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How good is your financial knowledge?

Piggy bank

The BBC has gathered a panel of experts to help people with their financial dilemmas at the Money Matters Roadshow in Manchester.

But can you hold your own when it comes to financial know-how?

Find out now, with our fiendish quiz.

Good luck!

Question 1
How much does a house have to cost before you pay stamp duty?
A: You pay stamp duty on all property purchases
B: 125,000 GBP
C: 175,000 GBP
D: 250,000 GBP
Question 2
How much is the weekly State Pension for a single person?
A: 75.40 GBP
B: 90.70 GBP
C: 114.90 GBP
D: 145.05 GBP
Question 3
If your credit card is charging 18% APR and you have used it to buy a computer for 500 GBP, how long will it take to pay off, if you make just the minimum monthly payment (if your minimum payment is 2% of the outstanding balance with a minimum of 5 GBP)?
A: 2 years 8 months
B: 8 years 6 months
C: 16 years 8 months
D: 19 years 4 months
Question 4
In financial terms, what does Isa stand for?
A: Individual Savings Account
B: International Savings Association
C: Irregular Savings Account
D: Independent Savings Adviser
Question 5
How much money can you put into an Isa each year?
A: 3,000 GBP in cash or shares
B: 3,600 GBP in cash
C: 7,200 GBP in cash or shares
D: 7,200 GBP including a maximum of 3,600 GBP in cash
Question 6
What is the current rate of Value Added Tax (VAT)?
A: 10%
B: 15%
C: 17.5%
D: 12%
Question 7
If you have savings in a bank which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority, to what level are your savings guaranteed if the bank goes bust?
A: No guarantee
B: 35,000 GBP
C: 50,000 GBP
D: Limitless guarantee
Question 8
What is the current Inheritance Tax limit?
A: 112,000 GBP
B: 212,000 GBP
C: 312,000 GBP
D: 412,000 GBP
Question 9
According to the Bank of England, what was the average annual interest paid on an instant access savings account as of the end of January 2009?
A: 0.5%
B: 0.7%
C: 0.9%
D: 1.1%
Question 10
If a couple - both aged 65 - were entitled to a Winter Fuel Payment, how much would they typically receive between them?
A: 125 GBP
B: 250 GBP
C: 375 GBP
D: 500 GBP

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