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Last Updated: Monday, 25 December 2006, 15:31 GMT
Farepak families make festive vow
Catalogue detail from Farepak website
Farepak families want to know why the collapse happened
Campaigners who lost money with the collapse of the Farepak saving scheme say they are determined not to let the fiasco spoil Christmas Day.

More than 150,000 families had been facing a miserable Christmas after the company went bust in October taking with it around 40m of savings.

A voluntary fund has raised about 7m to mitigate the effect of the collapse on Farepak savers.

Farepak families have expressed thanks for the help they have received.

Suzy Hall, the lead campaigner for the Farepak families who also lost money herself, said the last couple of months had been "very, very stressful".

Families' questions

She added: "I have to say the community spirit and everything that people have done to help and the whole of the United Kingdom have just done a great job in helping Farepak victims and I want to say thank you and merry Christmas to them."

Jim Devine, the Labour MP for Livingston, said: "I'm delighted that Ian McCartney [minister for trade] has allowed a DTI inquiry, that he did set up a fund that has given back nearly 7m.

"There has been countless initiatives up and down the country. But questions need to be asked about the role of directors of Farepak, about Sir Clive Thomson in particular, and also the role of the Halifax Bank of Scotland."

Gillian Thompson, from Darlington, who also lost money because of Farepak, said: "We want justice for all the people who have been affected by this in all of the country."

She added that the campaign for justice would be looking for answers as well as trying to recover monies.

She said she and her husband Brian will not be buying each other presents this year because of the collapse.

Christmas morning with one Farepak family

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