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Airbus and Boeing win giant order

Airbus A380 jumbo plane
Around 30% of Airbus orders are from the Middle East this year

Boeing and Airbus have both won outline orders for 100 planes from jet leasing firm Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE).

The state-owned Dubai group said it had signed a letter of intent to buy up to 100 Boeing planes for $13.7bn (6.6bn), including 70 units of the 737 model.

DAE's parallel preliminary Airbus order totals $13.5bn and comprises 70 A320 aircraft and 30 of the A350 model.

The announcements were made at the Dubai air show. The Gulf state aims to lift its importance as an aircraft hub.

'Flying Palace'

The Boeing order also includes the planned purchase of 10 units of the 777-300 model and five 747-8 planes, said DAE.

In terms of Airbus order units and value this year, 30% is coming out of the Middle East
Airbus boss Tom Enders

Separately, Airbus also on Monday secured a letter of intent from Saudi Arabian Airlines to buy 22 A320 planes.

In addition Airbus revealed the name of the first private buyer of its giant A380 superjumbo, the world's largest passenger aircraft.

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has ordered a VIP version of the twin-deck plane, dubbed "the Flying Palace".

The Prince already owns the newest version of Boeing's 747 jumbo.

Over the weekend, Emirates ordered 81 Airbus jets, in a deal worth more than $20bn.

The Dubai-based airline is buying 70 of Airbus' mid-sized A350 model, and 11 Airbus A380 twin-deck super jumbos, with the option to buy a further 50 A350 aircraft.

"In terms of Airbus order units and value this year, 30% is coming out of the Middle East," Airbus chief executive Tom Enders said in Dubai.

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