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Last Updated: Thursday, 26 July 2007, 06:12 GMT 07:12 UK
Guinness firm 'eyes Africa sales'
Guinness is having a tough time in Europe
The maker of Guinness is looking at expanding sales of the Irish stout to Africa to offset falling demand in European markets, a report says.

Diageo's chief executive told the Financial Times that sales outside of Ireland had been growing by about 5% and ruled out selling the brand.

Sales of Guinness fell 4% in Europe in the six months to December.

Changing behaviour in the UK - including people spending less time in pubs - was behind the fall in sales.

Guinness made up 13% of Diageo's total sales in 2006.

Growing the brand

The fall in demand in Europe had "nothing" to do with the way the brand was being marketed, chief executive Paul Walsh insisted.

"We have to continue to grow the brand outside its home market," he added.

He said that places like Africa offered good opportunities for growth.

Guinness is brewed in more than 20 countries throughout Africa and is exported to many others.

It is gaining popularity, with Nigeria being the third-largest Guinness market in the world.

The amount of Guinness consumed in Africa is three times more than the amount consumed in North America, Diageo says.

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