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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 February 2007, 00:27 GMT
UK workers 'fiddle 1bn expenses'
Cat on vet's table
Cats were among the 'beneficiaries' of fiddled expenses
Workers in Britain reap about 1bn from 'expense claims', says Travelodge.

The 4,000 person survey showed 22% of workers, or 6.3 million people, "admit they regularly fiddle their company expense claims", Travelodge said.

Adult films at hotels, alcohol and clothes were common claims. Neutering a cat, a Caribbean cruise and a pregnancy test kit were among the odder ones.

On average people get nearly 15 per claim, or 175 per year, but only 4% of those surveyed have been caught out.


Around 5% of British workers "admitted to using their expense account to impress the opposite sex" and 8% of businessmen "took the liberty of claiming cash for hotel adult channels".

A greater proportion of men (34%) are likely to claim for alcohol on expenses than women (23%).

"Our research certainly highlights some outrageous flouting of expenses claiming policies," said Guy Parsons, chief operating officer at Travelodge.

"But it is everyday claims that are being manipulated on a more regular basis. Extra mileage claims or the odd bottle of wine whilst entertaining can really rack up a business' bill over the year," he added.

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