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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 December 2007, 15:23 GMT
Holly prices soar after flooding
Berried holly
Holly trees suffered because of flooding this summer
The cost of some traditional Christmas plants has been hit by bad weather this year, with holly becoming dearer.

When parts of the UK were affected by flooding over the summer, holly trees suffered badly.

That means there is now a shortage of holly with berries on, so that its wholesale price at this year's auctions has doubled.

At the latest auction in Tenbury Wells, berried holly sold at 1.50-2.50 per pound, said auctioneer Nick Champion.

This year has been a great one for mistletoe, because of warm and damp conditions. But despite abundant supply, its price has gone up slightly.

Mistletoe was selling at 75p to 100p per pound at the auction in Tenbury Wells, Mr Champion said.

Everlasting life

mistletoe bunch
Mistletoe is a parasitic plant which grows on trees
Mistletoe and holly are a part of a traditional Christmas. For thousands of years, the evergreen holly bush has been seen as representing everlasting life.

Early Christians also thought that holly symbolized Christ's crown of thorns, so they used it in the first Christmas celebrations.

Mistletoe, a parasitic plant that grows on tree branches, has been celebrated as a fertility symbol, and people have been gathering underneath it for hundreds of years for a Christmas kiss.

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