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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 July 2007, 09:11 GMT 10:11 UK
EADS may buy military companies
Louis Gallois (left) with Nicolas Sarkozy (right)
Mr Gallois met President Sarkozy after becoming sole boss of EADS
The new sole chief executive of the European aerospace and defence group EADS is considering acquisitions to improve its civil-military balance.

At the moment, 70-75% of its sales come from civil and commercial activities while only 25-30% are derived from military and government orders.

"We need a better balance between the civil and the military," Louis Gallois told the French radio station Europe1.

The interview came a day after he was appointed sole chief executive.

Previously he had been joint chief executive with Germany's Tom Enders, who will now become the sole chief executive of Airbus.

Mr Gallois said that the management shake-up would prevent political interference in the running of EADS.

"There is no French side and no German side - there is EADS' side," he said.

Mr Gallois said that it was possible that a better balance in the business could be achieved by internal growth, but added that would be difficult because the growth of Airbus had been so strong.

He suggested another alternative to acquisitions would be to branch out into new areas such as operating satellites or providing fuel for military aircraft.

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