to the most political, scheming and devious team member I was intrigued to see the person with those same personality traits be the first one voted off last night! I'm hoping this says something positive about the British character!
Dave Nicholson, UK

What you have to ask yourself is: if Survivor in the USA was faked to make it more 'screen friendly', why wouldn't ITV do the same?
Dave Russell, UK

Not bad, I've seen worse. Shame that it followed the format of so many other programmes, where if it had been the first of its type, it would have been the best. Nobody seems to have mentioned Channel 5's The Mole. Similar, with less dramatic scenery.

Survivor......staged? Most probably. Annoyingly addictive? Possibly, even if it's just to see which lucky so-and-so wins the £1m.
Dave Holmes, UK

How could you think that this is Big Brother with bikinis? These people are just like you and me. I think everyone should watch this programme and learn that there is not much difference between Survivor and surviving in the biggest cities of our world.
Raouf, UK

Too many southerners, too glitzy an American format. Big Brother intrigues because it's so mundane.
Cliff, UK

The real star is Malaysia, shame the mindset that created this prurient eye-candy is the one that drives the destruction of such beauty all over our planet

Boost, Wales
It was a great programme for entertainment. It was cleverly thought out. Well done Nigel Lythgoe. To all those early doubters, give it a chance. It is not meant to be taken so seriously. From your sofa chair it might seem easy but in reality the contestants have a lot to deal with in their situation.
Mel, UK

I felt three days was too quick to vote people off the show. It does not give us time to know them. Surely the public should vote the people off the show, and not the rest of the group like in Big Brother?

Big Brother was good because you felt a part of the show. You voted the people out, and because it was on every day and it was at least two weeks before the voting started you got to know the people in the house.

But then, this programme may grow on me as the story progresses.
Robert, UK

Amongst a rash of similar programmes this one is pretty unremarkable, except for being more contrived and even more nakedly imbued with the obsession with competition and hard cash. Shame that they can't have the balls to go the whole way though - cannibalism, human sacrifice, the foundation of warring blood cults - I mean why not?

The chances of investing this hideous manipulative swab of human baseness (in the name of glossy 'exotica' and entertainment) with the vertical dimension could only be increased that way. The real star is Malaysia, shame the mindset that created this prurient eye-candy is the one that drives the destruction of such beauty all over our planet, by various despicable means. These people aren't survivors in any meaningful sense at all - they are naive - TV out-manipulates them every time.
Boost, Wales

Not half as good as Big Brother! It was weird, looked like it was trying to be like the film The Beach. Seemed very spiritual at times. Hurry up Big Brother 2.
Helen, England

It was interesting that the men all fell for Nick's false camaraderie, while the women were having none of it

Poppy, UK
Dear me, what a mess. As the other comments have said, way too slick and glossy, it doesn't look real at all. Also, all that portentous mumbo-jumbo about extinguishing the flames of life, oh dear. If ITV and the contestants could recognise it for the cheesy nonsense that it is then it could be tolerable, but the deadly intent of everyone involved just makes them look silly.

It reminded me of 'We are the champions' which used to be on childrens' TV with teams of kids in different coloured tops competing in novelty races. I hope this dies a slow expensive death.
Matthew, UK

I rarely have time to watch TV but I was determined to watch this after becoming hooked on Big Brother last year. And it's even better! The producers seem to be manipulating the contestants and the viewers for maximum dramatic effect, and good luck to them. Asking Mick who he thought would be the biggest loss was surely done to stir up paranoia and mistrust over the backstabber in the allegiance.

It was interesting that the men all fell for Nick's false camaraderie, while the women were having none of it - possibly because men's friendships run far less deep than women's, but that's another topic entirely.

What is most interesting though is how much people on this page dislike, and feel the need to express their dislike, and thereby, presumably, their individualism. Most of the dramas and documentaries they clamour for in its place explore just those intriguing facets of human behaviour which Survivor is based on. Those who find it vacuous or boring might want to question how interesting they appear to others.
Poppy, UK

Boring! Sorry ITV but you've got it all wrong - too many people to distinguish between and remember, rubbishy music interrupting every time anything happens, too much psuedo-ritualistic mumbo jumbo.

There's no way for us, the viewers, to interact with the programme and so we may as well be watching a group of actors charging round the island.

It's almost as bad as Channel 5's Touch the Truck and I thought we'd plummed the depths with that one...

I'll be ignoring Survivor and holding on for Big Brother 2!
Michael, UK

Big Brother has 100 times the appeal of this trash, mainly because it's live! Survivor is over-produced, over-edited tripe. Its main success is style over content. Yeah - it looks good, but so does a new coat of paint - and you wouldn't want to watch that dry...?
Pete, UK

Survivor is an insult to people who live through wars, poverty and famine

Hayat, Pakistan
I think that Survivor will definitely become more gripping as I didn't predict the twist at the end. As with Big Bro last year, they always take a while to settle in before they have a big effect. Wait until we have a Nasty Nick moment, then everyone will be hooked! But with Big Bro 2 as well, will certain people see any of the summer?
Ashley, UK

Survivor is an insult to people who live through wars, poverty and famine, and still manage to keep their families and loved ones safe and together.
Hayat, Pakistan

Everything by proxy. We watch holiday programmes from the comfort of our sofas, football in the safety of our homes, life and death in hospitals...and now we go through the dangers of island survival...or just get a life.
Dave, UK

Why was JJ picked for this programme? I watched Jailbreak on Channel 5 and there she was totally obnoxious and bossy. Hope she does not win. Other than that a good start to a programme that hopefully will improve as time goes on.
Christine Fewins, UK

Here we go again! The TV companies are as much out of touch with regards to what the public wants as the politicians! Another arrow in the heart of imagination I'm afraid! TV is more about ratings than what the public actually wants to see, so expect more of this trash in the near future folks. American-style TV looks as if it's here to stay.
Vaderman, UK

Was it meant to be ironic?

Miles, UK
Was this a joke? A spoof on reality TV? It was just laughable, all that waffle about fire and the frankly hilarious fire god statue.

Was it meant to be ironic? In these post-modern times I couldn't quite establish if the programme knew it was a load of codswallop or if the inept director and 'reality producers' (as it said in the credits!) thought they were producing a programme of some merit - come back Davina, we need you and your 10 housemates now!
Miles, UK

I saw the final stages of the first Survivor series and some of the second in the US - I was thoroughly gripped. So when I found ITV were doing a British version, I couldn't wait to watch it - and it didn't disappoint - the first episode had all the tension, backstabbing, heartache and joy of the American version - can't wait for episode two on Thursday!
David, UK

I watched it and kept hoping the snakes would win. I agree that Big Brother was more entertaining, but then it did have the novelty angle. Survivor is simply a rehash of a lot of other castaway programmes and does not appear to have an angle to make it compelling watching.
Dave, UK

What a gorgeous place, lucky sods getting a holiday in a place like that! Except they have to survive minus the luxuries of a holiday. Just waiting to see who gets freaked out by all of the rats and snakes and who is the first to become over-dramatic and burst into tears or cause a scene. I shall continue to watch it simply for the sheer beauty of the island.
Tori, UK

Survivor is actually British born and bred

Nic Holc-Thompson, USA
I didn't watch Big Bro and was drawn to Survivor because of the hype. I was planning to watch the first and last episodes only, but after the eviction of Nick I might just manage to watch the episodes inbetween.

However, further episodes must be edited so that we don't have to endure the sight of tiny briefs on geriatric Mick anymore. Urgh! Keep the camera above his waist!
Paula, England

Congratulations to British TV for the new Survivor.
Farid Iskandar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Don't believe the hype. You can see where the money wasn't spent, the presenter and script didn't survive the first minute, and they must have really looked far and wide to come up with such interesting candidates. It's just an expensive Crystal Maze surely, and not even as good.
Simon, UK

I'm sorry but aren't your correspondents missing the point? Survivor, like Millionaire and Weakest Link, is actually British born and bred. Do not complain about these shows as import concepts when it was invented on breakfast TV 5 or so years ago. This is the original show repackaged in the US format. If 58 million US people tune in to a final episode then 18 in Britain will be fine.

And yes, episodes 1 and 2 are lame as you don't get to these people suffering. It's when you're on day 24, there's no food left and you haven't eaten for two days and still got dysentry that the show warms up. And of course, some of these people are retired, it's the old ones who always make the final three because they're smarter than the kids. Just watch, learn and hate.
Nic Holc-Thompson, US born UK

I think it's great! On a much bigger scale than Big Brother, and less tacky. But why not do it live?

Alan Knox, UK
I think that a lot of shows are being lumped into the category of reality. Survivor is a game show, not a fly on the wall documentary. Yes, it's cheesy and the contestants are morons. The whole extinguishing of the flame is laughable, but that's one of the reasons why it's amusing to watch.

Not having seen the UK version of Big Brother, I cannot compare it to the drama of Survivor. However, Big Brother failed to gain any audience in the US because it was painfully boring. Survivor was a ratings success because of the game show elements.

Yes, it's over-produced and there are a lot of cringe-worthy segments that are meant to be heart-warming. I suggest changing the channel during those. But it's a game, you don't have to take it so seriously. It's fun to watch people that you think are fundamentally stupid try and outwit each other. And having watched the first two series in the States, I can tell you that it does get more interesting after the first few episodes.
Smokebetty, USA

All the fancy camera angles and sequences make the programme seem "staged" and make you wonder just how "remote" the Island is.
Paul, UK

I think it's great! On a much bigger scale than Big Brother, and less tacky. But why not do it live? Do they really have to pre-record it? And I think it's a bit patronising how ITV claims it's already a hit with it being huge in the US, can't we make up our minds first? I read NBC did the same with The Weakest Link in America. And to the people who say this is too American, it was created by a Brit and was first shown in Sweden! How American? Top notch stuff.
Alan Knox, UK

What utter rubbish. I really can't believe people actually watch these programmes. I can't stand them. Now they are trying to put beautiful models and actors on. Surely they can think of something better to make. I could think of a million.
Naomi Larsen, New Zealand

Pointless TV. At least our licence fee wasn't paying for it!

Claire West, UK
The crass rituals and puppet manipulation are all very indicative of the show's producer, one Nigel Lythgoe.
Brian O'Hanrahan, UK

It reminds me of The Crystal Maze, except set on an island! Also, who picked the people to go? There is not one single personality between them! Roll on Big Brother!
Philip, UK

It was a lot of hype about nothing and was too ritualistic. What was it with the fire lamps and then extinguishing them? Pointless TV. At least our licence fee wasn't paying for it!
Claire West, UK

I'm not sure after watching the first 2 episodes whether it'll keep my attention. Last night, on the review of Nick's departure with John Leslie, it was very repetitious. I can't understand the mentality of the people who have taken part in the show, why would they want to put themselves through all that pain? Granted the prize money is a big incentive but I could think of easier ways to earn the money on different game shows.
Paula, England

I must admit I'm fascinated by the idea of surviving on an island (of course, it would have to be a tropical paradise rather than a windy Scottish rock). But this programme is rubbish - it's more like an expensive, corny soap opera than a gritty documentary. Perhaps the UK tabloids could do the country a favour for a change - and find out the winner for us so we don't have to watch the whole series?
Richard G, UK

With the arrival of Survivor, TV bosses have finally hit on the acceptable face of torture that they've been searching for for some time. Ever since Clive James first began subjecting us to clips of extreme Japanese endurance-style game shows, TV companies have been desperately looking to find an entertaining way of showing us people suffering, preferably as a result of failing different challenges/tasks.

We first got a taste of these tasks with Big Brother - completing an assault course in a certain amount of time, less food in their weekly ration, and as more reality shows have hit our screens the tasks have had to become more extreme and flamboyant.

I love these shows as much as the next person but I've started to feel slightly uncomfortable watching Survivor.

I'm beginning to wonder how 'real' these reality shows will become in the desperation for 'new, bigger, better, edgier TV'. Will a group of machete-wielding guerillas suddenly be introduced into the Big Brother garden or a selection of prostitutes be introduced onto the island 75% of whom have HIV?
Louisa, UK

Survivors? Publicity-seekers more like

Gordon Mills, England
So it was on Monday, eh? That must have been nice for all the people who had nothing better to do.
David Leek, England

All the hype that ITV has whipped up served no purpose but to put me off watching. How many more of these 'reality' programmes will they dream up? Bring back Eldorado!
David Gray, England

Survivors? Publicity-seekers more like. A load of bilge water.
Gordon Mills, England

After being in Borneo last year it's going to be interesting to see what nasty creatures appear over the next 40 days, shame there have been no leeches yet! I thoroughly enjoyed the programme, it is interesting to see how devious people can get by being put in that situation. Thank god Nick was voted off first, he was a complete nightmare.
Frances, UK

Although I am not a fan of reality TV, I find it funny that the same shows don't always work in different countries. Survivor was a smash hit over here in the US. Big Brother was a complete bore, and no one cared at all about what happened. However, in other countries, it's a hit.

US versions of The Weakest Link and Who Wants to be a Millionare are annoying and dull, in that order, and not worth the time. Strange how our tastes differ.
Eleissia, USA

British Survivor is going to be a flop. Same as the Australian version. Why do Australia and England persist in copying all the American ideas? We know that they won't do as well as the American version, so why bother making them? Just look at Big brother in Australia. It's a total waste of time. I like reality TV but now it's gone overboard.
Mace Windu, Australia

I think Survivor is great, there's plenty of people like me who don't have a life of our own, what with kids and all and it helps to fill the void.

Good luck to all the contestents, they are all mad but it's worth a shot for a million pounds. Everyone who thinks they are too clever or sophisticated to watch this kind of show, here's a tip - use the button marked off and go and read a book!
Sallyanne Rose, England

Yet another programme feeding off the general air of nastiness, selfishness and greed found in our towns and city dwellers these days. Has anyone considered what effect programmes like these have on our young? Is this how we want our children to act when they grow up? The programme may be tripe, but the underlying tone is very disturbing.
Andrew, UK

I am very suspicious about how healthy the contestants looked after 6 days supposedly surviving on Stir Fried Rat. Compare how ill the people were in Surviving in the Stone Age. I suspect the contestants are getting extra help we are not told about.
Mark, England

I have always suspected that UK TV was better and the programmes are more sophisticated and high brow. Judging from the comments here my suspicions are correct. Oh well. Just goes to show that most of my video library consists of shows from the BBC and other channels you can't get here on PBS!
Susan, USA

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