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'I braked... and the Prius didn't'

Toyota has announced the recall of about 436,000 hybrid vehicles worldwide, including its latest Prius model, to fix brake problems.

Prius drivers who have experienced difficulty braking emailed the BBC News website to share their experiences.

Steve Ding, Toyota Prius driver

I bought my Prius in September. It usually performs fine. But I have noticed a problem with the brakes.

It happens when I drive over the rumble strips on the dual carriageway. It feels as if the brakes are releasing.

At first, I thought maybe I was imagining it. I thought: 'Is this just me? Is it my fault?'

But I've driven many cars - from a Rolls Royce to a Robin Reliant - and never have I felt brakes like these.

You can actually feel the brake releasing, and then going back down.

It hasn't landed me in any trouble yet. But it might if there was a car stopped in front.

I rang the dealer last week to discuss the problem as it now appeared to be a known fault.

I was told they could not do anything at that time as the vehicle had not yet been recalled! I am now waiting for them to contact me.

Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle
Toyota is recalling 436,000 hybrid cars worldwide

If Toyota do not recall my Prius I will be taking it back myself and demanding they do something about it.

My husband and I bought a 2010 Prius in September of last year.

It regularly loses brakes for just under a second, whenever I brake going over a speed bump.

The brake releases and the car seems to lurch forward.

'Near misses'

It is incredibly dangerous. I have had a couple of near misses.

Where we live, there are a couple of humps just before junctions. When you brake for a car in front that is turning, the sudden loss of braking is very alarming.

It could certainly result in a collision if you were too close to the car in front to start with.

It is a very noticeable feature of our car. But when we reported the fault, Toyota said there was 'no issue'.

Then we were told it was 'driver error'. I'm expecting they will recall the car now.

I am appalled Toyota has taken so long to do something about this. They built their reputation on being safety conscious.

A Prius car in Tokyo, Japan
The Prius recall is expected to send Toyota's losses up even higher

We have found the braking on our 2010 Prius to be erratic over broken roads.

It happens when you go over potholes, or even just a stretch of broken tarmac.

My wife noticed it just after we bought the car at Christmas as there is some broken tarmac at the entrance to our cul-de-sac.

It is really quite unnerving. You brake... and it doesn't brake. You feel a momentary surge where the car has no braking whatsoever.

My car is with Toyota at the moment, where the dealer agreed that he was experiencing the same problem with his Prius.

But let's keep this in perspective. Recalls are not unique to Toyota.

All the major car manufacturers have had to recall their cars at various times for faults that only reveal themselves over time.

At least Toyota are (finally) willing to do something about it.

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