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Tuesday, 17 April, 2001, 09:30 GMT 10:30 UK
Bridget Jones's Diary: Your views
Renee Zellweger
American Zellwegger is a hit as the very British Bridget
Bridget Jones's Diary more than lives up to all its pre-release hype, thought BBC News Online's Rebecca Thomas.

But what did you think?


The book was awful - just a list of alcohol, calories and stupidity. And so what? I wasn't forced to read it. However, you can barely escape the hype for the film.

I enjoyed Bridget Jones's Diary very much. I loved the parody with Pride and Prejudice. The cast was prefect. I enjoyed the film more than the book. Bridget was more loveable.

I think Colin Firth did a wonderful job of recreating Mr Darcy as a twenty-first century love interest. It would not have been the same with anyone else in the part.
Lynn, US

One false note. Potentially one of the greatest film scenes of recent times ruined by the hollowness of Geri Halliwell's cover version of 'It's Rainin' Man', proving that even the best intentions are blanded out by commerciality.
Stuart Ian Burns, UK

I have read both the Bridget books and thoroughly enjoyed them, therefore I was a little apprehensive about seeing the film, particularly when I heard that they had cast an American as Bridget.

However, I loved this film. It is stomach-achingly funny and at times very poignant. The casting was superb and I take my hat off to Renee Zellweger who was just perfect in the role.

Hugh Grant was excellent as the love rat Cleaver, I think this is by far the best piece of acting he has ever done and Colin Firth is simply sensational both in terms of his acting ability and his smouldering good looks.

This is a must see, feelgood movie. Most people I know have seen it more than once and can't wait for the video.
Lorretta, England

Loved the movie, I picked up on Mr Darcy right away, but I really did not like the f word either, why do they need it?
Sharon, USA

Unfortunately, the film will be a great success, due to many women's willingness to identify themselves with neurotic, emotionally unstable characters, whose sole purpose in life is to find "Mr. Right" - hello, Ally McBeal! There are more worthwhile role models out there.
Jo, UK

I thought the film was hilarious! I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard watching a comedy.

The audience clearly enjoyed it as much as I did. The casting was perfect and while Hugh Grant is terrific, Colin Firth had my heart pounding throughout!
Teresa, USA

I have just seen the film and I thought it was excellent although I think the book is better simply because it's more in-depth.

However, the great actors in the film really brought the characters to life. As for Renee Zellweger, I thought she was very believeable as Bridget - I don't know why anyone's making a fuss over it!

Three cheers for Bridget Jones - can't wait for the sequel!
Elaine, Scotland

I think it's a great film. I would go and see it again and yes, it is better than the book. The music and everything. It is really funny.
Charlene, United Kingdom

This film, like another once trendy film, Titanic, is a fantastic advertising gift for tobacco companies. Or did they somehow invest in either film?
Andrew Day, UK

Let's face it, there's no way the film could be as good as the book! Renee Zellweger is great - though maybe not quite dappy enough - and there were many moments in the film when I was experiencing the pain and humiliation with her.

Very funny in a 'too close to the truth' type way. Aaaaah... memories of my little flat, bottles of wine, excessive smoking, Joan Armatrading and Aretha to keep me company! Possibly a little too incredible to be credible, but a cathartic experience, nonetheless!

A total 'chick flick', granted, but my fella was chuckling along. He particularly enjoyed the hysterical fight sequence. My verdict? Very easy going and enjoyable - I wasn't expecting anything more, so I wasn't disappointed.
Kate Sharp, UK

Ally McBeal meets Four Weddings and a Funeral. Entertaining stuff. Impressive English accent by Brenda.....I mean Bridget!
Gordon Birkett, UK

Saw the film last night - great cast and very funny - but a bit too much bad language for my liking. The film would still have been great with fewer 'f' words - but my overriding view - a hit movie!
Katherine Bradbury, UK

Renee Zellweger was thoroughly charming as Bridget Jones. This was a superbly casted and all round funny film.
Seth Navabi, England

Renee Zellweger carried off her role brilliantly - unfortunately, the film was not true to the two books and I found that disappointing. Rather sudden ending too! Did they run out of time?
Gillian Harris, UK

The book was superb & the film is not up to the book.

All in all both are excellent work from the writer and the director.
Biren, Nepal

As good as the book I say. They changed it just enough to make it interesting, without ruining either the film or the book. Very funny film.
Dan Norcott, UK

Hysterically funny and very touching. Renee Zellweger is superb as Bridget and Hugh Grant is devilishly sexy in his role. A must-see for everyone.
Emma Arendt, UK

The film is extremely funny and lives up to the hype. However, it misses out some vital aspects of the book, which makes it as humorous as it is.

We didn't even meet Vile Richard, and only heard him being spoken about once.

In summary, I enjoyed the film immensely (I've seen it twice already) but thought it was too much concerned with the love triangle, as opposed to all the other things that make us love Bridget - just the way she is!
Kirsty Thorpe, England

A very funny film. Hugh Grant is magnificent as the ultimate charming scoundrel and Renee Zellweger shows a seamless control of her accent and comic delivery. I like her just the way she is!
Ray Maybury, UK

Fantastic. Both boys and girls will love this and I genuinely laughed non-stop from beginning to end.
Kate Gatfield, UK

Brilliant. The scene where Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver fight is hilarious.

Renee Zellweger is very good and the accent, while not spot on, is a pretty good effort.

Hugh Grant is a revelation as the dastardly love rat Daniel, while Colin Firth is wonderful as the stiff upper-lipped Mr Darcy. Well worth going to see, can't wait for the sequel.
Lily Washington, UK

I thought it was excellent, not sure what men would think, but as a single woman I could relate to it entirely and I thought Renee Zellweger was very suited, a very sweet character and her accent was fine.

Thought it was better than the book and cannot wait for the next book to be filmed.
Jane Love, England

The film was fantastic, very funny but Bridget should have been played by a British actress
Sarah, England

This may be described as a 'chick flick' but I went with two guys who loved it and thought it was hilarious. Very funny, not to be taken seriously at all, and well worth going to see.
Fiona, UK

Brilliant! A very good, easy to watch girlie film. I enjoyed it much more than the book. Renee played the part of Bridget Jones superbly - a must-see film.
Rebecca, UK

A great film, and I wouldn't have known Renee was an American. Funnier than I expected.
Eddie Podsiadly, England

Hilarious film and worth going to see just for the fight scene between Darcy and Cleaver.

PS Will the real-life Mr Darcy please stand up.
Farzana, England


She might have been a bit too posh, and Shazza and Jude's storylines were bypassed.

But I was prepared for the worst after such a good book.

Going in with low expectations, I laughed pretty much throughout.

How does she walk all the way from London Bridge to Bank in just her undies though?
Mat, Yorkshire

Very, very enjoyable! Renee Zellweger deserves an Oscar!

Hugh Grant was fabulous and Colin Firth is absolutely delicious. I defy anyone not to enjoy it...
Claire, England

Good fun to watch but scarce on belly-laughs. Plan on having around six pints before this one for optimal enjoyment.
Gus McGhee, Scotland

The book was funny due to the extreme levels of neurotic self-obsession. The film, while still amusing, plays down this and hence I don't think people will connect to it like they did with the book.
Gareth Houghton, Britain

I thoroughly enjoyed the film despite my initial doubts that it was aimed at women.

Renee Zellweger played her role excellently and without the slightest trace of an American accent.

The male leads were excellent and portrayed totally different characters, but with a twist. I grinned and groaned and laughed frequently. Money well spent.
Stan Finney, UK

To be honest, I was not looking forward to seeing Bridget Jones's Diary.

(Anything with Hugh Grant in it is a hint of things to come).

However, I came out laughing more than my girlfriend, who had dragged me to see it in the first place!

It's a great movie that will strike a cord with any single thirty-something out there who feels their life is missing that special person.
Mark Fricke, UK

I was single and lived alone until this Easter weekend. I empathise with the Bridget character. Why does society pressurise women into relationships regardless of suitability? Very funny film on the whole.
Michelle, UK

I loved every second of Bridget Jones's Diary. It was fresh, witty, romantic, sexy... I laughed from beginning to end.

I have never really had a favourite film until now but that takes the biscuit. I am going to go out today to buy the book and the soundtrack!

It's not often that a film leaves you feeling on top of the world. It more than exceeded my expectations...
Sophie Harper, England

It's very funny and is crisply made, moving swiftly on from one scene to the next.

Rene Zellweger is convincingly British, Colin Firth smoulders wonderfully, and Hugh Grant is excellent as Cleaver the Rat.

But in the end I just didn't warm to Bridget the character - she's just too wet; if I met her I'm afraid I'd just get impatient with her.

I didn't read the book but I did always read the column in The Independent, and this Bridget seems to have been 'dumbed down' a tad.
Tom Burke, UK

Don't really know but who cares... all I know is that Bridget looks damn fine - at last, a normal- sized woman.
Ethan, England

This is a great film. Really funny, though a little depressing if you are single. Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are perfect. What's more, it is a proper British film. Why? Because there is a Mini in it!
Katrina, UK

I thought the film was good but having read both the books and having a very wild imagination I didn't find it as enjoyable as reading the books.

I also think that they missed out on such a great opportunity to make the film even funnier by not including the Colin Firth/Pride and Predjuduce storyline from the book.

I felt this was a particular shame as they had Colin in it and that a great opportunity for more laughs was missed.

I also felt that I had seen most of the film due to TV advertising. For those people who haven't read the book I am convinced that they will think the film is fantastic and rightly so.

I thought that all the cast including Renee were very good & played their characters very convincingly.
Hannah Barnett, UK

Wonderful, the best laugh I've had in ages. I'm also in my thirties and have just become a singleton myself! Long live Bridget!
Nadia Bramo, Glasgow, Scotland

I loved the film! But Renee Zellweger did not work for me as Bridget. Why wasn't a British actress used? Her accent was awful.

The film was as good as the book despite a much altered storyline. I saw the film last night (I am a Brit living in the USA) and there were about ten people in the cinema.

I wonder whether the Americans in the audience understood the subtleties of the British humour as sometimes I was the only person laughing uncontrollably!

It had a real 'feel good factor' and reminded me of Four Weddings and a Funeral. The soundtrack was excellent.
Rachel Docherty, USA

I thought the movie was excellent, a wonderful adaptation of the book. Renee Zellweger carried off her role fabulously, she characterised Bridget very well. Kudos to all involved.
Samantha Lentz, UK

Fri 13 April: Decided to read Bridget Jones' diary. Went to Waterstones to buy a copy. Didn't like colour of cover.

Sat 14 April: Found it heavy going - decided to give up until a slimmer version is issued.

Sun 15 April: Went to see the film of Bridget Jones's Diary. It was in wide screen which made her bum look too big.

Mon 16 April: Came off the Bridget Jones diet. The only thing it was making slim was my bank balance.
Andy, UK

Zellwegger is a master of creating an uncomfortable situation where there really shouldn't be one. It gets my vote.
Matt Ashworth, England

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and staggeringly got my partner to enjoy it with me! Having said that, it is essentially a girls' film (all of the women that I know can see a bit of themselves in Bridget).

Unfortunately, the film only catches the essence of the character and fails to provide the insight of the book.

It also disappointed me by being set in "England for Americans" - something about the way London and Bridget's friends and family were represented did not quite ring true - but you can't have everything! All round entertaining and harmless fun!!
Clare Payton, UK

Very enjoyable. Good entertainment.
Jane Sandall, England

A thoroughly funny, well written, and well directed film. Had the whole cinema in stitches for the duration.
Ian, UK

Very enjoyable but not as good as the book - not even the same as the book!
Beth McCarthy, England

I think the film lives up to the hype and can best be described as Notting Hill meets the Dirty Dozen.

Hugh Grant was dazzling and almost as crazy as Lee Marvin as the Major in the Dirty Dozen.
Gingie, UK

Absolutely fantastic. If you don't laugh out loud you're already dead.

Masterful casting with Hugh Grant playing himself and Renee Zellwegger was a revelation. Must-see.
Paul, UK

Good film. I recommend that you go and see it. I have not read the book yet, but having seen the film, I will buy a copy.

This is not just a 'chick' flick but a good romantic comedy. Renee Zellweger was exceptional. The accent was almost perfect with just a couple words which did not ring true.
Peter Williams, England

A well judged central performance made this a very enjoyable romcom.

Not just a girls' film, there is something in it for everyone to enjoy. My personal favourite was Renee Zellweger falling dead drunk out of a black cab.

Hugh Grant and Colin Firth were also very good and their fight through the Bistro lived up to the hype. Go and see it, you'll enjoy it.
Steve Labourne, UK

This is a type of film that has been done before and better.

It consists of a certain neurotic stereotype drowning in cloyingingly dreadful Richard Curtis jolly-speak.

Several people walked out of the film where I saw it.

And then there is Colin Firth the silent. He had a few lines all mumbled in that stuck up, faux-proud Darcy voice he cannot get away from.

The public are expected to view as 'classic' a film in which a heroine is indecisive and single, plucks up courage and backchats her boss before resigning, and then finds Mr Right.

Nine to Five anybody?

As for the parent and friend sub-plots, I thought the many re-writes to showcase the three leads were extremely visible.

Too long and too badly done... a wasted opportunity.
John Peterson , Britain

I loved it! As a Brit living in the US, it reminded me of London. Renee was extremely convincing as Bridget, and the film was true to the book. If you liked the book, you'll like the film.
Melissa, UK

Brilliant, funny, great. Can't wait for the video.
Angi, England

Excellent, funny all the way through. All actors played there roles to the full.
H, England

Why do the press love to say that all British films are so good? Bridget Jones's Diary is a very boring movie and you lose the plot half-way into it.

We had better get ready for the BAFTA awards to go to Bridget Jones's Diary for best film, best director and so on.

Why not just name the BAFTAs the Bridget Jones's Diary BAFTAs because that is what will win next year, just like Billy Eillot this year (another very bad movie).
Peter Jones, England

I really enjoyed the film. The storyline was good and very witty.

Renee Zellweger did well trying to fit into the role of a British Bridget. Colin Firth and Hugh Grant were brilliant in their roles. This is possibly the best part Hugh Grant has played so far.

What I really liked about the film is how they get across the point that you don't have to be supermodel-thin and have a squeaky-clean personality to be attractive to men. Most people are fine just the way they are.
Damith Jayatilake , England

I have read both the books two or three times and absolutely loved them, so I was preparing myself to be disappointed by the film.

This was not the case at all. It was one of the funniest films I had seen in a long time and one that both my mother and I could relate to.

I can't say that the film was better than the book as the film didn't cover everything but it was still very enjoyable.

I was also very impressed with Renee Zellweger, who played the part just as you would imagine Bridget Jones to be and whose accent was faultless.
Angela Spice, UK

Though I take no delight in saying it, the film was a disappointment although I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Rene Zellweger and the whole cast were undeniably excellent and, yes, there were genuine laugh-out-loud moments but it all seemed a little limp.

You never really get a sense of a woman struggling at all with her weight/self-esteem/ attractions to the wrong sort of man etc.

Sally and the other friends were woefully underused and could have given much more insight into Bridget's character.

As a romantic comedy it's okay but it's bland and does not live up to the hype linking it to the book.

As an attempt to recreate anything like the wit and observation of the book on the screen, it's a disappointment.
Simon, England

I was not expecting to enjoy seeing Bridget Jones's Diary with my girlfriend on Saturday, having been under the impression it was a 'chick flick'.

However, I have to admit that it was very good and despite still being heavily slanted to a female audience, there were more than enough jokes to keep men entertained.

Renee Zellweger was superb, I never for a moment considered that she was anything other than a Brit. There are still some sickeningly gooey moments but all in all, I thought that it was superb. Go and see it (men and women)!
Paul Miller, England

The film was funny, but not as 'laugh out loud funny' as the book.

Colin Firth and Hugh Grant were excellent. Renee Zellweger was better than anticipated but her voice was much too 'plummy' for the Bridget we know.
S Douglas, Canada

I was planning to be a right cynic beforehand but as I queued for my ticket (the sole gay man in a long line of singletons), I knew it would be fun - and it was.

Okay, so Bridget has very little to complain about - a great flat in London Bridge, fab friends who turn up armed with daytrips to Paris, and a fantastically fun job - but she does it so well.

It lacked the occasional bleakness of the novel, but as it goes was yet another Working Title triumph.

Well worth a tenner and the consequent flowing of chardonnay in Cafe Rouge! And that Colin Firth - I'd break anyone's human rights if he could defend me!
Ceri Edwards, UK

I read the book a few years ago and enjoyed it very much. I saw the film yesterday and lost count of the number of times I laughed out loud. It was great!

Although I would not read the book again I would go and see the film again, maybe more than once and probably get the video when it comes out.

Renee Zellweger was absolutely brilliant, a completely believable English female. The only thing that did not ring true about her actually being English was her amazingly perfect and dazzling white teeth. No way would you see gnashers like that in a British mouth.
Caroline, Scotland

It was amazing, my stomach hurt so much from laughing I thought I'd done a thousand sit-ups .....well done.
Donna Kilroy, England

Wonderful! Made me bounce all the way home, gave me an amazing feel good factor at the end of a perfect Easter break!
Melanie Dyer, UK

Brilliant! I went on Friday evening with my boyfriend and parents... we were in hysterics. I especially loved the bit where she comes down the fireman's pole at Lewisham firestation and lands on the camera. Great stuff. Congratulations to the director, production team and cast.
Clare Nicholson, UK

Before seeing the film I was very reticent about the film and Renee being the token American so that the film would gain finance and distribution.

Her performance was extremely believeable and the adaptation from book to film worked very well. Casting for other parts was spot on.
Jane Reynolds, UK

Loved it. Despite the yank that comes through in Renee's accent, she's charming and easy to empathise with. Hugh is fantastic and Colin is dashing as ever. A reprisal of his original Mr Darcy role!
Olivia, USA

The film was disappointing. It didn't make me laugh out loud as much as the book did. However, some parts were what they were cracked up to be!
Catherine Booth, France

The film is well executed (unlike the dire Notting Hill) and undoubtedly has several funny moments, Zellweger and Grant both making excellent contributions.

However, as a man I found it impossible to empathise with Bridget's self-obsession and insecurity - if the women of the UK were really that pathetic we'd be in big trouble.
Matt, UK

Very very funny - how could it not be with such a great book to work from? - although I thought the plot lost its way a bit at the end.

Loved the wet shirt scene, Hugh - just as good as the original Darcy dive.
Kate McGavin, UK

Laughs: loads. Mean and moody blokes fighting: two. Thoroughly good time: had by all.

Excellent! I haven't laughed at a film so much in ages, a real spirit-lifter. This film accurately portrays a realistic slant on female thirty-something life while being 'on/off/on-the-shelf'.
Melanie, England

Enjoyable film, rather spoiled by a ridiculous amount of gratuitous swearing.
Matthew Codd, England

This film is sad. Not sad as in tears sad. Just sad. Renee's performance was good, however, the script was dull and predictable and will likely thrill American audiences and those who don't look for much in a cinema-going experience. If you must see it, rent it on a rainy day. Two out of five.
Dan, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed the film whilst watching it, alas, some twenty-four hours later, my single status is begining to play on my mind and the film has brought to the surface some well-buried insecurities. Identifying with Bridget Jones does have its downside.
Clare, UK

Colin Firth was brilliantly cast as Mark Darcy, a view obviously shared by my fellow cinema- goers - you could have heard a pin drop every time he appeared on screen!

Hugh Grant turned out to be better cast than I thought as Daniel Cleaver. But Renee Zellweger - well, I was disappointed. But in fairness to Renee, I really don't know who could have pulled the role off.

The film was great and in parts had me rolling around in stitches but it bore little resemblence to the book and I feel there was a lot more that could have been put into it.

But it's a winner with the portrayal of the agonies of dating for modern thirty-somethings. That Bridget got her sex-god is something that got my goat in both the book and the film - I'm still searching for mine!
Alex Goodwin, England

The film is an absolute gem. Hugh Grant steals every scene. The fight scene is fantastic.
Tony Lee, UK

Excellent film. Very entertaining. Zellweger is spot on as Bridget. Nice to see Hugh Grant playing a very un-PC boss!
David Bell, England

Hurray! At last a film that doesn't have you reaching for the plastic surgery brochures.

Fed-up with the constant weight issues in the press, I almost didn't see this film. I'm so glad I did. Zellweger was hysterically funny and added a new dimension to the novels.

The film took bits from both books and re-jigged the plots a bit and what was left was an original, pacey story which made it it's own.

I stopped thinking "oh, they've left that bit out" within the first few minutes, which meant I could relax and not obsess about the whole thing!

Grant is wonderfully Terry Thomas, and although a surprising choice for Cleaver, is excellent and adds depth to the character.

Firth, well he's magnificent, it didn't even matter that he wasn't wearing the Pride and Prejudice costume.

Zellweger plays a character that is impossible not to adore, she is as funny and understated as Kathy Burke and she has cellulite! Go and see this film.
Caroline, UK

Renée Zellweger packs a punch as a thirty-something Bridget Jones in the brilliantly directed movie Bridget Jones's Diary.

She takes this character and embodies her as no one else can. Even though she is a native Texan, you'd never know it due to the superb work done by the dialogue coach.

While the movie does not stay true to the book, the literary licence that has been taken is so cleverly done it doesn't really matter.

From the very beginning of this movie, you'll find yourself captivated with her wit and humour.

Aimed mainly at the female audience, this film charms one and all.
Lilliane M. Coldwell, USA

Fab film. Will buy the video and watch it over and over again! Will be a classic in years to come.
Heidi, UK

Men labelled the book 'girly' probably due to the amount of giggling they heard whilst it was being read, but I think they will be pleasantly surprised by the film.

Curiousity may get them there but Bridget's bunny suit will keep them there!

Renee was exactly who I imagined Bridget should be when I read the book and I no longer see Hugh Grant as a mumbling, awkward Englishman. Colin Firth was a brilliant strong, silent type.

Singletons and smug marrieds, go and see Bridget - you'll love it!
Teresa Lisle, England

Having not read the book, I had only meagre details about the plot, and that was overshadowed by the ruckus about Renee Zellweger playing Bridget.

I thought she did a wonderful job and after settling into the theatre, I quickly forgot that she was normally a wispy little Texan who binged on fatty foods and diction lessons to play the part.

Hugh Grant was very well chosen for the role and played it well. I had a bit of a problem with Colin Firth, however. He seemed just a bit too stiff when maybe the role could have been more sardonic and wry.

My girlfriend has read and enjoyed the book and let me know about a few of the details that were left out of the screenplay, but no matter.

It was an enjoyable movie and I'm curious to see if a movie is being planned for the Bridget Jones follow-up book.
Erick, USA

Who was that wonderful woman hiding in Cleaver's bathroom?
Russ, Canada

Brilliant! I was dreading seeing Renee Zellweger, but she did the role amazing justice. Just goes to show not to presume too much in advance! She was great, right down to the Branston pickle jar.

Hugh Grant a terrific bad guy for a change. Delightfully sleazy. And Colin Firth! Wow! What a honey, he's my new 'it' man. I loved the casting of Colin Firth - picks up on the book nicely. 150% brill.
Helen Stewart, USA but Scottish

I found the film really changed the order of the storyline compared to the book. But overall it comes out well and Renee brings out Bridget's qualities beautifully.
Zara, England

I saw Bridget Jones's Diary in a cinema in Stirling with my wife and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, in a packed house there were only two men!
Paul Davies, Wales

I can't describe how much critical praise has been heaped on this stylish adaptation of Helen Fielding's novel, so dare I say my expectations were sky-high. But maybe they were just a little bit too high?

After all, this isn't a masterpiece. Some of the comic scenes don't work, not all the characters are well developed, and admittedly, my attention waned in the middle of the film.

Yet this film deserves to score highly at the British box office, for it is quality entertainment. It is well written and directed and has a good musical score, but the performances come out on top.
Simon 'Psi' Fallaha, Northern Ireland, UK

Liked it very much. Could have used more scenes with her friends.

Zellweger did a good job, glad the producers didn't glam her up too much and let her look natural.
Ann, USA

It's one of the best movies i've seen this year!
Ann, UK /US /Malaysia

I liked the movie but I didn't like how she ended up living happily ever after, it was predictable, but very funny.

Renee was excellent, I never knew that she was American until someone mentioned it to me.

I think this movie is one for the girls and if you're a girl who doesn't like girly movies, the humour is very good!
Maria, Scotland

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