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Moomins: Who are they?

Moomin characters ( image)

Moomintroll (Moomin)

Moomintroll is a young and sensitive male and the son of the family.

Like all Moomins, he is kind, well-meaning, and open to new ideas.

Likes: adventures, climbing, his mother Moominmamma

Dislikes: skiing and ice swimming


The Moomin father is self-focused and often shown in an ironic light.

He is often busy writing; sometimes it is his memoirs, sometimes a novel or a dissertation.

Likes: adventures, sailing and storms

Dislikes: life that is too peaceful


The Moomin mother is relaxed, loving and enjoys her life.

She grows roses, she paints and she takes care of everyone, cooking and makeing jam. She also finds solution to most problems, but she is not perfect.

Likes: surprises, parties, decorative details

Dislikes: rules

Little My

Little My is tiny.

She is always in control of the situation and able to speak unpleasant truths, or bite the ankles of monsters who threaten her friends.

Likes: unaccepted situations, anarchy.

Dislikes: rules, people that are fake.


Snufkin is an artist, a composer and a wanderer.

He is Moomintroll's friend.

Snufkin needs more privacy than anyone else and often leaves the valley to go away on his trips.

Likes: freedom, desolate landscapes

Dislikes: rules, people that admire him too much

Mymble (female)

Mymbles never worry about anything. They fall in love easily and forget easily.

Hemulens (usually male but wear a dress)

Hemulens are clumsy and they have no sense of humour.

They love rules and like activities such as ice swimming, blowing the trombone or collecting stamps.

Fillyjonks (female)

Fillyjonks are slim, long-limbed and nervous.

They love cleaning and hate worms.

Complex figures, they are afraid of storms, but simultaneously long for them.

Groke (female)

Groke is a mysterious monster that looks like a big and icy rock.

She is a symbol of loneliness and coldness, and nobody knows much about her.

If she stays in one place for some time, the ground freezes and nothing ever grows on that spot again.

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