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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 May 2007, 23:02 GMT 00:02 UK
Online TV viewing 'on the rise'
Viewers can catch up with EastEnders for seven days after each episode
Almost half of European broadband users are using their computers to watch television online, a survey claims.

The ability to "take control" of their viewing was the motivation for many users said Motorola, which interviewed 2,500 people including the UK.

This week the BBC's iPlayer was given the green light meaning shows such as Doctor Who and EastEnders are to be made available online.

And ITV has said it would offer many of its shows to internet users.

This would create "the most comprehensive commercial website" of any major broadcaster worldwide, ITV said.

Meanwhile Joost, the on-demand online video service backed by the founders of Skype, has launched commercially.

The internet television service boasts more than 150 content channels - from cartoons to music videos and films.


iPlayer will allow viewers to catch up on TV programmes for seven days
Some TV series can be downloaded and stored for 30 days
Viewers will be able to watch shows streamed live over the internet
Users will not be able to download programmes from other broadcasters
Classical recordings and book-readings are excluded from iPlayer

The Motorola study suggested that 45% of European broadband users were watching some television shows online with the French being the most enthusiastic in consuming their favourite programmes via the web.

"Viewers across Europe are no longer satisfied with fitting into schedules dictated by broadcasters and are turning to the choice and flexibility offered by TV over the internet," said Motorola's Karl Elliott.

"We are witnessing a nation of citizen schedulers who are in control of their entertainment, allowing them to watch what they want, how and when they want it."

Other findings of the survey included 45% of respondents expecting to be able to make video calls via their television by 2012 while 35% wanted to be able to pause, rewind or fast forward live broadcasts.

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