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Last Updated: Sunday, 14 October 2007, 13:30 GMT 14:30 UK
China toymakers get safety lesson
Mother and child shopping at Chinese toy store
The toy industry is a vital part of the Chinese economy
Managers from Chinese toy firms and state officials have been given lessons in product safety and quality supervision after recent scares.

More than 1,000 industry figures attended a training workshop designed to familiarise them with key export and licence requirements, Xinhua reported.

Recent recalls of Chinese-made toys in the US for excessive lead content have damaged China's manufacturing image.

China has tightened audit procedures but its leaders say more must be done.

Rebuilding confidence

The withdrawal of more than 20 million Mattel toys made by Chinese firms has put pressure on the Chinese authorities despite the fact the US company has acknowledged that many of the problems lay with its own design flaws.

President Hu Jintao has insisted Beijing takes the issue of product safety seriously and will work with others to improve inspection measures.

Beijing has revoked the licences of several firms found to have violated procedures but it has been accused of being slow to react to the problem.

Critics say the systems are in place to test for dangerous substances in goods but they are not being implemented effectively.

As parts of efforts to disprove this, the government organised a two-day training session in Guangdong province for toymakers from across China and Hong Kong.

At the event, organised by the Ministry of Commerce and General Administration of Quality Supervision, firms were urged to stiffen quality control, get to grips with US and European safety regulations and develop their own brands.

China is the world's largest toymaker, selling 22 billion products abroad last year.

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