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Monday, 15 January, 2001, 08:57 GMT
Your experiences of Playstation 2
Playstation 2
Playstation 2: Are there problems with the super console?
BBC One's Weekend Watchdog programme has received 60 complaints about faulty Playstation 2 consoles. Here is a selection of your e-mails about your experiences with the machine.

I've had no "problems" with my PS2, but have to say that the fan is bloomin' loud and load times are absolutely awful (first time I played Timesplitters I thought the thing had crashed). DVD playback is reasonable although I think a remote control is essential!
Mark, UK

I have had absolutely no problems with my Playstation 2 since I bought it in November. Indeed, the company I bought it from have still not invoiced me for it!
Jonathan Harvey, UK

I encountered a problem using an aftermarket av-lead (the lead that links the unit to the TV) specifically bought so that I could watch DVD's with the sound signal sent to my stereo. This worked fine with games, but resulted in a green screen when watching DVD's.

Apparently, this is due to Playstation 2 not supporting that lead (though obviously it was assumed it would.) I notice that the retailers have stopped stocking the leads now. Note: The unit works fine playing DVDs with the standard lead.. Perhaps those 60 people were sold (non-sony) leads that were never going to work..
Neil Burge, UK

No problems reported at all, and it's used for at least 2 hours each and every day (both games and movie playback). People have to remember that PS2 is a massively complex machine, so far removed from any previous games machine or PC. 60 complaints out of a possible 165,000 is an incredibly small amount; and as Sony rightly say, the fault rate is less than that of the original PS1; good going for a machine that is far more complex than its predecessor.

Whilst these faults have to be made public, wD does seem to be have over-zealous and a little unfair. Remember, the PS2 is not a toy.
Jason Anderson, London, UK

I have had a PS2 since November. As far as the gameplay goes, I have had no problems. The graphics are excellent and I think the best is yet to come. The DVD playback is a big disappointment. I have had serious problems in chapters where there is a layer change. I would have to say that people wanting to buy this primarily for watching DVDs should stay well clear.
Ravi, UK

There is a MAJOR problem with my PS2. I now have no chance of getting access to the TV - kids are monopolising it!! I'm very impressed, with PS2 games and backwards compability with Playstation games. DVD is excellent too. I agree with other comments. Publicised failure rate is very low.
Phil, uk

No problems with my PS2 since launch day. Then again I hardly use it the games are utterly inferior to those I play on the Dreamcast and the DVD playback is very poor compared to my Panasnonic DVD player.
Ian Harvey, UK

I got my ps2 on the day of launch in te UK and i have had no problems with mine and i am enjoying playing on it.
Preet Patel, UK

I am on my 3rd playstation. Each one just kept freezing up after a couple of days. So far the 4th replacement is working OK....fingers crossed.
Naz, UK

I got my Japanese version of PS2 in August when I was on vacation in Hong Kong. The only real problems I have are that the DVD player does not work and the loading for games is occasionally slow. I would say that this highly-anticipated console is a bit under my expectations so far, but not disappointing.

We still have to see as the better games such as Metal Gear Solid 2 and Final Fantasy X are released to tell whether the PS2 will go far. Right now, I would say that the XBox has better potential.
Tony Lo, Canada

I got a PS2 at the start of December and it has blown my pants off since then.
Ben Caspersz, Australia

I have had no problems with my PS2 at all. It's been brilliant. Some say the games aren't as good as the hype, but seeing as developers only started working in December '99 in some cases, that isn't bad. Look at early PSone games in comparison to later ones, such as Metal Gear Solid. 4 Years can make a lot of difference!
Alistair Nottle, United Kingdom

Having got my PS2 a week after launch, I have to give nothing but praise to the machine. The DVD playing is no different in quality to the Sony DVD player I got in the summer and it happily plays all my new PS2 games as well as my PS1 games - what more could you ask for? As has been said before, 60 complaints from 165,000 units is a darn fine effort from Sony...I would hedge my bets that a large section of that 60 are user error...
Richard Gladwin, UK

I've had mine since launch and in about one month it wouldn't read any CDs. Still awaiting replacement.
mikie curtis, USA

If Sony's HypeStation2 is so great, then why does Dead Or Alive 2 look better on Dreamcast, which is half the price and has internet access, and has FAR superior games such as Quake III, Shenmue, and MSR. But, of course, the sheep in the media (that includes you, BBC) will suck up to PS2 and Xbox. Remember that Sega and Nintendo created the videogame industry!
Gary Wintle, Britain

I suspect an awful lot of the problems were caused by kids who set up the machines themselves on Christmas without the slightest bit of care or attention. These machines are not toys - they are highly sophisticated pieces of technological kit and very easy to damage unless you treat them with respect.
Mark Robins, England

I found a problem within the first week playing DVD movies on my PS2 and reported this to Sony. A replacement was sent. This had the same problem. I am now on my 4th PS2 and the problem still seems to be present on my current machine.
Russell Greenwood, England

The eject drawer on the Playstation failed, motors whistled on eject and it fails to read CDs .
Karl Tonge, England

I've had a PS2 since the day of UK release, and have had no problems. 60 complaints out of 165,000 is a pretty small number. It sounds like Watchdog is making another mountain out of a molehill.
Andrew Skinner, UK

I have been delighted by my PS2; the DVD is excellent and the game Timesplitters is amazing.
Michael Smith, UK

60 out of 165,000 hardly seems a significant failure rate. Is it the fact that Sony are the Manchester United of videogames and the press are determined to smother the machine in bad hype? Lets face it, Watchdog is hardly the best researched program in the world. Well done Sony on the high quality of product.
David Williams UK

I've used PS2 for a while, and it seems to be a games system where the hype has far outperformed the quality of the games. It's been a marketing triumph rather than an entertainment one.
Sney Noorani, UK

I believe that the PS2 is really good value for money and I don't understand how some people could have set it up wrong. I was fortunate enough to pick mine up just before Xmas and don't regret buying it. 8/10 personal rating!!!
ascanio romanelli, uk

My PS2 works without any problems. I think you are over egging the pudding as 60 complaints out of 165,000 consoles sold is in the region of 0.036% which are faulty, get in the real world, surely no-one can expect 100% of consumer electrical items to work without any problems.
Nick Peel, England

When I try to play movies, the picture stretches sideways like an old TV set when the vertical hold is set wrong.
Eric, USA

Over here in Dubai they are everywhere. Although they are more expensive at about 400. As I left the country I came across over 35 on the shelves in the airport duty free alone. Why are there none in the U.K. Also they were the same region: PAL.
Andrew Bunker, U.A.E.

I have had no problems with my PS2
Onur, UK

How many people complain about "Watchdog?". More than 60 I'm sure. Anne Robinson and the crew ought to stick to what they're good at - brainless quiz shows!
Alan Hind, UK

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