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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 June 2007, 10:13 GMT 11:13 UK
Toyota sells its millionth hybrid
Toyota Prius
Toyota hopes to sell one million hybrid cars per year by 2010
Toyota has sold its millionth hybrid car, 10 years after introducing its first one in Japan.

It took Toyota eight years to sell its first 500,000 hybrid cars and only two more to break the one million barrier.

Hybrid cars achieve high fuel efficiency by switching between a petrol engine and an electric one.

Toyota's most popular hybrid car is the Prius, which has sold 757,600, but it now sells hybrid versions of other models including the Camry and Lexus.

The company said last year that it hopes to sell one million hybrid cars a year by 2010.

Its most expensive hybrid, the Lexus LS600h, went on sale in Japan recently priced at 15m yen (62,000).

Not all hybrid cars have been successful.

This week Honda said it would stop making the hybrid version of its Accord after selling only 439 of them last month.

In the same month, Toyota sold 24,000 Prius cars.

US carmarkers have also begun to embrace green issues, with Ford and GM both offering hybrid versions of some of their best-selling cars.

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