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Thursday, 25 June, 1998, 17:05 GMT 18:05 UK
Roswell space alien breaks its silence
alien on a table
An earlier film purports to show the alien
A videotape that claims to shows an alien being interrogated by the US military is now on sale in Britain.

The film's distributors, ILC, say the film was shot after the Roswell Incident in 1947, when a UFO is said to have landed in New Mexico.

In the film, a bug-eyed alien is depicted in increasing distress. A heart monitor speeds up rapidly, then the alien is sick.

There is no speech on the film as the alien is said to have been interviewed telepathically.

ILC says that the alien died shortly afterwards and that it is this alien whose autopsy was shown on British television last year.

According to the distributors, the film was smuggled out of a secret military base, Area 51, two years ago.

They say the man responsible for the smuggling, who they refer to as Victor, is now dead.

Roswell newspaper
The Air Force told the Roswell Daily Record it had a UFO, but later retracted
The US government and military deny a UFO landing took place at Roswell.

In June 1997 the US Air Force released a report, The Roswell Report: Case Closed, in which it blamed high altitude balloon tests and accidents in the area for accounts of a UFO landing and sightings of alien bodies.

But a Harris poll in the US indicated that 60% of the American public believed in intelligent extra-terrestrial life.

Roswell's UFO museum and gift shop
Roswell's UFO museum and gift shop also makes cash from aliens
As well as the footage itself, the 9.99 65-minute video discusses tests carried out to establish the film's authenticity.

"People should watch the video and make up their own minds. We would not be involved in this if we did not think there was some form of legitimacy," a spokesman for the company said.

"It has been verified by a number of UFO and military experts".

ILC has been in the headlines in the past for distributing two other controversial videos - one of real executions and the other showing footage from CCTV cameras.

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