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Egg's 'risky' customers answer back
Egg credit card
Many of the Egg customers affected say they have good credit ratings

Credit cards are set to be withdrawn from 161,000 Egg customers who the credit card's issuer feels pose an unacceptably "high risk".

However, the move has prompted anger from many affected. They say their credit is excellent and claim Egg wanted rid of them as it had not been making enough money from them.


It was only last week that I checked my Experian and Equifax reports both of which state I have an excellent rating - yet I received the cancellation letter yesterday.

Most confusing thing is that when I called Egg to discuss this they advised that it is only my Mastercard that has been cancelled and not the Visa card I also have with them - seems more like random selection to me.

I was also told there was no right to appeal. I feel sorry for the call handlers who are having to deal with the aftermath of this farce!


When I received the letter from Egg saying my Egg credit card was being withdrawn I telephoned their customer service who would/could not say why my card was being withdrawn.

It was suggested to me that I should check my credit score with a company like Experian. I did this and found that my score was 999 out of a maximum of 1,000 and this was said by Experian to be excellent.

I do not believe that the card was withdrawn because I was a risky customer. It was because Egg were not making enough money out of me.

I made regular payments and never went near my maximum credit limit and my interest charges were minimal.


I have had an egg card for six years and pay the balance in full every month. I rang Egg yesterday and was told it was due to something detrimental on my credit file.

I explained my credit file is perfect, but was told my comments would be noted but my card still cancelled. I feel very insulted at the inference that am a high risk customer.

I am a homeowner, have my own business and have no debts. My husband also has an Egg card and pays in full every month but didn't receive the same letter. However, he is now cancelling his card and we will take our business elsewhere.


I use my Egg card as a "back-up" in case there's a problem with my first choice credit card. I have never missed a payment and always pay my balance in full - so they don't make any money from interest in my case.

I have no debts (not even a mortgage), a valuable house and earn a large salary. I called the number on the letter only to be told they would not elaborate on the reason for withdrawal and there was no right of appeal.

I am both insulted by being branded as one of those "falling credit rating" people described in your article and angry at being treated in such an arbitrary manner.


When I received this letter and spoke to the customer service advisor it was quite a surprise - particularly when they said it was down to my credit history.

I immediately assumed the worst. I thought I had been the victim of identity fraud.

Then I contacted Experian and to my surprise my credit history and score were 'apparently' better than 80% of the UK population.

Could it be that because I only keep the card for emergencies and had a virtually zero balance my risk profile is of someone who doesn't take a Citigroup acceptable level of risk and provide them with income?

[This is] shoddy behaviour from Citigroup it has to be said, and especially when the customer advisor said the main reason for withdrawal was my credit score.

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