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SAIC expands MG line-up in Europe

Roewe 550 web grab
MGs in Europe will share platforms with Roewe models made in China

China's Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) has said it will expand its line-up of MG models built on platforms used by its Roewe models.

The Roewe marque is used in China, whilst in Europe the company will focus on its MG brand, a spokesman said.

Its future models will include an MG hatchback that is based on the platform used for its new Roewe 350 saloon.

The company dismissed rumours that this model will be built at the old Rover plant in Longbridge as speculation.

The company has just started producing the 350, which is about the same size as a Ford Focus, at its Pukou plant in Najing, China.

Earlier this year, the company said its MG 6 hatchback, which shares a platform with its Rowe 550 saloon, will be sold in Europe, though this model is built in China.

SAIC's European offering will be sold through existing MG dealers.

SAIC bought much of MG Rover's intellectual property when the UK marque collapsed in 2005, while Chinese rival Nanjing Automobile Group acquired what was left of the MG Rover group. The two companies merged in 2007.

But SAIC cannot use the name Rover, as this is owned by Jaguar Land Rover.

An earlier version of this story erroneously said the Roewe 350 would be produced at Longbridge.

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