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Coca-Cola bids for healthy image
Packs of Coca-Cola being put in a van
Coca-Cola is hoping to stack up sales of health drinks
Coca-Cola has bought out New York state-based health drinks firm Glaceau for $4.1bn (2bn).

The deal, Coca-Cola's biggest ever acquisition, marks a massive investment in the market for beverages trading on a sporty lifestyle.

Glaceau will continue to operate as a stand-alone business unit of Coca-Cola, which wants the new product range to kick-start lacklustre US sales.

Coca-Cola promised that Glaceau would "create value" for its shareholders.

Global interest

Glaceau was founded in 1996 and attracted a $677m investment from Indian conglomerate Tata in 2006. That stake valued the Glaceau business at $2.2bn.

Coca-Cola has enjoyed a successful launch of its calorie-free Coke Zero in Europe earlier this year, emphasising the potential for branching away from sweeter beverages.

Glaceau presents itself as a purveyor of "responsible hydration".

Its three top executives, including CEO and founder J Darius Bikoff, will remain in place for at least three years, according to Coca-Cola.

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