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Worries for wedding gifts website

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An online wedding list service is in financial trouble as fears grow that wedding presents may not be delivered.

Wrapit is in talks with banks to find out if they can avoid administration.

Many newly weds have either not received their wedding gifts or are still waiting for some of them to arrive.

BBC News website readers have been emailing about their experiences with the company:

Myself and my husband used them 18 months ago and thought that their service was exceptional. This is really sad news and I hope they pull through as all of the staff were incredibly friendly and efficient - unlike those at some of the larger high street department stores we'd previously visited.
Clare-Louise Douglas, Witney

My wedding is a week today. Instead of being excited I am now worried about my closest friends and families' purchases. I feel awful that through their kindness I have got them involved with this company and am disgusted that their website is still up and running and they took payment from one of my Dad's friends yesterday? As a company director of my own company I was under the impression that we have an obligation to trade ethically.
Rachel Davies, Alcester, Warwickshire

This is quite outrageous. We set our wedding list up a month or two ago and we are getting married in three weeks. At no time did they ever hint that they might be unable to satisfy deliveries for existing orders. Even last night one of our guests was able to placed an order - how is this possible? It is disgusting.
Ed Crosse, London

I am extremely worried to find out about all this. I am due to get married three weeks today and the majority of my guests have already bought us gifts from the Wrapit website. Weddings are stressful enough. The present side is supposed to be the nice and fun part of the planning. This is a total nightmare.
Sarah Roper, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

We registered with Wrapit about three months ago and went to their showroom in Wandsworth. We had no idea at the time that people had been left without their wedding gifts. Our wedding is in six weeks and we are extremely upset about the fact that we may lose our gifts. I have been trying to close our list all morning but the website is not working. I am angry that they continued to take on customers.
Holly Noble, London

We got married two weeks ago and almost everything on the list has been purchased by our guests and we were so looking forward to receiving our gifts. We're trying to stay positive. I know it's only material possessions, and there are much worse things that can happen, but you only have one wedding (one hopes!) and one set of wedding gifts. Aside from the sentimental value of the items, we could never have afforded to buy all of them ourselves.
Laura Hyde, Glasgow

My husband and I got married in married this year in March, we were impressed by Wrapit's approach to choosing the gifts. After the list was closed and sent, we received no word from Wrapit. My husband and I were constantly emailing and phoning. At last in June we received a very small instalment - around 400 worth. We were told we'd receive the rest in July but it keeps being put off. Lots of our friends and family have come to visit us to see their presents, we have had to make excuses for the company.
Nicky Vetta, High Beech, East Sussex

We got married in September 2007 and closed the list in October. We received gifts in instalments from Dec through to June but we are still waiting for some gifts after 9 months! I feel guilty as I recommended the site to a friend who is getting married next month.
Rebecca, Thirsk, N.Yorks

Finally had our last two gifts delivered two weeks ago after getting married in August 2007. Wrapit ignored emails and phone calls for months to get first delivery sorted and then disappeared completely for the remainder. I'm not surprised at the problems. Great customer service prior to wedding - abysmal after.
David, London

My husband and I used Wrap It for our wedding list - we got married in December 2007. We have only just in the last month (June 2008) managed to get our money back from them for the 60% of gifts that had not been delivered to us. They offered us "a goodwill gesture" of 100. Not much really, given that they totally ruined our gift experience, and we had to email, call and write to them constantly to get any progress made with our list. I am gutted about this, as I also recommended that my cousin use them for his wedding list - which he has done (they got married last week).
Lisa Martin, London

We were recommended Wrapit through friends who had a great experience with them last year. Our wedding is next weekend so this could not have come at a worse time for us. All of our guests have been incredibly generous and we will be absolutely devastated if this works out badly. We can only hope Wrapit are able to wriggle out of this one. The show must go on.
Chris Hardcastle, UK

We too have our wedding list with Wrapit and only heard about the problem today. We're due to get married in early September '08 and have many other things to consider/stresses, this is the last thing we need. If we don't get our gifts (all 3,500 worth) I don't know what we'll do as we've just moved into a new house and pretty much all of the gifts are to furnish it. Some start to married life we're going to have!
Deborah Bullock & Jeremy Elder, Knaresborough, N.Yorks

I got wind of this news yesterday thanks to a bridal chat forum. I phoned our showroom early morning and got some answers finally. Luckily for us we are getting married in September and only 2 guests had purchased items on our Wrapit list so far. Contacted the guests to ask them to pursue refunds via their credit cards. All very embarrassing and another unnecessary stress that brides-to-be can live without.
Charlotte Tibbles, Chesham, Bucks

I have purchased a gift for a friend. I am very concerned because as well as purchasing a gift my daughter is getting married in four weeks and has a gift list set up with the firm.
Lynne Jenkins, Swansea

Fears for wedding gift list firm
25 Jul 08 |  Business

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