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Ex-trader works as Wall St tour guide


After losing his job as a trader, Andrew Luan made an unusual career move.

He used to work for Deutsche Bank specialising in the very products we now call toxic assets. He still works in New York's battered financial district but these days it's as a guide, taking people on what he describes as a "financial crisis tour".

As well as learning about the shadow banking system, customers get to see where it all happened - including stops outside the headquarters of AIG and the New York Federal Reserve.

The idea for his new job came from those around him, he says.

"I started giving tours to friends that came onto Wall Street. As the financial crisis unfolded I found there were more and more things to tell them about."

Andrew is the ultimate insider. He traded collateralised debt obligations until the market collapsed - the very financial instruments that were at the heart of this crisis.

For those looking for someone to blame, he tells them: "From the consumer, to the shadow banking system, to the regulators... everyone is responsible for a small amount."

He charges $40 (£25) for the tour. At those rates, Andrew Luan is making a lot less money out of Wall Street then he once did.

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