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Pre-Budget report: Your reaction

Workers at a factory in the West Midlands give their reaction to the budget

The chancellor has delivered his pre-Budget report. Alistair Darling has increased public spending and borrowing and has cut taxes in order to stimulate the economy.

Here, voters from across the UK share how the government's fiscal plans will affect them.

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Anne Gall
Age: 64
Occupation: Pensioner
Income: Private and state pension
Location: Port Talbot, Wales
Lives with: Son
The government should make power companies reduce the cost of bills. I have just received a gas bill and it is a lot of money. I pay my bills by direct debit. But the money I put away for my recent electricity bill was not enough to cover the cost.

I think the NHS should be given more money. We have an ageing population and so more should be invested.

I am missing out on some benefits. I am under 70 so I am not entitled to receive free home insulation, and I can't afford to pay for it myself.

My pension will rise slightly which is good news but not by much. And taxes will rise in the long run so I won't be better off.

The extra payment of 60 is not going to encourage me to spend more money. Nor am I going to borrow to spend money I don't need to spend. I don't believe in going to debt.

This country will get deeper in debt and the taxpayer will end up paying for it all. All I need is help for the basics: heating and food. But I'm not optimistic.

Darling could have done a lot more. It's too little too late. Something should have been done about the economy months ago.


Adrian Robinson
Age: 43
Occupation: Business owner
Family income: Above 50,000
Location: Wakefield
Lives with: Wife and two children
As a small business owner, tax cuts need to be implemented. Reducing the prices of 6,000 items will be labour intensive. But I am hoping the tax cuts will encourage people to spend their money.

In times of crisis you need leadership. It's good that the government is taking action and we need to get behind it. It's good to hear that action is to be done quickly.

We need to get back to where we were before the banks collapsing and therefore customer confidence needs to return.

I don't think the pre-budget will be of great financial help, but any help at all is ok. You can't appease all groups in society.

In times of crisis, rather than in pounds and pence, the government can make strong statements to instil a feel good factor to motivate people to spend money.

The government couldn't really do anything else to help me. All I need is customers to buy more goods. So the increase in customer confidence is the key.

At the moment it is business as usual. But anything to get rid of the doom and gloom would improve businesses greatly.

Andrew Knight
Age: 22
Occupation: Financial analyst
Income: 30,000
Location: Leeds
Lives with: Fiancee
I don't think we should be getting more into debt. I can't believe we're in this situation. We've borrowed too much in the past and we're still borrowing.

We're in a false economy. If I know my income tax is going up then I know I must save now. If something will get expensive in the future, it makes sense to start saving now to compensate.

I am concerned about the rise in National Insurance contributions, especially as it wasn't clear where the money will be going.

To me the chancellor's report isn't that radical. There is so much inefficiency in the public sector we don't need.

My one worry is not that we might be in a recession, but the country is becoming less important in the world. We are producing less these days and there is not much output to fuel the UK economy.

I think the new tax cuts measure is an attempt to get us to spend more but I don't think it will work.

On the whole, the government's measures will not affect me much. I think it is a woeful response to the current crisis.

Ishbel Lovell
Age: 45
Occupation: Civil servant
Income: 15 - 20,000
Location: Edinburgh
Lives with: Son
The increase in child benefits will put me in a more comfortable position to pay the bills. I worry that in the future, I will be struggling to make ends meet.

I would like to save but I am not able to do this now. I would like to have some money put away for an emergency, not even for anything in particular.

I just got my electricity bill and it is much bigger than I thought it would be. It is the first one I have had since heating prices went up. But I am more worried about the next bill as it'll be for the three months over the winter period.

I have resorted to using candles to save money. I have also made a conscious effort to switching things off and using less electricity.

I don't think the VAT cut will make people rush out to the shops. We all want to hold on to the money we've got. It wouldn't make any difference to me.

I feel disappointed as I am still worried about the future. But I am hopeful the government's measures will kick start the economy.


Samantha Callaghan
Age: 41
Occupation: Office supervisor
Income: With husband 46,000
Location: Carshalton, Surrey
Lives with: Husband and son
What do I think of the pre-Budget report? Well not a lot really.

It has all been a complete waste of time and I think all they have done is cause more problems for the future.

It doesn't really benefit me at all. I have a two year old son, so will benefit from the tiny increase in child benefit.

But none of the other measures will benefit me.

The VAT cut of 2.5% is hardly a lot. The things I mainly buy are food and kids clothes and there isn't any VAT on those. I will not be rushing out to the shops, I'm not even sure that a lot of the shops will be passing on the benefit to customers.

The tax cuts are hardly worth it. I was hoping to see a much bigger increase in personal allowances.

On the whole I think we are just getting more and more into debt and storing up problems for the future.

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