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BA Christmas strike threat: Your stories

British Airways cabin crew have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a strike over the Christmas period. BBC website readers have been telling us how they fear the disruption this may cause.


Barry Harrison and family: BA Christmas strike threat
The Harrisons saved for three years for a special holiday

I'm going on a holiday that has taken three years to save for, with my wife and two young children. We are flying with BA from Manchester to Heathrow, then Heathrow to Miami and to the Caribbean on 1 January.

I am very worried about this strike action and even if they don't strike on the day we go on holiday, I can imagine the delays we will get.

We are going on a cruise so we will almost certainly miss our ship at Miami. I am very annoyed but I hope BA don't give into the cabin crew.


David Clark and his daughter
David Clark is worried he won't be able to see his daughter at Christmas

We are British, living in London, but my wife's family are based in Istanbul. She is already out there visiting her family and I am set to join them on the 23 December.

If the strike action goes ahead I may not be able to see my two-year-old and wife at Christmas, which would be unthinkable.

Strike action would be an unintelligent move, as it would possibly hasten the demise of all cabin crew jobs.

It is a tough time in the airline industry and staff at all levels and unions should try to understand this rather than simply looking at their own short-term situation.


My partner is Swiss. She has an aggressive form of breast cancer and is being treated in Zurich, so I have been over there about six times this year.

I'm fairly upset about the news. Unions seem to think that this kind of timing will give them leverage, without considering people's needs. The whole thing seems incredibly opportunistic.

I promised her to be with her at every step
Ben, London

I'm not the only person in Britain who has non-frivolous reasons for travel and it will be incredibly hard to get alternative transport now.

My partner is disappointed. We have been through the whole process together and it is good to be able to be supportive.

This would be her last chemotherapy session and I promised her at the start of it to be with her at every step. It's important psychologically for both of us.


Donna Lockhart with her husband
Donna Lockhart planned to celebrate her 50th in Mauritius with her husband

I am so upset by this. My husband and I have been planning our holiday to Mauritius for a year now because we wanted to celebrate my 50th birthday there.

At the moment there's nothing we can do because if we book other flights and the strike is called off, our insurers have said we won't get the money back. So we just have to wait and see what happens.

It's just ruined the holiday for us. We used to travel a lot with BA but we won't anymore.


Anthea Barteau
Anthea Barteau plans to fly home for Christmas with her boyfriend Ollie

I cannot believe the completely selfish behaviour of people who are employed by BA. I have been made redundant twice this year and both times I have picked myself up and got myself a new job. These are hard times and those in jobs should be grateful to have one.

I only get to go home to the US for Christmas every other year and I am due to fly home on 22 December with my boyfriend Ollie, but now I could be sitting in the airport with the other hundreds of thousands of people going nowhere.

BA is the only company which does the connecting flight I need to get from Seattle to Idaho. It is disgusting behaviour that BA staff realise they can throw their weight around and ruin so many people's holidays.


Aoin Douglas
Aoin Douglas wanted to take his children to Disneyland

I feel numb, and so disappointed. I knew it was on the cards but I was hoping they would see sense. It's utterly senseless.

I'm due to fly to LA with the wife and kids on 22 December, flying back on 2 January.

It was going to be the best holiday we'd had in years and the children's first trip to Disneyland.

I feel like I have had my stomach kicked out by a bunch of overpaid waiting staff.

I don't blame BA for trying to stay in the game against the likes of Virgin. I do blame the vicious cynicism of the cabin crew. What am I supposed to tell my kids?

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