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Financial crisis at-a-glance: 7 Oct

FTSE 100 INDEX: 7th October 2008
FTSE 100 intraday chart

Dow Jones intraday chart

All times in BST, chart in GMT.

2100: The Dow Jones industrial average loses 508.39 points, or 5.11%, to end at 9,447.11.

1930: Chancellor Alistair Darling says he will make a statement before the markets open on Wednesday on government plans to "put banks on a longer-term sound footing".

1826: US President George W Bush calls for co-ordinated action by leading industrialised countries to tackle the crisis.

1815: US Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke says prospect for economic growth has worsened, and hints at a possible interest rate cut.

1754: Belgium raises minimum guarantee on bank deposits to 100,000 euros - an increase of 20,000 euros.

1644: Spain increases guarantee for customers' bank savings accounts from 20,000 euros to 100,000 euros.

1528: Netherlands trebles the amount of savers' deposits it will protect to 100,000 euros

1513: Russia's RTS stock market closes down 0.95%, the day after it recorded a 19% fall.

1459: French President Nicolas Sarkozy tells cabinet the state is ready to acquire stakes in the capital of troubled banks, if necessary.

1457: The British Chamber of Commerce warns that Britain's economy will shrink in the third quarter for the first time in 15 years.

1443: The Dow Jones is up 145 points in early morning trading.

1401: The US Federal Reserve announces plans to buy massive amounts of short-term debt from companies in an effort to unfreeze the money markets.

This is an important move because, as BBC business editor Robert Peston said in his blog : "The really urgent issue is the breakdown of wholesale markets and the increasing difficulty that almost all banks are having in funding themselves on a day-to-day basis."

1400: IMF warns that financial crisis likely to be associated with "severe and protracted economic downturns".

1336: European Union finance ministers agree to increase the guarantee for customers' bank savings accounts to at least 50,000 euros.

1331: Beleaguered German bank Hypo Real Estate says its chief executive, George Funke, is resigning, one day after the finance ministry has agreed a 50bn euro ($68bn; 38.7bn) plan to save it.

1247: Iceland's biggest bank, Kaupthing, gets a loan of $680m from the country's central bank.

1213: Taiwan's Premier outlines government plans to fully protect depositors' savings.

1132: US light crude oil rallies to just above $90 a barrel.

1118: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev pledges credit of up to $36bn (21bn) to the country's banks.

1107: Royal Bank of Scotland shares recover slightly - now trading at 110.6 pence, down 25%.

1055: The Central Bank of Iceland fixes the exchange rate of the country's currency, the krona, to try to stabilise the domestic economy.

1025: Iceland's central bank says in a statement that Russia has agreed to loan it 4bn euros (3.1bn). However, a spokesman for Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says he cannot confirm the statement.

0936: Russian regulator delays start of trading on Moscow exchanges until 1300 local time (1000 BST), two-and-a-half hours after normal opening.

0935: The Icelandic government takes control of Landsbanki, the country's second largest bank, which owns Icesave in the UK.

0922: Royal Bank of Scotland shares are down 39%.

0921: The pound hits a two-and-a-half year low against the US dollar.

0900: The FTSE retreats, leaving the index just 20.1 points higher at 4609.3 after an hour of trading.

0857: Royal Bank of Scotland shares slump 30% on reports that it is in talks to secure government funding. Other top banking shares drop between 14% and 24%.

0843: Frankfurt's DAX 30 is up 1.47% and the Paris Cac 40 climbs 3.08%.

0810: London's FTSE 100 rises 1.5%, recovering some of the losses from Monday when it fell by 7.86%.

0720: Moscow's two stock exchanges say they will stay closed for the morning.

0700: Japan's Nikkei 225 share index finishes above 10,000, but is still down 3% on the day at 10,155.9.

0500: Japan's central bank says it is keeping its key interest rate unchanged at 0.5%.

0500: Australia's central bank cuts its key interest rate to 6% from 7% - a much greater cut than had been expected.

0120: Japan's benchmark Nikkei 225 share index falls below 10,000 for the first time since December 2003.


FTSE 100
23.70 0.44%
19.54 0.34%
Cac 40
14.48 0.38%
Dow Jones
78.53 0.76%
35.31 1.58%
BBC Global 30
20.65 0.36%
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