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Monday, 8 July, 2002, 18:34 GMT 19:34 UK

classroom Schools' budgets may be frozen
Some schools in England can expect to have no extra money for a time under new government proposals to reform the funding system.
Students 'stressed by exam overload'
The continuous assessment of youngsters aged between 16 and 18 is "barmy", says the head teacher of an independent school.
Gordon Brown Anger at education scheme benefit cut
Anti-poverty campaigners condemn any move by the chancellor to scrap child benefit for over-16s to pay for education grants.
New 'focus' for school tests
Children are to face revised tests from next year - which could have a bearing on whether their schools meet the targets they have been set.
Boost for ethnic minority teachers
A pilot scheme to help black and Asian teachers get into senior positions in schools is expanded, offering support to 150 teachers.
Healthy eating in schools 'backfires'
Healthy eating programmes in schools could merely encourage children to eat more junk food out of school hours, an expert warns.
Link between poverty and truancy
Children from poor families are more likely to truant and council officials do not believe jailing parents is the answer, a study says.
Language study for the 21st Century
Now we know that everything is binary - but girls are suffering because they are not encouraged to learn how to speak it.
Ofsted inspections 'damage' schools
External inspections have harmed schools more than any other education reform in the past decade, a study suggests.
Peak season brings school trip fears
The prosecution of council bosses over the drowning of two schoolgirls highlights the potential dangers of school trips.
The dilemma of private tuition
BBC education correspondent Mike Baker debates the Blairs' reported decision to hire private tutors for their two eldest sons.
Private tuition 'distorts' results
The increasing use of private tutors among affluent families is distorting the results of school league tables, head teachers warn.
Exam papers binned in marking mix-up
Almost 300 AS-level students have had their exam scripts thrown away after they were delivered to the wrong address.
Blairs join private tuition boom
The Blairs' decision to hire private tutors for their sons has caused a stir, but the family is merely following in the footsteps of many others.
Former pupils lose bullying case
Two former pupils lose their case against a school which they said had failed to protect them from bullying.
Costly summer child care
Parents face a bill of thousands of pounds for child care during the summer months, according to a survey.
Mother's jail warning over truant son
A Rotherham mother is told she could be imprisoned if her 14-year-old son keeps skipping lessons.
Union row over specialist schools
The public sector union Amicus is to sponsor 10 specialist schools in a move which has infuriated the National Union of Teachers.
Head suspended over 'altered' exams
A County Durham headteacher is suspended amid allegations test papers were altered.
AS-levels 'here to stay'
AS-levels exams - the target of so much criticism over the past year - are here to stay, says Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Teacher investigated over e-mails
A woman teacher is suspended as an inquiry begins into e-mails she allegedly sent to a pupil.
Blair children 'given private tuition'
Downing Street is refusing to comment on reports that Tony Blair's sons have received private tuition from teachers at a top public school.
Tests 'at expense of creativity'
Creative subjects such as music and art are being squeezed out of the primary school day, as teachers test in maths and English - study.
Schoolgirls fight to wear trousers
Schools that do not allow girls to wear trousers as part of their uniform should change their policy, says the Equal Opportunities Commission.
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