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Monday, 5 March, 2001, 13:49 GMT
Dirty Dan your favourite to pull trigger
Lisa and Dan
Lisa and Dan are both in the frame for shooting
Dirty Dan Sullivan remains the prime suspect for the shooting of hardman Phil Mitchell among East Enders fans.

In the final result of the BBC News Online poll, Dirty Dan is the clear favourite to have pulled the trigger, with 29% of the votes.

Lisa and Mark Fowler are still in the frame, polling 10% of votes each.

Steve is looking less likely, as fans think he is too obvious a choice for scriptwriters, slipping 1% to 9%.

After polling nothing at the beginning, Sharon Watts has jumped into contention for 7% of voters.

Ian Beale is still a suspect for the attempted murder at 5%, with voters believing he is protecting the honour of his mother.

Ex-lover Melanie Healy is suspected by 5%.

Billy and Jamie Mitchell have also been tipped to turn into would-be murderers, with 3% of the votes each.

Other surprising names in the frame include Grant Mitchell, nanny Laura, Nick Cotton and Bianca Butcher and Ethel, who passed away last year.

Even Wellard the dog is under suspicion for a few fans.

Read on for a selection of your comments.

I think Ian shot Phil as he hates anyone disrespecting his mum. He may be a coward but lets not forget that Phil was shot in the back!

I think Lisa did it. The insult about her bedroom performance was enough to tip her over the edge. I fell about laughing when the gun poked out between the bushes, but the best bit by far was Dot stubbing out her fag in the wedding cake! Fantastic television. Well done, BBC One.
Katherine, UK

Definately think it was Dan who did the deed! Ian is too cowardly, Mark hasn't got it in him. Lisa is just too miserable to do anything other than moan.
Pat Cross, UK

It's not Mel! She is left sitting in the taxi with Charlie! It's not Steve. To obvious. It's not Lisa. She still loves Phil. It's not Dan. Again far too obvious. It's not Ian. Not brave enough. The man to pull the trigger was Mark!
Ewen Cameron, UAE

I think it was Mel. Her motive? I think she cannot stand by and watch him emotionally torture her and Steve, and to ruin her chance of happiness.
Jacqueline Steel, UK

I believe it's Steve Owen. He will want revenge for Phil sleeping with his new bride, and he has killed before. Plus, I strongly believe of all the possible culprits he is the one who really has the nerve to kill.
Caroline, UK

I think it's either Jamie or Lisa. 1) Jamie - after finding out that Lisa's pregnant and that Phil doesn't care about her at all, he snaps and goes over there after getting the gun from Billy somehow. 2) Lisa - distraught after the wedding with the realization that she and Phil aren't going to get married and be a happy family with the baby, and that she can't take any more abuse from him. She gets a gun from somewhere and goes over to talk to him, but shoots him instead. I happen to think Dan is a great red herring, but that's all he is right now.
Sandy Stone, USA

I bet its no one in the soap and just some random gangster who Phil has wound up the wrong way. Perhaps the same people who he ripped off with Grant a year ago, when they ended up driving into the water near Greenwich.
Charlotte, UK

I'm travelling and teaching in India as part of my gap year and had no idea about the exciting goings on in Albert Square. Thank you BBC for letting me know. I don't think it's Steve, and Ian and Dan are too obvious. It could Mel or Lisa, as having a murderess would be quite interesting. But my money's on Grant. Is Phil actually dead?
Clare Popham, UK/India

I think Steve Owen and Dan had a chat and came up with a plan. Then Steve gave Dan the gun to shoot Phil as they both have unfinished business with him.
Tracey Carlino, UK

Don't waste our time! It's Mark - no question! He's been steadily turning into the Square's quiet hard man over the last few months and the writers just didn't make enough of him shoving Nick Cotton off the roof. He was also remarkably restrained when Phil was beating up Ian. My bet is that he's heard that he's only got a few weeks to live and wants to go out in style. Dan's too obvious and Steve's got something else up his sleeve. It was definitely Mark - watch this space.
Fred Baron, UK

Dan's the man - deffo. Due to the programme-makers habit of leaking snippits of gossip about who's staying, who's going and how - we know none of those considered favourites for this act of kindness to human-kind will be leaving the Square anytime soon. Simple! Dan was brought in to do the deed.
Heather Yovanoff, UK

It will be Mark Fowler. This is because he feels sorry for Lisa. He has already got away with crippling someone, why not shooting as well!
Paul Roberts, UK

I think it is Mark. He has recently shown that he likes to get even with his enemies, like when he pushed Nick Cotton off the roof top. I think his love for Lisa and the way Phil has treated her has pushed him to his limit.
Ruth Oakley, UK

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