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Last Updated: Friday, 18 May 2007, 12:37 GMT 13:37 UK
Commercial sales lift Tata Motors
Tata Motor's Indica model
The value of India's automotive industry is expected to double by 2010
Strong demand for trucks and buses in India drove earnings at the country's auto giant Tata Motors over the past three months.

The firm, which used to produce MG Rover's City model, saw net profits rise26% to 5.76bn rupees ($141m; 71m) in the three months to 31 March.

Tata said it sold 16% more vehicles in the period, boosting revenue.

India's booming economy has helped lift incomes, creating a voracious appetite for car ownership.

Tata has a joint venture with Italian carmaker Fiat to make cars and engines for the fast-expanding Indian market and for overseas customers.

The Indica hatchback and Ace mini-truck are two of the company's most popular brands.

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