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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 November 2006, 23:51 GMT
Organic food sees greater appeal
Carrots in a pile
Freshness is a key factor for consumers
Global demand for organic food is growing fast, with consumers opting for its "superior taste" and health benefits, a Datamonitor report says.

Germany had the largest European market for organic food in 2005, at 3.5bn, having grown by some 50% since 2000.

The biggest increase in Europe was in Spain, where the market for organic food rose by 165% over five years.

Fresh unprocessed foods have the potential to be "the next major growth area" said the report.

Both European and US consumers feel that freshness is the most important key to eating healthier.

One in four Britons felt that cutting their consumption of processed food and drink was "very important" in ensuring a healthy diet.

Figures showed that the organic food market in the UK hit 1.6bn in 2005, up from 800m in 2000.

The report predicts that the UK market will reach 2.7bn by 2010.

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