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Petrol prices: Your comments

Drivers have been contacting BBC News to describe how record fuel prices are affecting them.

The average cost of unleaded petrol has reached a new high of 119.9p a litre, due to the pound weakening, rising wholesale prices and a rise in fuel duty. Send us your comments here.

Ross Mackenzie
Ross Mackenzie depends on his car to reach hospital and do his shopping

This increase in fuel costs is crippling me.

My wife and I are pensioners. I'm disabled with limited walking ability and need our car for treatment visits to the doctor and local hospital clinics.

We were already finding it difficult to pay our bills and live beyond a basic existence.

This month, our council tax remains unpaid to fund my essential journeys, so another county court judgement is probably heading our way.

Locally, diesel presently sells at approximately £1.28 per litre at the pump.

Fuel is not the only essential product or service being taxed out of existence.

It's about time that this spiral of punitive taxation affecting us all was cut to the bone.

Kev Cole
Kev Cole resents paying high fuel duty when roads are in a poor state

Petrol prices in this country are shocking.

I've seen 122p this week in Shropshire - prices like that are eye watering.

If some of the duty raised went towards road repairs, it wouldn't be so bad.

I work in Telford and the road that I work on has about ten pot holes in less than 20 metres.

The cost of oil is coming down, I believe, however fuel is going up - I'd love to know how that works!

And the greed of some petrol stations don't help either.

We are coming out of recession, but the knock on effects of fuel prices are impacting on our cost of living. That can't be good for economy's recovery?

Michael Culley
High prices drove Michael Culley to convert his petrol car to LPG

I have recently taken the option of converting my petrol car to LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) in order to keep my costs down.

But with VAT etc this was a £1700 option.

I estimate I will take two years to recoup the costs of my outlay - a time that may be putting many people off doing this worthy conversion.

I hope that whatever government gets in will prove its green credentials by helping with costs of conversion.

That is as well as keeping LPG pump prices low, so that payback to the motorist going down this route is kept to a realistic time.


We are on a very tight budget at present and every penny counts. We are now walking to work more often which is three miles away and I am in the process of selling the car. The price at our local garage has reached 120.9p per litre and is rising every day. We were told after the budget that motorists were set for a reprieve as prices would not reach the £1.20 mark!
Mr Jason Simcox, Telford

I can barely afford to keep driving at the moment. The problem is I have to so I can get to work, so I have no choice gazzawa, via Twitter

I drive an average of 400miles per week - not through choice, but because I have to get to my place(s) of work to earn a living, and I travel daily through rural areas where public transport is not an option. My spend on fuel has increased dramatically in recent weeks, and I'm disgusted to learn that duty and VAT are currently almost double the actual wholesale cost. Clearly, there is action which government could take now in order to ease the escalating costs. Despite the inevitable associated disruption, I can only hope that protests and blockades follow, as the current situation can not continue.
James, Glossop, Derbyshire

122.9 at local petrol station. I have bought at motorbike and passed my CBT test so that I can save on my fuel bill

PersuasionPR, via Twitter

The cost of fuel for a long journey is now about the same as a train ticket with my 18-25's Railcard, which is ridiculous. Once that expires then it will be cheaper to drive, but at the moment there's almost no difference.

Peter Campbell, York

I fill up my little 1.1 Peugeot 206 once a week and a full tank is costing me about £50 now. Just to go to work.

joeypierce, via Twitter

Diesel prices are higher than petrol and do have an impact on how much I use my car and encourage me to drive carefully. But at least I have a car that has good fuel consumption. People who moan should have got the message last time that the days of low cost fuel are over and try switching to economic cars. It's the truck operators I feel sorry for and in the end it affects us all in the cost of goods we buy.
Ian Daws, Devon

Have you been stung by record petrol prices? Have you changed your travel habits? Send us your comments.

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