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German exports fall 29% in April

Worker at a Bosch plant in Germany. Photo: Bosch
The figures suggest the recovery in German may be slow. Photo: Bosch

German exports fell 28.7% in April compared with April 2008, according to the Federal Statistics Office.

Exports fell to 63.8bn euros ($88.5bn; £55bn) from 89.5bn euros in the same month last year. Imports fell 22.9% to 54.4bn euros.

It was the biggest fall since the recession began, suggesting the economy has some way to go before it recovers.

Industrial production fell 21.6% in April compared with April 2008, according to the economics ministry.

But the ministry's statement stressed that "the downward trend has slowed noticeably".

"The odds that industrial production has hit its lowest point have improved due to stabilising demand," the statement added.

But analysts were not impressed by the trade figures.

"We will have to wait longer for a recovery in exports. The figures are disappointing," said Marco Bargel at Postbank.

"It will take quite some time for German exports to boom again and to support growth. There is a chance that will happen at the end of the year."

There were two fewer working days in April 2009 than April 2008 because of the late falling of Easter.

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