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Last Updated: Friday, 10 August 2007, 13:26 GMT 14:26 UK
Sacked Domino's staff demonstrate
By Martin Shankleman
BBC News business correspondent

Dominos Pizza advertising
Talks broke down last week
About 20 people have staged a protest outside a Domino's Pizza restaurant in Derby calling for the re-instatement of sacked migrant workers from Hungary.

Their union, Unite, claims they were sacked because they challenged deductions from their wages, which left them owing money to the company.

One demonstrator's placard read "take away pizzas, not our rights".

The owner of the franchise, Surinder Kandolar, denies exploiting them and says he is a victim of union bullying.

Payslips seen by the BBC show that some workers earned negative wages because of the deductions, which have yet to be fully explained.

One sacked Hungarian, called simply Tomas, said: "Domino's customers need to know how the people making their pizzas are treated.

"We have been abused and cheated and when we asked for better treatment, sacked," he added.

Talks to resolve the dispute broke down earlier in August, with management and unions each blaming the other.

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