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Toyota recall: Your comments

2010 model Toyota Prius cars fill a lot at a dealership
"If I go over a pothole there is a momentary release of the brakes"

Toyota has announced the recall of about 436,000 hybrid vehicles worldwide, including its latest Prius model, to fix brake problems.

The company has already recalled more than eight million cars worldwide over concerns about accelerator pedals.

BBC News website readers have been telling us about their experiences with Toyota cars and their views on the recalls.


When driving my new Prius on a badly maintained road last week, I suddenly realised I was unable to stop. Although the brakes gave way for only a few seconds, it was a truly terrifying experience, especially as I had my children in the car.
Alice Spondan, UK

I purchased a new Prius in Sept 2009 and have experienced braking problems. If I go over a pothole there is a momentary release of the brakes, which is very disconcerting, especially when approaching a junction! Another braking issue is that when reversing down a steep slope, the brakes cannot be applied gently - they grab violently!
Patrick O'Neill, Cheltenham, UK

My new Prius would have arrived on 7 February had the braking problem not come to light. I told the dealer that I would not receive it until this turmoil was settled. Basically I believe in Toyota's engineering prominence and after the software program is fixed, I will receive the car and enjoy driving. The sales people at the Toyota dealer were very honest and sincere. They tried to give us all the information they had from the maker.
Harry, Osaka, Japan

We purchased our Prius in August 2009 and I have noticed ever since that when I put on the brake to drive over a speed bump or pothole, the brake would release momentarily. I love the car and have enjoyed the fuel economy and the ride but have wondered about this brake problem for several months. Now as these issues have come to light I realize what I have dealing with is widespread.
Ann Hanisch, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Toyoto cars lined-up in a dealership lot
"The accelerator got stuck at 70 mph"

I have had a Toyota Verso since early December. In the first week I had a problem with the accelerator pedal whilst on the A12. The car was running fast and I had to keep foot on brake until I reached the next lay by which was half a mile away. The brakes were hot by the time I stopped. The problem appeared to be that the mat had moved and covered the pedal. The car will be recalled in the next couple of weeks because of the global problem with accelerator pedal.
Peter Verley, Colchester, UK

My wife and I used to own a "53" registration Toyota Yaris, which is outside the recall group. On one occasion the accelerator got stuck driving at 70 mph. Whilst using her left foot to brake, my wife managed to prise up the accelerator with her right foot. By the time she got home, it hadn't happened again and it never has recurred. We have notified Toyota.
Ed, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

My father owns a Toyota car which I sometimes drive. Neither my father nor I have had any problems with our car but we are worried about this news, and also disappointed in Toyota. We were planning to buy a Prius this year due to hybrid car discounts, but we had are now questioning this.
Tetsuro, Yokohama, Japan

I'm a car dealer in Funtua. I have enjoyed selling Toyota products but since this Prius problem our market on all Toyotas is down. I hope the managers of Toyota can fix this problem soon.
Maska Motors, Funtua, Nigeria


Front of a Prius hybrid motor
"Toyota should be applauded worldwide for their actions"

I have had one of the latest Prius since 7 December 2009. I haven't noticed any problems with the car brakes so far but I have only been driving on normal roads. I am not particularly worried about it and will await the recall from Toyota in due course.
L T Fowle, Seaford, UK

I can understand customers of Toyota feeling let down but I have to say that Toyota should be applauded worldwide for their actions. I'm sure the buying public will look at the big picture and see that Toyota has their interest at heart. I will now consider buying Toyota, knowing they are paying attention to safety in such detail.
Robert, Bacup, UK

I drive a Toyota, and it is one that is on the list of affected vehicles for the accelerator pedal recall. I can't help but wonder if the BBC are going to be publishing a list of all the other car manufacturer recalls in the last five years to add a bit of perspective to your reporting of this issue.
Richard Cross, Brussels, Belgium

I own a Toyota Auris that is affected by the recall and am not concerned regarding my safety at all. Vehicle recall is a very common issue among all manufacturers. I hope that Toyota comes through this period of scare mongering by the media stronger.
Rob, Nottingham, UK

I have owned a Toyota Prius for 3 years and, previously, a Lexus LS400 for 8 years. During this peeriod of time neither vehicle has developed a single fault. Together they have provided a level of reliability, excellent handling and superb comfort that, as far as I have experienced, no other vehicle has approached in 71 years of motoring.
Dr A C Jason, Aberdeen, UK

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