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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 May 2007, 00:33 GMT 01:33 UK
UK office staff 'unhappy at work'
Working late in the office
Long hours are a bugbear for UK staff
Nearly a quarter of UK office workers are unhappy with their jobs, a survey for recruitment consultants Badenoch & Clark suggests.

The Happiness at Work survey found widespread discontent over working hours, bosses' behaviour and commuting.

Male IT workers were the least happy workers with female lawyers living in Bristol the most content.

Manchester was revealed as the UK town with the least happy workforce, the survey found.

Across the UK, men were marginally less content than their female counterparts.

Nearly three out of 10 men said they were unhappy at work, while 22% of women were discontent.

It's essential that employers understand what motivates and enthuses their workforce
Neil Wilson
Badenoch & Clark

Badenoch & Clark's managing director, Neil Wilson, said that firms needed to do more to keep their employees happy or face the costs of high staff turnover.

"It's essential that employers understand what motivates and enthuses their workforce, " Mr Wilson said.

"Benefits, opportunities to work flexibly, management style and work environments will all have an impact."

On Monday, a separate survey of employee attitudes across the globe showed that UK workers were amongst the least content.

Wage rates and long hours were singled out as areas of discontent amongst UK staff, the survey from research firm FDS said.

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