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Last Updated: Friday, 16 February 2007, 12:15 GMT
Chelsea 'dominates house prices'
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House prices were highest in London and south east England
A survey of England and Wales' most expensive streets has been topped by a road in Kensington and Chelsea.

House prices in Kensington Square, west London, average 5.5m, research conducted by property data website mouseprice.com suggests.

The area dominates the list, which also highlights the high cost of property in London and south-east England.

The survey was based on Land Registry sale price statistics that were updated with details from estate agents.

Outside southern England, it emerged that the most expensive street in north-west England was Whitbarn Road, in Alderley Edge, which had an average price of 1.9m.

In the north-east of England, Gubeon Wood in Tranwell Woods - at an average cost of 1.1m - topped the list.

Meanwhile, in south-west England, the 1.5m price tag for a home on Western Avenue, Poole, made it the most expensive street in the area.

Cefn Coed Road in Cardiff, where a home costs about 698,000, topped the price list in Wales.

Price increases

A Mouseprice.com spokeswoman said the most expensive streets in southern England averaged "two or three times the value of the most expensive streets in other regions".

She said: "Wales lags behind, with the most expensive Welsh street reaching only three-quarters of a million pounds, less than 13% of the average value of properties on the most expensive streets in London."

But there was some good news for homeowners based outside of London and the South East.

The spokeswoman said: "The Land Registry House Price Index, released monthly, shows us that although the regions of London and the South East are home to the streets with the highest average property price, they are the poorest performing regions in terms of property value increases since April 2000.

"Although the most expensive streets in Wales and the North East have the lowest average property prices, property in these regions has increased in value by far more than property in London and the South East."

Street Name Area Average value
1 Kensington Square Kensington and Chelsea 5,534,480
2 Chelsea Square Kensington and Chelsea 5,098,047
3 Carlyle Square Kensington and Chelsea 4,727,542
4 Thornwood Gardens Kensington and Chelsea 4,696,139
5 Cottesmore Gardens Kensington and Chelsea 4,662,633
6 Gilston Road Kensington and Chelsea 4,582,113
7 The Vale Kensington and Chelsea 4,488,764
8 Carlton Gardens City of Westminster 4,354,313
9 Ingram Avenue Barnet 4,323,591
10 Eldon Road Kensington and Chelsea 4,254,850
11 Albert Place Kensington and Chelsea 4,216,660
12 Victoria Road Kensington and Chelsea 4,216,500
13 Mulberry Walk Kensington and Chelsea 3,975,900
14 Winnington Road Barnet 3,805,664
15 Campden Hill Square Kensington and Chelsea 3,796,243
16 Douro Place Kensington and Chelsea 3,792,433
17 Neville Street Kensington and Chelsea 3,758,067
18 Egerton Crescent Kensington and Chelsea 3,614,762
19 St Albans Grove Kensington and Chelsea 3,576,717
20 Chester Terrace Camden 3,481,783
Source: mouseprice.com

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