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Ex-Boeing worker in leak charges
Boeing plane
Boeing says it always takes such allegations seriously
A former Boeing worker accused of leaking sensitive information to the media has been charged with 16 counts of computer trespass.

Gerald Lee Eastman was arrested last year and then sacked after the firm investigated claims he had downloaded and passed on material to newspapers.

According to court documents, he had been "disgruntled" by Boeing's response to concerns about safety inspections.

Boeing said it took such allegations "seriously" and followed them up.

Documents found

Mr Eastman worked as a quality assurance inspector in the firm's propulsion unit in Seattle, Washington.

He is alleged to have passed unauthorised information to the Seattle Times and the Seattle Post-Intelligence.

A search of Mr Eastman's home uncovered more than 300,000 pages of Boeing-related documents, leading to his arrest.

Court documents said Mr Eastman claimed his actions were motivated by his frustration about the firm's response to his concerns about parts inspections.

"He contended that none of his concerns were addressed to his satisfaction by either the company or the Federal Aviation Administration and that he continued to try and get his concerns heard and rectified to his satisfaction," they said.

Mr Eastman told reporters that he was disappointed by the charges and said that what he had done was "allowed" for under Boeing policy.

Boeing said it always took "those types of allegations seriously and have processes in place to follow them up".

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