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Airbus raises prices of aircraft

An Airbus A380 in Santiago
The price of an Airbus A380 will rise by $4m from 1 May

Airbus has announced a rise in prices across its range of aircraft, blaming rising metals prices and the weakness of the US dollar.

The list prices of single-aisle planes will rise $2m (1m) while wide-body, long range and A380 aircraft will go up $4m on top of the annual rise of 2.74%.

Prices paid for aircraft vary based on the specifications of the aircraft and also the deal reached by the airline.

The average price for an A380 is $327.4m while an A320 is $76.9m.

"We have to keep pace with the world market price developments and secure profitable deals," said John Leahy at Airbus.

Climate change

Also on Tuesday, Airbus was among the signatories to a pledge to address the aviation industry's impact on climate change.

It was also signed by Boeing, the engine-makers Rolls Royce and General Electric and the International Air Transport Association, which represents more than 240 airlines.

They said they would work towards making "meaningful benefits on tackling climate change and other environmental challenges", but did not set out any targets.

They plan to set up an emissions trading programme, run by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

The support for the ICAO's scheme is a blow for the European Union's plans to establish a regional emission trading scheme for airlines.

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