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Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 December 2006, 12:49 GMT
Energy price websites get the nod
Gas ring
Sites can help people find the cheapest energy suppliers
Energywatch, the industry watchdog, has given its approval to a host of price comparison websites, designed to help consumers find the cheapest deal.

Amongst the price comparison websites accredited for impartiality and accuracy was uSwitch.

Last week, uSwitch said it had been warned it would have to change how it displayed information to site users in order to achieve accreditation.

The changes have now been made and uSwitch duly accredited by Energywatch.

At all times, uSwitch strenuously denied that its site "misled" consumers.

Price comparison websites can play an important role for energy customers, according to Alan Asher, Energywatch, chief executive.

"Energy is an essential service and sky rocketing prices means that consumers are demanding more competitive prices.

"Comparing prices and switching online is easy. Online price comparison sites can help consumers send a message that if companies do not offer lower prices, they will lose customers," Mr Asher said.

The Energywatch Confidence Code ensured that accredited internet price comparison sites delivered impartial, accurate and reliable information, Mr Asher added.

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